Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 732

Chapter 732 Gallant Promise

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Seeing this sort of provocative action, Jun Tianyu’s brows knitted together slightly.

Towards this He Shuming, he did not have much of a favorable impression.

For the sake of Liu Yiru’s illness, Jun Tianyu had once dropped in to visit He Shuming before. But because He Shuming cherished his feathers, he was not willing to take action.

He Shuming was afraid that he could not cure it, so he did not dare to take action.

The last time Ye Yuan went to treat Gu Qing, He Shuming’s attitude made Jun Tianyu dislike him even more.

Who knew that this guy actually came to provoke again today, finally infuriating him.

“He Shuming, the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion is opening for business today. Are you making light of this Jun like this?”

Jun Tianyu gave a cold snort. A powerful sword intent released involuntarily.

He Shuming’s expression changed slightly, but he did his best to keep a calm exterior and said, “Brother Jun saying this, it can be seen that the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion doesn’t have confidence! Brother Jun can send me packing today. But after today, I’ll see if there is anyone who dares to come to the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion to buy things!”

Jun Tianyu’s brows furrowed when he heard that, but he could not very well make a move.

He knew that the doubts about the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion outside now were considerable. If they avoided and did not fight today, it would probably really be like He Shuming said; no one would come and buy their things.

Opening and doing business, what it stressed was harmony breeds wealth. Even if Jun Tianyu’s martial strength was any greater, he was also not able to convince others from the heart.

Even though he clearly knew that He Shuming did not have good intentions, his Alchemy Saint title was right there. It was fine if they fought, but the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s reputation would be utterly fouled.

The panic in He Shuming’s heart vanished when he saw the situation and said with a smile, “We came today purely to communicate and exchange notes among alchemists. Why must Brother Jun be so hot-tempered?”

At this time, Ye Yuan suddenly voiced out, “What kind of a communication style does Alchemy Saint He want? Just state it out clearly will do.”

He Shuming was secretly pleased when he saw Ye Yuan accepting the challenge. But he feigned surprise on his face and exclaimed, “En? Could it be that that expert in the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion is Ye Yuan yourself? This … Could it be that such a large Fragrant Medicine Pavilion of yours doesn’t even have an Alchemy Ancestor powerhouse holding down the fort? This is also too shabby, right?”

With this, the surrounding martial artists could not help discussing softly.

“What? I even thought that the rumor was false. Opening such a large medicinal store in the most bustling place on Ancient Opulence Street, how can there possibly be not even one Alchemy Ancestor? Looking at it now, it was actually true!”

“A medicinal store without even a single Alchemy Ancestor, can the medicinal pills sold be eaten?”

“This … I really have no idea where Ye Yuan’s confidence comes from, to actually dare open a medicinal store with this kind of strength. We’d better go to the opposite Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company to buy medicinal pills.”

Although the rumors said that the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion did not even have an alchemy ancestor, everyone actually did not really believe it.

To dare challenge the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company, one at least had to have a high-rank Alchemy Ancestor holding down the fort too, right?

Messing around for half a day, and there was only one Alchemy Sovereign? Even if this Alchemy Sovereign was any more abnormal, what use was there?

Qian-er wished to find a hole in the ground to crawl into. The skeleton in their closet was exposed with this. She felt that her face was thrown all the way back to her grandma’s place.

Even for those medicinal pills which could not be refined, employing their Meteor Trading Company’s Alchemy Ancestors to put on a facade was good too.

Now, things were great. How could an Alchemy Sovereign convince the public?

Ye Yuan smiled very calmly and said, “There is naturally an alchemy ancestor. But due to various reasons, he is unable to make it today. Everyone, what my Fragrant Medicine Pavilion trade are Tier 5 medicinal pills. But we likewise accept Tier 6 medicinal pill transactions. However, Tier 6 medicinal pills must be booked in advance, and the spirit medicines are provided by yourselves. Everyone rest assured. The Tier 6 medicinal pills produced by the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion are absolutely better than any other stores in the Ancient Opulence City!”

