Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 730

Chapter 730 Discount Promotion

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The Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company was the Ancient Opulence City’s largest trading company and also occupied the most profitable districts in the Ancient Opulence Street. It just happened to be facing the new Fragrant Medicine Pavilion opposite the street.

Now that the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion was about to open for business anew, many people naturally adopted a wait-and-see attitude as well, having a look if this Fragrant Medicine Pavilion could cause any impact to the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company or not.

Different from the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion, the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s business scope was rather extensive.

Whatever martial artists required, they virtually dabbled in all of it.

But to talk about what was the most profitable, it was undoubtedly still medicinal pills. No reason other than medicinal pills were one-off consumable goods. It was indispensable to martial artists.

Regardless of where martial artists walked to, they could not be missing medicinal pills on them.

If two martial artist’s strength did not have a big difference, when fighting to the end, a lot of times, what they fought out with were actually medicinal pills!

Alchemists’ statuses were lofty. This was also a very important reason for it.

With the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion opening for business, as the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s chairman, Zuo Xin obviously would not be that at ease.

He got the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s head alchemist, also the Ancient Opulence City’s one and only Alchemy Saint powerhouse, He Shuming, to come over and discuss countermeasures.

“Alchemy Saint He, the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion opposite is going to open for business tomorrow. They already let out news that there are several types of medicinal pills about to appear on the market. Could it . . .” Zuo Xin said rather worriedly.

If it were before, Zuo Xin absolutely would not be worried about a Divine Traversing Realm boy.

But now, even He Shuming became Ye Yuan’s defeated opponent. He had no choice but to place emphasis on it.

Hearing Zuo Xin’s words, He Shuming was also annoyed inwardly. But he still said coolly, “Rest assured, Chairman. Ye Yuan this brat is at the very most just a measly little Alchemy Sovereign. How big a wave can he stir up? Even if his medical skills are overwhelming, it’s futile if he can’t find Tier 6 medicinal pills too! I want to see just how he will use Tier 5 medicinal pills to gain a firm foothold in this Ancient Opulence City!”

Actually, Zuo Xin thought this way in his heart too. But he was really quite uncertain on what move to make. Was Ye Yuan really a young calf who did not fear the tiger, or was he simply a fool?

Picking up the gauntlet opposite of the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company, where did his confidence come from?

As the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s helmsman, Zuo Xin was naturally aware of Ye Yuan’s stunning performance in the city recently.

But he also knew that those people Ye Yuan cured, Tier 6 medicinal pills were not used at all!

This also indicated that Ye Yuan could not refine Tier 6 medicinal pills.

One had to know that the greatest consumer group in the Ancient Opulence City were Boundless Realm martial artists. Below Boundless Realms were mostly impoverished people. Even though this group was extremely massive, those who truly had consumer power were not many.

“I wonder if Alchemy Saint He has any countermeasure?” Zuo Xin inquired.

He Shuming said with a cold smile, “Rest assured, Chairman. I’ve already arranged a grand show! I want to take a look at what mood this brat would have when this Fragrant Medicine Pavilion goes out of business on the first day it opens for business.”

Hearing He Shuming said so, Zuo Xin set his mind at ease too. But he asked curiously, “Grand show? What kind of grand show?”

“Heh heh, you’ll naturally know at that time! However, our Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company has to take some action too. I want to make Ye Yuan this brat unable to survive even a day in the Ancient Opulence City!” He Shuming said coldly.

Although the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company was helmed by Zuo Xin, He Shuming’s status was extraordinary.

It was also exactly because they had He Shuming that the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company could overpower the masses, sitting firmly on the throne of number one all along.

Zuo Xin nodded his head when he heard that and said, “That’s of course! I’ve already made the arrangements. Starting from tomorrow, all of the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s Tier 5 medicinal pills will be sold at 20% discount. If the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion has Tier 6 medicinal pills, our Tier 6 medicinal pills will also be sold at a discount.”

“Heh heh, Chairman is indeed experienced and vicious! Giving out an offer of 20% in one go. We can crush them completely in terms of price. He, a newbie, I don’t believe that he can afford a war of attrition with us! Most likely, they would have to wind up shop in a few days.” He Shuming laughed delightedly.

“Huhu, no idea what kind of price the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion paid either, to actually be able to make the Meteor Trading Company back them up from behind. But I think that the price they paid is definitely not small. But that Ye Yuan is indeed a clever person. If finding a backer in the Ancient Opulence City with their strength, the Meteor Trading Company is indeed the most apt,” Zuo Xin said.

Hearing that He Shuming also prepared a big move, the anxiety in Zuo Xin’s heart also went away.

With both simultaneously, this Fragrant Medicine Pavilion was bound to not operate for long.

“That brat has nothing at all apart from the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s title deed! Other than this title deed, what else can he take out?” He Shuming said.

Zuo Xin nodded his head in agreement too. He thought so as well.

. . . . . .

The next day early morning, the Ancient Opulence Street’s Fragrant Medicine Pavilion opened for business.

For the sake of the grand opening this time, the Meteor Trading Company also put down an arm and a leg.

They revamped the entire Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s decorations to a brand new look. Just looking at this shop front, it was absolutely not inferior to the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company opposite!

Once the surrounding martial artists saw this stance, this was completely taking up the challenge with the opposite!

But when these martial artists saw this sort of situation, they were secretly gleeful in their hearts too.

With two major trading companies challenging each other, it could not dispense with some price war. The medicinal pills which they originally did not dare to sell could be sold this time.

Although they did not feel that the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion could sustain for long, in this period of time, it was the most economical time for them as ordinary martial artists.

The Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s side had yet to officially open for business when the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s manager already opened up its front doors and yelled at the top of his voice, “Everybody, my Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company has always received everyone’s great kindness. So we decided to give back to our friends. Starting from today, for one month, all of the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s Tier 5 and below medicinal pills will be sold at 20% discount without exception!”

“20%! I didn’t hear wrongly, right? Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company really poured in blood capital this time!”

“Yeah. The quality of Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s goods is very good. But the prices are all very pricey too. Moreover, it always remained high and never went down. This time, in order to squeeze this newly opened Fragrant Medicine Pavilion, they are actually selling at 20% discount for a month straight!”

“Haha, even though we don’t hold much hope for this Fragrant Medicine Pavilion, we still have to thank them! Did you guys hear that or not? This Fragrant Medicine Pavilion doesn’t even have one Alchemy Ancestor powerhouse. They can only sell medicinal pills below Tier 6.”

“En, I’ve heard too. This kind of strength, how could they dare to challenge Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company? The Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company has Alchemy Saint He holding down the fort!”

“Who cares. Either way, it’s good that we buy medicinal pills cheap!”

The manager’s words caused a huge uproar among the martial artists.

Very soon, the martial artists originally planning on crowding around and watching the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s grand opening all ran inside the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company one after another.

For some time, the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company was thronged with visitors inside, like a market, while the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s side appeared quite deserted.

But there were still some martial artists who remained here still. These martial artists were mostly low on funds. Even if the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company were selling at a discount, they had the heart but were lacking in strength regarding those medicinal pills too.

Hence, they wanted to try their luck at the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion here, to see if they could pick out some good stuff at a low price.

After all, a low-grade medicinal store that only sold Tier 5 medicinal pills, the price presumably should not be very high, right?