Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 731

Chapter 731 Challenging The Dojo

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“Lord Chairman is really brilliant! With the prices of these medicinal pills being lowered, it attracts even more people to come and buy these Tier 5 medicinal pills! At this rate, our sales are probably going to be several dozen percents more than before!”

The Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s manager was filled with admiration towards Zuo Xin in his heart when he saw the throngs of people.

Zuo Xin smiled and said, “Lowering prices normally, that is lowering your status yourself. But once opponents appear, us lowering prices happens without extra effort. Speaking of which, we still have to thank this Ye Yuan. But this sort of method can only be used for a short while. It will be detrimental without benefits over a long time.”

“Your Excellency is wise!”

“Huhu, don’t need to curry favor! We’ve already made our move on our side. The next step will be up to Alchemy Saint He,” Zuo Xin said smilingly

Zuo Xin was aware of He Shuming’s displeasure towards Ye Yuan. Therefore, he would definitely make Ye Yuan unable to bear the consequences of failure today.

This set of combination blows landing, he did not believe that a brat still wet behind his ears could withstand it!

At their store, the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s manager said with an indignant face, “This Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company is seriously too shameless! This is our first day opening for business, and they used this kind of measures. Too insidious!”

The Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s manager was that elderly man Ye Yuan saw on that day when he went to Meteor Trading Company.

The elderly man’s name was Li Huisheng; he was a manager with a very long record of service and credentials in the Meteor Trading Company.

Ye Yuan’s manpower was seriously limited for such a big Fragrant Medicine Pavilion. But Qian-er attached very high importance to this collaboration, practically pouring in the entire Meteor Trading Company’s strength into the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion.

Regarding this, Ye Yuan did not refuse.

This sort of thing like management was actually not what he was good at.

A master specialized in his own field. Ye Yuan did not like to stick his nose into other fields for everything.

Li Huisheng was indeed very experienced in this area. The Meteor Trading Company running badly was not because the management was bad.

Of course, such a large Fragrant Medicine Pavilion, Ye Yuan could not possibly let the Meteor Trading Company occupy a nest which wasn’t theirs.

He arranged for Yu Ming to be an assistant of Li Huisheng. It was learning in-name, but actually, there was also the intent of monitoring the management.

Yu Ming never would have dreamed that he would be able to manage such a large medicinal store one day.

As long as Ye Yuan was able to gain a firm foothold on this Ancient Opulence Street, Yu Ming could be said to soar to the skies in one bound, enjoying all manners of wealth and glory.

Being around Li Huisheng, he did not need to be responsible to Li Huisheng. He was only responsible to Ye Yuan!

Regarding this, Yu Ming’s feelings of gratitude towards Ye Yuan already could not be expressed using words.

The investment in Ye Yuan back then was simply too worth it.

Ye Yuan’s manpower was lacking. He even took in Yu Ming’s brother, Cheng Jiang, too.

The two people quit their ascension pool guarding duty and wholeheartedly stayed here at Ye Yuan’s side.

If it were others, wanting to break away from the city guards army was naturally not that easy. But after Ye Yuan let Luo Fang know, this was merely a piece of cake.

Apart from this, Ye Yuan even helped Ren Dong and Xiao Ruyan got two identity tokens. This way, they could openly appear in front of people.

Back then when they ascended, Ye Yuan was afraid of incurring trouble and kept Lu-er and the rest into the Vast Heaven Pagoda at the final juncture.

Now, Ye Yuan was considered to have gained a firm foothold in the Ancient Opulence City. Getting two identity tokens was naturally nothing hard.

With this, the manpower on Ye Yuan’s side was just enough.

Through a period of training, Xiao Ruyan and Ren Dong both broke through to the Alchemy King Realm.

Under Ye Yuan’s guidance, their strengths were far greater compared to ordinary Alchemy Kings.

Letting them refine Tier 4 medicinal pills was achievable.

The group of people bustled about but they were very resentful toward the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s actions.

