Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 726

Chapter 726 Meteor Trading Company

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“You! You’re making malicious remarks carelessly! If you have the ability, cure Qing-er. Otherwise, don’t talk nonsense in front of this old man!” He Shuming said furiously.

“Unraveling illusionary arts is just a matter of a wave of a hand. What’s difficult about it?” Ye Yuan said coolly.

He Shuming really wanted to defame Ye Yuan a couple of sentences, but he swallowed his words back down when it reached the tip of his tongue.

This boy’s means were indeed rather bizarre. Since he could find the cause of the illness, wanting to cure Gu Qing was likely really not something hard.

“Don’t be all talk and no action!” He Shuming said coldly.

But Ye Yuan did not respond. He just looked at He Shuming indifferently, smiling faintly, and not speaking.

When Gu Changshun saw this scene, how could he not know Ye Yuan’s intention? He could only say awkwardly, “Brother He, how about . . . you withdraw for a bit first for the time being?”

He Shuming could not help freezing when he heard that. His gaze when looking at Ye Yuan simmered with rage!


He Shuming flicked his sleeves grandly and left.

“Heh, the fly is finally gone.”

Once He Shuming left, Ye Yuan came to Gu Qing’s side, muttering incantations from his mouth. He actually recited incantations!

Very soon, Ye Yuan’s voice reverberated throughout the entire dungeon in waves in Sanskrit!

“Ah . . . Don’t! Don’t say any more words!”

Ye Yuan’s voice reverberated by Gu Qing’s ears, making her expression became as if in pain.

But Ye Yuan was completely indifferent towards Gu Qing’s plea and still stubbornly recited the incantations.

All of a sudden, Ye Yuan’s reciting voice abruptly stopped!

“Soul cleansing!”

Ye Yuan gave a light cry. That faintly discernible voice drifting in the dungeon poured into Gu Qing’s sea of consciousness all at once.

Gu Qing’s entire body trembled but did not struggle anymore.

Her two eyes also gradually became limpid from murky.

Ye Yuan turned around and said to Gu Changshun, “Family Head Gu, your daughter is already fine. But she has already been tied on this ten-thousand year profound ice for two to three year’s time. This had considerable harm to her divine soul. I’ll give a prescription for a medicinal soup. After drinking, she will recover.”

Gu Changshun noticed that that noxious air on his daughter’s body immediately melted into the air after Ye Yuan’s cry.

Ye Yuan indeed fully cured Gu Qing’s ailment!

“Master Ye, this Gu is indebted forever!” Gu Changshun said in great joy.

But Ye Yuan said coolly, “Heh, Family Head Gu don’t need to be courteous. I’m undeserving of the gratitude. Family Head Gu, don’t resent this Ye will do!”

“Dare not, dare not!”

. . . . . .

With the Luxuriant Fragrance Hall changing owners, it stirred up a mighty uproar in the Ancient Opulence City.

The district the Luxuriant Fragrance Hall was at was the most flourishing district in the Ancient Opulence City. No matter doing what kind of business here, it could all prosper.

To the Gu Family, this Luxuriant Fragrance Hall could be said to bring in bushels of gold daily, but it got occupied by a Divine Traversing Realm boy who was little known!

When this matter was dug out by people, it made everyone’s jaws drop.

Everyone was curious how a Divine Traversing Realm boy seized away such a piece of land from the hands of a colossal giant like the Gu Family.

What made people click their tongues in surprise even more was that the Gu Family as one of the three great aristocratic families actually did not even let out a fart!

The time since Ye Yuan ascended was very short. The people he came into contact with were also very few.

His ability was only circulated among the Ancient Opulence City’s upper echelons at present.

Although many people did not know the inside story, everyone exercised restraint towards this rising force virtually without experts.

Because everyone could see that Ye Yuan and Jun Tianyu frequently traveled together. Their relation seemed to be very close.

Looking at the manner of speech and behavior between the two of them, it did not look like the relationship between a senior and a junior at all. Rather, it looked like extremely close friends instead.

With Jun Tianyu backing him from behind, who dared to act rashly without careful considerations?

