Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 725

Chapter 725 Unable To Achieve Anything But Good At Ruining Things

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“No cause of illness? Are you messing with me?”

With this, Gu Changshun’s face could not refrain from turning black too.

Gu Qing with this half-dead appearance, and Ye Yuan actually said that there was no cause of illness. Simply the biggest joke in the world!

“Haha!I already said that this boy is deliberately trying to act mystical, right? He doesn’t know essence silk thread pulse reading at all and even pretended in front of us. Truly ignorant!”

“Ye Yuan, you cut Gu Hong’s ear and even opened your mouth wide to demand for the Luxuriant Fragrance Hall. Now, you’re actually telling me that there isn’t a cause for the illness?! Could it be that you really think my Gu Family is easy to bully? Brother Jun, Ye Yuan making a fool out of my Gu Family like this, are you going to intervene too?”

Under Gu Changshun’s rage, he even changed his address of Ye Yuan too.

If not for being wary of Jun Tianyu, he would have long made a move to exterminate Ye Yuan.

Jun Tianyu was at a loss too, uncertain what Ye Yuan was driving at by saying it like this. But he still voiced out, “If Ye Yuan Ye came in order to take liberties with your Gu Family, your vengeance . . . this Jun will receive it!”

The words were still matchlessly domineering!

Even if he made war with a large aristocratic family like the Gu Family again, he would not hesitate to either!

“Jun Tianyu, you! Simply pushing others too far!” Gu Changsun said furiously.

For a moment, both parties became dangerously explosive.

But Ye Yuan said coolly, “All relax. So nervous for what? Miss Gu truly isn’t ill, but she fell into an illusion and is unable to extricate herself.”

“What did you say? Illusion? How is that possible?” Gu Changshun said with a face full of disbelief.

“Brat, making things up when you can’t find the cause of the illness! Qing-er is right in this Gu Manor. Who dares to cast illusionary arts on her and make her enter an illusionary realm? Moreover, Gu Changshun is a Heaven Enlightenment Realm. Somebody made his daughter fall into an illusion, and he actually did not know?” He Shuming said with a cold laugh.

Ye Yuan shot him an indifferent glance and said with a smile, “Stop talking already. The more you speak, the more it exposes your ignorance! Therefore, shut your mouth up and listen to me say finish properly, alright?”

“You! Fine, this old man wants to see just what can you say!” He Shuming said with a cold snort.

Regarding Ye Yuan’s excuse, forget about Gu Changshun, even Jun Tianyu did not really believe it.

To make people fall into an illusion, it ultimately required some external functions.

But with their Heaven Enlightenment Realm strength, they could not detect anything amiss with Gu Qing at all.

But Gu Qing was clearly like being possessed, not recognizing her closest kin, her face contorted savagely.

This was the strange aspect of Gu Qing’s illness and also the reason why everyone kept failing to find out.

This situation already persisted for three years’ time. If someone cast illusionary arts on Gu Qing, with Gu Changshun’s strength, it was impossible to not detect it at all, unless the caster’s strength already reached the level of reaching the heaven.

But if there was really somebody who could reach such a level, how could they possibly make things difficult for a little girl?

All of these made no sense at all!

But Ye Yuan said nonchalantly, “Family Head Gu, I wonder if prior to your daughter being born, has your wife encountered enemies trying to kill her before? Moreover, the other party should have someone skilled in illusionary arts or divine soul attacks?”

The moment Gu Changshun heard, his expression involuntarily became grim and he said with a nod, “This . . . is indeed so! Back then, my wife was expecting. I brought her along to the Holy Land. In the end, we were ambushed along the way by a group of bandits! That bunch of bandits, their strength were not very strong. But among them had someone whose illusionary arts were very bizarre. Even I almost succumbed to it too. That battle, my Gu Family suffered heavy losses. Even my wife was also injured in that battle. Later on, not long after Qing-er was born, she left this world.”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Then that’s right! Me saying that your daughter fell into an illusion isn’t saying that she had an illusionary art cast on her, but it came with her since birth! If my conjectures are right, what that person cast should be a wide-range illusionary art, making quite a few people present all fall for it immediately, right?”

“That’s right! Even though this Gu’s strength is a little strong, I was also affected terribly by that illusionary art. I paid an extremely dear price for this before barely managing to forcefully escape alive with my wife. We nearly met with our deaths there!”

Gu Changshun still had some lingering fear in his heart when he recalled the incident back then. Very clearly, it was a very slim chance of survival at that time.

“At that time, your daughter was in the womb, but her divine soul had already gradually condensed and also suffered some influence. It was just that due to the mother’s body’s protection, her influence was not too great. But this bit of influence quietly lied low in her divine soul. In the future, if it triggered by chance, it would be like this now, behaving crazily. Therefore, did your daughter suffer some kind of stimulation three years ago?” Ye Yuan explained.

“This . . . Three years ago, she took fancy on a punk and wanted to be together with him. But I disapproved and locked her up. Who knew that it actually became like this! At first, I thought that she was feigning madness. But later, only when she actually really killed people on sight did I know that something really went wrong with her! Master Ye is truly god-like, to actually deduce the matter back then close to the mark like you saw it with your own eyes just by relying on diagnosing the pulse! Truly impressive! Earlier, how this Gu has given offense, Master Ye, please don’t take offense!” Gu Changshun gave a bow towards Ye Yuan and said.

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “You, as a father, I can understand that kind of attitude. But this guy keeps on wagging his tongue here, irritating to the max! That whatever Alchemy Saint, do you still have anything to say now? If there isn’t anything you want to say, can you get lost or not? Unable to achieve anything, but good at ruining things!”

He Shuming never thought that Ye Yuan actually found the cause of the illness miraculously. Furthermore, his deduction was just like he saw it with his own eyes!

Moreover, this kind of cause which lurked in the depths of the divine soul was simply unable to be fished out, alright? Just what kind of method did Ye Yuan diagnose it through?

But hearing Ye Yuan say so, He Shuming became visibly stung and said, “Stinking brat, what did you say?”

Ye Yuan said indifferently, “Isn’t it so? Why is the ten-thousand year profound ice able to suppress mental demons? It’s because it can have an impact on suppressing the divine soul! This kind of illusionary art which incubates in the depths of the divine soul wouldn’t be too dangerous to martial artists. Even if not treated, Miss Gu can completely break through by relying on her own soul force after a few months. But you tied her onto ten-thousand year profound ice, suppressing her divine soul, amplifying the effect of the illusionary art instead! Said that you’re unable to achieve anything, but are good at ruining things. Is that a little light or not?”

Ye Yuan’s words made He Shuming’s countenance changed again and again.

His analysis was incisive. But this way, he actually became the main culprit for Gu Qing’s illness worsening.

With this, how would Gu Changshun view him?

Indeed, Gu Changshun’s expression changed. His expression when looking at He Shuming became odd.

Even though he knew that He Shuming was unintentional, the charge of carelessly treating his daughter could not easily be dismissed.

But He Shuming’s relationship with the Gu Family was very friendly. Gu Changshun did not know how he should handle it for a moment too.

No matter what, He Shuming was the Ancient Opulence City’s only Alchemy Saint powerhouse as well!

Even though this Alchemy Saint seemed rather unworthy of the title in front of Ye Yuan.