“Heh heh, what high-sounding sentiments! Before bragging, you don’t gauge your strength either. Aren’t these words uttered from the mouth of a puny little Alchemy Sovereign the biggest joke in the world?” An Alchemy Ancestor powerhouse laughed coldly when he heard that.

This was a high-rank Alchemy Ancestor named Su Qide. His strength was only second to He Shuming among this group of Alchemy Ancestors; he was not to be underestimated.

Ye Yuan fished out several medicinal pills. These medicinal pills were shockingly all Tier 6 medicinal pills!

“Although our Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s Alchemy Ancestor powerhouse is unable to make it here, he left behind several Tier 6 medicinal pills. The few of you all claim to be Alchemy Ancestors. I wonder how many are able to refine this standard of Tier 6 medicinal pills?” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“Tier 6 transcendent-grade! Hiss …”

Once the medicinal pills appeared, He Shuming and the others, their expressions all changed.

The few medicinal pills in Ye Yuan’s hands were actually all Tier 6 transcendent-grade medicinal pills without exception!

Even though these people were Alchemy Ancestor powerhouses, to want to refine Tier 6 transcendent-grade, it was still a little forceful.

Even He Shuming this Alchemy Saint had to depend on luck to refine Tier 6 transcendent-grade too.

The number of Tier 6 transcendent-grade medicinal pills in the entire Ancient Opulence City was probably also just as many as in Ye Yuan’s hand.

It could be imagined how precious these Tier 6 transcendent-grades in Ye Yuan’s hand were!

How on earth did this brat find so many transcendent-grade medicinal pills?

“Heh heh, looks like the Meteor Trading Company specially transferred over quite a number of transcendent-grade medicinal pills from other places for the sake of this Fragrant Medicine Pavilion! Can a mere few transcendent-grade medicinal pills intimidate us?” He Shuming was the first to react and said with a cold smile.

In his view, Ye Yuan’s Tier 6 transcendent-grades could only be transferred over from other places by the Meteor Trading Company.

Otherwise, who else was able to refine so many Tier 6 transcendent-grade medicinal pills in this Ancient Opulence City?

But Ye Yuan laughed when he heard that and said, “Is that so? I can promise everybody here that custom-ordering Tier 6 medicinal pills from the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion, prepare three sets of spirit medicines yourself. The worst of the medicinal pills turned over to everyone will also be Tier 6 high-grade!”

When these words came out, the audience burst into an uproar!

This sort of promise was seriously too domineering!

Even the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company did not dare to easily make this kind of promise either!

Alchemy Ancestors refining Tier 6 medicinal pills, if it was not those common medicinal pills, there was a very high likelihood of ruining the medicinal pills.

Just three sets of spirit medicines were able to guarantee at least Tier 6 high-grade. This kind of promise was seriously too confident!

He Shuming’s face was black as the bottom of a bot. If the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion really had this kind of ability, who would still go to their Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company to buy medicinal pills in the future?

“Ye Yuan, aren’t you bragging too hard here? Be careful of giving yourself a slap when you can’t do it when the time comes!” He Shuming sneered as he said with a black face.

“Alchemy Saint He really likes to worry! Whether I’m able to do it or not, time will naturally prove everything. Today, I sent the word out. Everyone present all can bear witness. If my Fragrant Medicine Pavilion can’t do it, we’ll compensate 100 times of the spirit medicines’ value!” Ye Yuan said gallantly.


Ye Yuan’s words ignited the surrounding martial artists all at once!

The prices of Tier 6 spirit medicines were not cheap to begin with. If compensating according to 100 times, once or twice was still fine. If the number of times goes up, even a colossal giant like the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company probably would not be able to afford it either!

This promise of Ye Yuan’s was too extreme. Either the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion collapses directly, or the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion soar to the sky in one move.

If Ye Yuan could really do it, the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company would likely be pushed down too.

He Shuming himself was no longer calm as well. He could not quite grasp whether Ye Yuan really had this confidence, or was he making an empty show of strength …