On this day, Ye Yuan and Jun Tianyu came to a trading company in the city together.

“Younger Brother Ye, if you’re seeking collaboration, you should go find the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company with the greatest strength. Why do you want to find a small trading company like the Meteor Trading Company?” Jun Tianyu said in puzzlement.

Ye Yuan helping to treat Gu Qing’s illness with the Luxuriant Fragrance Hall as the condition naturally had his own idea.

After entering the Divine Realm, Ye Yuan could be said to be a lone soul now. Wanting to cultivate rapidly, he obviously needed even more resources.

But following the rise in Ye Yuan’s realm, his requirements towards resources became increasingly greater too, and more and more expensive.

With his current assets, he simply could not afford it.

When at the Lower Realms, Ye Yuan leaned on a major force like the Wu Fang City and did not have to trouble over cultivation resources before at all.

But after arriving at the Divine Realm, everything was different.

Therefore, Ye Yuan’s urgent matter on hand was to earn earth essence crystals or merit points!

If it was like this, selling medicinal pills was naturally the most profitable avenue, and also the channel which Ye Yuan was most skilled in.

Since it was selling medicinal pills, he needed a stable source of spirit medicines. Finding a large trading company to supply the goods was naturally the first choice.

It was just that what made Jun Tianyu puzzled was that Ye Yuan did not reach for the Ancient Opulence City’s number one major trading company, the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company, to cooperate. Instead, he chose a second-rate trading company like the Meteor Trading Company to work together with.

Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that and said, “The Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company is akin to the sun at high noon in the Ancient Opulence City; it is virtually occupying half of the country. How can such a major force possibly take fancy on us, a puny little Fragrant Medicine Pavilion? Cooperating with the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company, we don’t have equal power, nor will they give us this power either. Rather than going to get rebuffed, we’re better off putting up with the second best, choosing the Meteor Trading Company to cooperate. The relative size of Meteor Trading Company’s business is very small, and they have always been completely suppressed by the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company. I think . . . they should very much want to take a larger share of the Ancient Opulence City’s market.”

Regarding this new shop’s name, Ye Yuan had thought of it long ago. It would be called the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion.

Jun Tianyu was clearly ignorant regarding this area. Only when he heard Ye Yuan’s explanation did he come to a realization.

But there was one point which Ye Yuan naturally would not tell Jun Tianyu. His friendship was quite deep with the Meteor Trading Company’s chairman in his previous life.

This life, ascending from the Lower Realms, he naturally had to choose a trading firm he was closer to.

“So that’s how it is. I didn’t think that there are still so many tricks of the trade in-between this! But I think that when they see those few types of medicinal pills of yours, they will definitely be very willing to cooperate with us. Those few kinds of medicinal pills of yours are simply too incredible!” Jun Tianyu said with an excited look.

Ye Yuan let him test several kinds of medicinal pills’ medicinal effects previously. The result was that it astounded him, this Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artist, greatly!

Ye Yuan’s medicinal pills were more than a level stronger than the medicinal pills with the same specifications on the market!

More importantly, Ye Yuan’s medicinal pills were sold cheaper than those medicinal pills. If Jun Tianyu were an ordinary martial artist, he would buy Ye Yuan’s medicinal pills without any hesitation!

Ye Yuan smiled and walked into the Meteor Trading Company together with Jun Tianyu.

“Dear customer, may I ask if you need anything? Our Meteor Trading Company has just about everything. Meteor Trading Company, weapons, cultivation methods, you can freely pick!”

The moment the duo entered, an elderly person immediately came up to welcome and started promoting the stuff in the shop.

But Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Old man, I see that you have few visitors here. Business doesn’t seem to be too good!”

That old man said, “Dear customer, don’t look at how we have few people here. The things here are all authentic! Not like some black-hearted merchants, specialized in harming martial artists! Young customer, what thing do you want?”

Ye Yuan said, “I’m not here to buy things. I’m here to find you guys to talk business. I wonder who makes the call in the Ancient Opulence City’s Meteor Trading Company?”