Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 728

Chapter 728 Respect

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“Mister Ye, I don’t know where your confidence came from. But I feel that the only way of working together between us is the Luxuriant Fragrance Hall’s title deed. You offer the land; I offer manpower and goods. This way, everyone will be happy with the collaboration.”

Very clearly, Qian-er already lost interest in continuing to talk with Ye Yuan, directly putting her cards on the table.

As for these medicinal pills in front of her, she could not even be bothered to try them at all.

If it was Tier 6 medicinal pills in front of her, then fine. But with some run-of-the-mill Tier 5 medicinal pills, Qian-er normally would not even give it a look. What was there to sample?

While at this time, Jun Tianyu who was silent all along finally opened his mouth.

“Miss Qian-er, don’t be mistaken. We came to find the Meteor Trading Company to cooperate, not to seek your charity! Once these few medicinal pills appears on the market, it will absolutely be able to bring a rather scary profit. We came to find your Meteor Trading Company first is to give you guys the opportunity to open up the Ancient Opulence City’s situation. Once we find other trading companies to collaborate, it will probably be even harder for you all to survive in the Ancient Opulence City.”

These few types of medicinal pills looked very unremarkable. But the profits contained in them were absolutely terrifying!

Even if Jun Tianyu did not understand these, he also knew that this was a chance that Ye Yuan was handing out to the Meteor Trading Company, and not the Meteor Trading Company giving alms to the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion!

It was just that this kind of opportunity, not everyone could grasp it.

Whether or not they cherished it would be up to themselves.

“Heh heh, what high-sounding sentiments! A tiny force who doesn’t even have Alchemy Ancestors actually wants to provide an opportunity for our Meteor Trading Company?” said the elderly man behind Qian-er with a cold laugh.

Very clearly, he also felt that this manner of saying things was too comical.

Without Alchemy Ancestor powerhouses, it meant they were unable to refine Tier 6 medicinal pills.

The profit from selling one hundred Tier 5 medicinal pills did not have as much profit as selling one Tier 6 medicinal pills either!

These few medicinal pills in front of them were all common wares, the most ordinary Tier 5 medicinal pills. There was not much profit to speak of at all.

What kind of waves could such medicinal pills stir up?

The Fragrant Medicine Pavilion wanting to gain a firm foothold in the Ancient Opulence City by relying on these few medicinal pills without even an alchemy ancestor was simply the greatest joke in the world!

Ye Yuan stood up when he heard that and lightly wiped the table, putting away the medicinal pills. Lightly sighing, he said, “Me coming to find you guys to cooperate was taking into account that I have some relationship with the Meteor Trading Company. But Miss Qian-er’s judgment seriously makes people not quite dare to flatter. No wonder the Meteor Trading Company came to the Ancient Opulence City for already as long as ten years and still can’t handle the situation. Since we can’t see eye to eye, farewell!”

Ye Yuan knew that his cultivation realm at present was hard to convince the public. This kind of result was actually within his expectations too. But with his character, he would not deign to extoll his own medicinal pills at all.

Ye Yuan knew that with the Meteor Trading Company’s strength, they definitely already knew of his actions some time ago in Ancient Opulence City.

If they were merchants with foresight, finding him to cooperate now was absolutely a wise move.

Looking at it now, it was his wishful thinking.

Finished talking, Ye Yuan and Jun Tianyu headed out in tandem.

When Qian-er heard Ye Yuan’s evaluation, her delicate body involuntarily shuddered, feeling like she suffered tremendous humiliation.

The Ancient Opulence City kept failing to get a larger share of the market. This was indeed a worry of hers.

Yet, Ye Yuan digging open her scar without any mercy still made her somewhat unable to tolerate it.

“Halt!” Qian-er suddenly stood up and shouted.

But Ye Yuan was like he did not hear it, continuing to walk out.

Qian-er’s dainty fists clenched tightly, and she shouted once more, “Ye Yuan, I asked you to stop!”

