Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 727

Chapter 727 Testing Pills

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“Talk business?” The old man could not help freezing.

“I’m the Ancient Opulence Street’s Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s owner, Ye Yuan. Oh, it’s the former Luxuriant Fragrance Hall,” Ye Yuan explained.

“The Luxuriant Fragrance Hall! You’re the Luxuriant Fragrance Hall’s new owner?” The old man said in surprise.

Regarding the news of the Luxuriant Fragrance Hall changing owners, the old man had obviously heard of it too. But he did not pay too much attention.

The old man never would have thought that this Luxuriant Fragrance Hall’s new owner was actually a Divine Traversing Realm young man!

“Our Fragrant Medicine Pavilion plans on running medicinal pills business and specially come to find the Meteor Trading Company to cooperate,” Ye Yuan said.

The old man could not refrain from laughing when he heard that and said, “Young man, doing business isn’t as simple as you think! You say that you want to do medicinal pills business. I wonder what kind of rank of alchemists that whatever Fragrant Medicine Pavilion of yours have to hold down the fort? Also, what first-rate pill formulas do you have?”

After the astonishment, the old man was somewhat disdainful towards Ye Yuan.

Hair hasn’t even grown fully yet, and you’re already wanting to come out and do business like others!

He knew Jun Tianyu. Presumably, for the Gu Family to pinch their nose and hand the Luxuriant Fragrance Hall over was likely still because they feared Jun Tianyu.

It was just that the old man was very puzzled why the all along solitary Jun Tianyu would mix together with a snotty brat.

Even though Jun Tianyu was formidable, the old man did not have any fear towards him.

Although the Meteor Trading Company’s power in the Ancient Opulence City was weaker, the entire Meteor Trading Company’s power was extremely immense!

A puny little Heaven Enlightenment Realm powerhouse was simply inadequate in front of them.

The old man also had the confidence that Jun Tianyu did not dare to be unbridled here.

Ye Yuan gave him a glance and said coolly, “If I didn’t see wrongly, your Ancient Opulence City’s Meteor Trading Company should be a 6-star branch, right? You’re merely a 5-star manager; can’t make the decision at all. What’s the use of talking about these with you?”

The old man’s expression changed, and he said vigilantly, “How did you know that I’m a 5-star manager? No, wait, how are you so clear about the Meteor Trading Company’s branch grading? These things, normal people don’t know at all!”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “You don’t need to care about this. Just care about bringing me to go see the person who runs things will do.”

This old man was clearly also just a shopkeeper and could not make the decision at all. The Meteor Trading Company’s head manager should be a 6-star manager.

With Ye Yuan’s relationship with the Meteor Trading Company’s chairman, knowing this point was too normal.

The old man was just about to refuse when a melodious voice came from the inner chamber.

“Let Mister Ye and Lord Jun come in!”

The old man was helpless when he heard that and could only bring Ye Yuan duo in.

When Ye Yuan heard this voice, he could not help being rather curious. Could it be that the head manager in this Ancient Opulence City’s Meteor Trading Company was actually a woman?

The duo following Old Duan into the inner chamber. Indeed, they saw a woman wearing a veil sitting at the left-hand side.

Beside her even stood an elderly person who was shockingly a Heaven Enlightenment Realm powerhouse too!

Seeing Ye Yuan duo enter, their gazes could not help sizing Ye Yuan up. And the moment Ye Yuan came in, he naturally sized this woman up as well.

This woman was merely a Boundless Realm martial artist but sat on the chair while that Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artist was actually standing behind her.

Looks like this woman’s identity was extraordinary.

“Mister Ye is actually aware of my Meteor Trading Company’s grading system. Truly unexpected. If it’s convenient, can you tell Qian-er where you got to know it from?” The woman called Qian-er took the lead to speak first.

Ye Yuan said, “Business is business. If Miss Qian-er is interested, this Ye can slowly tell you in the future. But this Ye came today with sincerity to talk about cooperation.”

Qian-er did not pester too much on this topic. Even though ordinary martial artists did not know about the Meteor Trading Company’s grading system, it was not some secret either.

But she was very curious. Ye Yuan was poor and had nothing. What was he using to cooperate with her?

The matter that happened in the city these few days, Elder Duan did not know, but she was crystal clear.

As a major trading firm, if she could not even find out about this bit of information, she did not need to mix around anymore either.

Ye Yuan this youth was absolutely not as simple as seen on the surface!

Disregarding other things, just this Jun Tianyu following Ye Yuan like a guard was not what ordinary people could accomplish!

“Fine then. Since Mister Ye doesn’t wish to say anymore, then let’s dive right into the topic. Your Fragrant Medicine Pavilion can be said to have zero foundation in Ancient Opulence City. Although there is Lord Jun convoying, it probably won’t be that easy to want to gain a firm foothold. This transaction won’t do just by relying on martial strength! Doesn’t Mister Ye have the suspicion of wanting to gain something without risking anything of your own by finding us for cooperation?” Qian-er said without mincing her words at all.

Actually, Qian-er did not think this way in her heart at all!

For Ye Yuan to want to establish the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion, he had to choose a trading company to cooperate.

But Ye Yuan did not choose the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company but came straight to the Meteor Trading Company. It was sufficient to discern Ye Yuan’s wisdom and farsightedness.

It was just that she did not feel Ye Yuan could have any confidence to collaborate with her either.

But Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s location made Qian-er very moved. Hence, that was why she let Ye Yuan come in.

If the Meteor Trading Company took over the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion, then they would surely be able to cut down the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s space, letting the Meteor Trading Company open up the market in the Ancient Opulence City.

The Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s site was seriously too good!

Qian-er was not thinking of cooperation at all in her heart, but the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion subordinating to the Meteor Trading Company. Hence, she was aggressive right from the start.

But Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that and said, “Miss Qian-er don’t need to scheme in vain. My Fragrant Medicine Pavilion is only seeking a source of goods and doesn’t have plans to become any force’s subordinate. However, as long as Miss Qian-er promises to provide the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion with a supply of goods, this Ye can guarantee to increase the Meteor Trading Company’s market share to 20% within half a year!”

Qian-er’s gaze involuntarily sharpened when she heard that, but she revealed a disbelieving look. It was just that her expression was obstructed by the veil, so as to not be too impolite either.

The Meteor Trading Company’s market share in Ancient Opulence City now did not even reach 10%; being crushed by the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company until they could not raise their heads.

If they could increase to 20%, that would absolutely be a tremendous improvement.

The profit in this was not a small amount!

Except, Ye Yuan was a puny little Divine Traversing Realm; on what basis could he achieve this?

“Huhu, 20%? Isn’t Mister Ye talking in your dreams? Our Meteor Trading Company entered the Ancient Opulence City a little late, but it’s been 10 years already too. But in this ten year’s time, we only opened up less than 10% of the market share. You want to increase our share to 20% in one go. Isn’t this boasting a little too exaggerated?” Qian-er said.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “20% is just a conservative estimate. If both parties collaborate happily, 30% isn’t impossible either. Don’t be in a rush to doubt first. Take a look at these few medicinal pills before talking.”

As he said, Ye Yuan reached his hand out to the table and wiped. Five to six kinds of medicinal pills appeared in front of Qian-er.

“Mystic Dew Pill, Purpleheart Pill, Tier 5 Essence Restoring Pill . . . These medicinal pills are all common wares. Could it be that Mister Ye’s reliance is these?”

Qian-er’s tone revealed thick disappointment, feeling like her calling Ye Yuan in was a complete waste of time.

But Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Miss Qian-er, don’t be impatient. Why not sample these few medicinal pills first?”