“Zuo Xin that old fellow is shrewd and planning something bad. Mister Ye is challenging them right opposite of their store. It’s impossible for them to allow us to grow unchecked. Using this sort of despicable means is also within reason. When our Meteor Trading Company had just arrived at the Ancient Opulence City, we wanted to get a foothold on Ancient Opulence Street too. Weren’t we also squelched by them until we could only go to another place? If it wasn’t like this, how could we possibly not be able to open up the situation all the way until now?” Qian-er said.

Very clearly, even Qian-er also acknowledged that this Zuo Xin was very formidable.

To be able to develop the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company to this sort of degree, Zuo Xin contributed tremendously.

But Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that and said, “Don’t need to complain anymore. If they don’t take some measures, it would be weird instead. Selling on discount this sort of means is not considered much either. I think the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company likely still has other cards to play!”

Qian-er was alarmed when she heard that and said, “Still have other measures? This . . . What kind of measure would it be?”

Ye Yuan was just about to speak, when he looked over outside the door and said with a smile, “Isn’t it here now?”

The group looked over towards the entrance and saw seven to eight people flood inside the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion all at once.

These seven to eight people were all wearing alchemist attires. The six stars on their chest were very dazzling.

And one of them even had seven stars on his badge. Who could it be but He Shuming?

These seven to eight people, the ones with the lowest strength were middle-rank Alchemy Ancestors too!

“Hiss . . . Ancient Opulence City only has a total of around 10 Alchemy Ancestor powerhouses. Seven came all at once. Alchemy Saint He is truly skillful! Ye Yuan, I said to transfer our Meteor Trading Company’s Alchemy Ancestor powerhouses over, but you just refused! Now, we are going to suffer a huge loss, right?” Qian-er gnashed her teeth in hatred and said.

The Meteor Trading Company naturally had Alchemy Ancestor powerhouses too. Moreover, it was even a high-rank Alchemy Ancestor.

The collaboration this plan, Qian-er planned to let him come and hold down the fort at Fragrant Medicine Pavilion but was rejected by Ye Yuan firmly.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Just a few Alchemy Ancestors. Doesn’t count as anything.”

“Just a few . . . Alchemy Ancestors?”

Qian-er was speechless. You yourself are only at Alchemy Sovereign Realm, alright?

Moreover, this Alchemy Sovereign was even an Alchemy Sovereign without an alchemist badge!

They could not refine Tier 6 medicinal pills, so they were destined to be crushed by these Alchemy Ancestors, let alone that there was still that Alchemy Saint He glaring at them like a ravening tiger.

“Ye Yuan, this old man heard that your new shop opened for business and specially invited a few people in the same line over to pay tribute. What? We are not welcomed?”

He Shuming greeted Ye Yuan with a big smile from far away, rather like old friends.

It was just that even a moron also knew that He Shuming was a weasel paying respects to the hen, with no good intentions!

The Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company was at the opposite Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s Alchemy Saint. How could he possibly be here to support the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion?

Challenging the dojo was more like it!

The martial artists surrounding and watching outside became spirited at once. The did not expect that this was just the first day opening for business and both parties already had swords drawn and bows stretched!

Alchemy Saint He made a move personally. There was a good show to watch now.

This Fragrant Medicine Pavilion wouldn’t close down on the first day it opened for business, right?

Ye Yuan went forward to welcome with a smile too, saying in a clear voice, “If there are friends coming to congratulate, the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion is naturally most welcoming. But if there are mad dogs coming to bark crazily, we’ll naturally serve with dog-beating sticks. Alchemy Saint He, I wonder which type are you?”

The Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company had long witnessed Ye Yuan’s sharp tongue before and had sufficient mental preparations this time. He laughed loudly when he heard that and said, “These few people in the same line heard that a medicinal store strong enough to rival the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company opened on Ancient Opulence Street. There must be an Alchemy Path master with astonishing strength holding down the fort! We came today wanting to bear witness to this Alchemy Path master’s strength. Ye Yuan, I wonder where this Alchemy Path master is?”