But Ye Yuan still did not stop, looking like he was going to go out soon.

Right at this time, that Heaven Enlightenment Realm powerhouse behind Qian-er moved!


Yet, when his figure had just moved, a peerlessly fierce and swift sword qi also arrived instantly!


The elderly man fell back several steps in a row before he could barely manage to stop his figure.

Very clearly, he lost this round.

But because of him taking action, Ye Yuan and Jun Tianyu stopped moving.

The old man was a Heaven Enlightenment Realm powerhouse. Although Jun Tianyu was powerful, he was not powerful to the extent of disregarding him either.

“I’ve long heard that Jun Tianyu’s sword intent is unparalleled. Seeing it today, it indeed lived up to its name!” the old man praised him.

“You flatter me! However, while the transaction didn’t work out, our amicable relationship is still there. If you’re like this again next time, then don’t blame me for not being courteous!” Jun Tianyu said coolly.

Just arrogant!

Even when facing a colossal titan like the Meteor Trading Company, Jun Tianyu similarly dared to utter threats!

The elderly man’s expression changed slightly, but he really did not dare to make a move.

That sword earlier was just a modest display of a master’s skill, but it already let the old man see Jun Tianyu’s might.

“Miss Qian-er was just asking you guys to stay. Why must your esteemed self be so overbearing?” said the elderly man with a somber look.

Jun Tianyu said coolly, “The matter of the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion, Ye Yuan makes the call for everything. Since he doesn’t wish to stay, I naturally won’t stay either.”

Qian-er’s and the old man’s expressions changed slightly when they heard that!

The exalted Ancient Opulence City’s number one swordsman actually listened to a Divine Traversing Realm brat’s orders. This simply made people dare not believe it.

Previously, they all thought that between Jun Tianyu and Ye Yuan there was a relationship of equals.

Looking at it now, it was totally not like this!

What difference was there between the current Jun Tianyu and an underling?

After the shock, Qian-er came before Ye Yuan with quick steps and extended a palm out to him, saying with a huff, “Give it to me! I want to see just what miraculous aspects these few common wares of yours have! To actually give you such great confidence!”

Although Qian-er’s face was rather obscure being separated by a veil, without needing to look, one would also know that she was a little girl in a fit of pique right now, wanting to prove that Ye Yuan’s medicinal pills had not a single redeeming feature!

But Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that and said, “I gave you the opportunity earlier already. You didn’t grasp it yourself.”

Qian-er said coldly, “Humph! Pretending to be mysterious! Your medicinal pills are probably a pile of trash, right?

Ye Yuan shot Qian-er a glance rather surprisedly. Why would the Meteor Trading Company send such a young lass over to manage affairs?

This kind of judgment, this kind of forbearance, how could she possibly manage a trading firm well?

Currently, the Meteor Trading Company striding forward with difficulty in the Ancient Opulence City was probably all because of this little lass, right?

Seeing Ye Yuan’s eyes, Qian-er felt like she was being humiliated by people.

If Jun Tianyu looked down on her, she absolutely would not be so livid with rage.

But what did Ye Yuan count as?

He was just a measly little Alchemy Sovereign! Moreover, a brat who was still wet behind his ears!

“If you say that it’s trash, then it’s trash. What’s the point of debating over this now? Miss Qian-er, if you want to negotiate, straighten out your attitude first. I’ve made known my attitude right from the start. I’m here to seek a collaboration, not looking for alms. You want to obtain other people’s respect, but first, you have to learn to respect others,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Qian-er could not help becoming stiff when she heard that.

This brat was actually lecturing her!

When she was commanding the wind and clouds in the trading firm, this brat was still drinking milk at god knows where!

He actually dared to lecture her!

“Fine! I’ll give you adequate respect! But if those medicinal pills of yours are all a bunch of trash, what then?” Qian-er sucked in a deep breath and said somberly.