Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 729

Chapter 729 Profits

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Ye Yuan thought about it and said, “How about this, if my medicinal pills can’t make the cut, the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion is yours. I only want 10% of the profits. If my medicinal pills make the cut, you guys provide the medicinal herbs, we’re responsible for refining the pills. Profits are 70% for me, 30% for you.”

Qian-er’s brain revolved very quickly and answered immediately, “Fine! Bring the medicinal pills over. I want to see just what miraculous areas those common wares of yours have!”

Ye Yuan smiled and took the medicinal pills out once more.

Qian-er snatched over the medicinal pills and was going to stuff it into her mouth when she was stopped by the old man.

“Miss Qian-er, better let me!”

Qian-er pushed aside the elderly man’s hand and said indignantly, “It’s fine. I don’t believe that he dares to poison me to death!”

As she said, Qian-er threw a Tier 5 Essence Restoring Pill straight into her mouth, cocking her head like putting on a show of force.

Ye Yuan did not respond. He just quietly waited for Qian-er’s reaction.

“Heh, merely thus! Ye Yuan, you lost! Isn’t this Tier 5 Essence Restoring Pill the same as normal ones? Even the taste is . . . En?”

Qian-er’s words were said halfway when it was swallowed right back down. The expression on her face became interesting as well.

Qian-er was a Boundless Realm medicinal pill. Tier 5 medicinal pills did not have much effect on her.

But the good and bad of medicinal pills, she would know with a try.

At this time, the expression on Qian-er’s face became extremely fascinating. Even when separated by a veil, it was also able to make people sense her shock.

“This . . . How is this possible?” Qian-er muttered under her breath.

“Miss, what’s wrong? Could it be that his medicinal pills are really different?” asked the elderly man curiously.

But Qian-er did not reply him, picking up the Mystic Dew Pill and swallowing it down directly.

With this, the expression on Qian-er’s face became even more unthinkable.

Following that was the Purpleheart Pill . . .

By the time she sampled all of the medicinal pills, her entire person was trembling.

“Miss, what’s the matter?”

When the old man saw Qian-er’s reaction, he could not help getting rather worried.

Qian-er suddenly grabbed hold of the old man’s arm and said agitatedly, “Elder Duan, these . . . these medicinal pills simply have limitless potential! With them, we can definitely open up the Ancient Opulence City’s market! No, we can definitely drive out the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company!”

“Uh, so exaggerated? Just what miraculous aspects do these medicinal pills have?” Elder Duan also said curiously.

Qian-er said agitatedly, “Of course it’s this exaggerated! These Tier 5 medicinal pills, each type of medicinal effect are 40-60% stronger than medicinal pills of the same kind! Once such medicinal pills are rolled out, what kind of demand do you think it will incur from Divine Traversing Realm martial artists?”

Elder Duan’s pupils constricted slightly as well when he heard that and said, “How is that possible? These few types of Tier 5 medicinal pills are all extremely mature medicinal pills. It’s simply impossible to increase that much medicinal efficacy.”

Qian-er said excitedly, “That’s why I say that not only can we gain a larger share of the Ancient Opulence City’s market, but we can also squeeze out the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company!”

Qian-er’s eyes emitted light as if already seeing the outcome of the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company being completely beaten down.

“Are these few medicinal pills of mine still passable?” Ye Yuan asked with a smile that wasn’t a smile.

“More than just passable! It’s simply too incredible! With these medicinal pills, our Meteor Trading Company . . .”

Qian-er’s words were said halfway when she noticed Ye Yuan currently looking at her with a half-smile. Only then did he come to realize that even if these medicinal pills were any more incredible, what relations did they had with her?

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “With Miss Qian-er’s attitude, my medicinal pills should be considered a pass. Then our agreement . . . can it be honored or not?”

Qian-er could not help freezing when she heard that and said with an embarrassed look, “This . . . Earlier, what I said were all words said in anger. Can we talk it over again or not?”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “A gentleman never goes back on his words. How can things agreed upon be reneged?”

“But I’m not a gentleman! I’m a girl!” Qian-er twisted logic to win the argument.

“Heh, so what then? Actually, I really brought sincerity here this time. Originally, my plan was to divide 50/50; that way, everyone will be happy. I gave your Meteor Trading Company the opportunity. It was you who didn’t grasp it yourself. Whatever you say now is already too late.” Ye Yuan was not moved and said indifferently.

It was fine if Ye Yuan did not say it. The moment he said it, Qian-er regretted!

She despised Ye Yuan in such manner earlier and even wanted to swallow up the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion.

Looking at it now, it was simply foolish to the extreme!

In this short while, the Meteor Trading Company lost 20% profit straight away. This made people too depressed.

Qian-er could foresee that as soon as these medicinal pills entered the market, there would absolutely be massive amounts of earth essence crystals rolling in.

20% profit was absolutely generous to the extreme!

But now, could it be that she had to let 20% profit sink into the water?

Qian-er was very unresigned!

Her eyes swiveled around and recalled the words Ye Yuan said before leaving. She opened her mouth and said, “Didn’t Mister Ye say that you have some relationship with our Meteor Trading Company? Qian-er apologizes to you here. On account of our two families’ relationship, give back the 20% profit to us, all right?”

Talking until the back, Qian-er’s words even had somewhat of a spoiled child’s overtone.

Her voice was nice to listen to. If it were a guy, their bones would probably turn limp under such an attack.

Ye Yuan was, of course, moved as well. But this sort of outcome was Qian-er’s own fault. He would not sympathize.

“Miss Qian-er don’t need to waste your efforts already. Things that this Ye decided, nobody is able to change it! The profit I can give you guys now is only 30%. If you guys aren’t willing, I can find other trading firms to collaborate. I believe that this Ye’s medicinal pills should interest quite a few trading firms,” Ye Yuan said resolutely.

Of course, there would be quite a few trading firms who would be interested!

The medicinal effects of the medicinal pills increased 40-60% from the original base. Such a substantial increase was simply a martial artist’s must-have!

This sort of medicinal pills, how could other trading companies possibly not be interested?

Seeing Ye Yuan’s attitude so resolute, Qian-er regretted inwardly!

Except, she could also tell that Ye Yuan really did not plan on yielding.

Stinking brat! Since when has this Grandaunt begged people so meekly and humbly before? You actually fail to appreciate the favor! Qian-er said indignantly in her heart.

These words, she just thought about it in her heart but did not dare to say it out.

Angering Ye Yuan, then there was really no collaboration anymore.

Qian-er said helplessly, “Fine then, I yield! 30% means 30% then! It’s just that the medicinal effects of your medicinal pills are so strong. The cost probably rose quite a bit, right?”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Miss Qian-er rest assured. The cost of these medicinal pills is only 70-80% of those medicinal pills out there.”

“What?! Y-You aren’t joking, right? The medicinal effect increased so much, but the costs are lower than ordinary medicinal pills instead?” Qian-er nearly jumped up.

“Huhu, this Ye doesn’t have the habit of cracking jokes. The Meteor Trading Company can send people to supervise the consumption of medicinal herbs as well as the output of medicinal pills. If this Ye is lying, it will naturally be clear,” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

“. . . . . .”

Qian-er already did not know what she should say!

She currently felt that what Ye Yuan said was not wrong at all. She, this manager, was seriously too lacking in vision, losing 20% profit in vain!