Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 733

Chapter 733 Compete With My Disciples

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“I want to pre-order one Tier 6 Dragon Tiger Pill!”

“I want to pre-order one Spirit Heart Sacred Rain Pill!”

“I want to pre-order …”

Even Boundless Realm martial artists were no longer able to remain calm when they saw so many transcendent-grade medicinal pills.

Transcendent-grade medicinal pills, what did this signify?

This was a guarantee!

A guarantee that this medicinal pill was able to reach the limits of the medicinal efficacy!

In front of transcendent-grade medicinal pills, no one was able to maintain composure.

For a moment, the entire Fragrant Medicine Pavilion fell into chaos. Up here, down there, were all Boundless Realm martial artists wanting to pre-order Tier 6 medicinal pills.

Ye Yuan said in a clear voice, “Everyone, don’t be hasty! Otherwise, we totally won’t accept your request! Those with the intention, head over there to line up and register. The first batch is only accepting pre-orders from 100 customers. Bring the spirit medicines and pill formula to the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion within three days. Half a month later, the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion will deliver this batch of medicinal pills together, and we will accept orders for the second batch of people at that time! Everybody rest assured; earlier, I said that the lowest is high-grade medicinal pills. Actually, the majority should be all superior-grades, even possibly transcendent-grades. As for high-grade, it should be lesser. If we’re really only able to refine out high-grade medicinal pills, everyone, please don’t mind.”

Once these words were said, those Boundless Realm martial artists clamored one after another in a mad rush to be first and lined up over at one side.

Ye Yuan’s words made each and every one of them even more incredibly thrilled!

The likelihood of high-grade was very low, with the majority being superior-grade, even possibly transcendent-grade!

This kind of promise was sufficient to make all the martial artists crazed!

When He Shuming saw this scene, his face instantly became black as the bottom of a pot.

“Ye Yuan, you’re boasting so much, I really want to see how you wind it up! If you can’t hand over the medicinal pills half a month later, I’ll see what face you still have to have a foothold on Ancient Opulence Street!”

In He Shuming’s view, Ye Yuan was completely smacking his own face in order to look imposing!

These Alchemy Ancestors present were all extremely formidable figures. But there had never been anyone who dared to make this sort of promise before either.

A puny little Alchemy Sovereign was actually rampant to such an extent.

This kind of promise was simply smacking the faces of these Alchemy Ancestors.

One had to know that medicinal pills being superior-grade and above all basically had to depend on luck. Especially transcendent-grade medicinal pills, the probability of emerging was already infinitely close to zero.

But Ye Yuan said that the likelihood of high-grade was very low, while the majority were all superior-grade medicinal pills.

Where did this kind of promise place them, these Alchemy Ancestors?

“Heh, to dare make this sort of promise, looks like the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion really has a capable person aiding it! I wonder if Owner Ye can invite him out or not to let everyone broaden our knowledge?” Su Qide seriously could not put up with it and voiced out.

Ye Yuan said, “I already said that he isn’t around today. Aren’t you putting people on the spot here? Besides, how can an alchemist who is able to casually refine superior-grade medicinal pills be what trash like you guys can meet whenever you want?”

All of a sudden, Ye Yuan’s words became incomparably incisive, directly making this group of Alchemy Ancestors out to be trash!

“You! Arrogant! Truly too arrogant! A measly little Alchemy Sovereign actually dares to make impertinent remarks to Alchemy Ancestors! If we, these Alchemy Ancestors, are trash, then what are you? Could it be that cultivating until today, you don’t even know rudimentary pecking order?”

Su Qide was the first to react to it and was directly choked badly by Ye Yuan.

Alchemist rankings were extremely strict. When low-level alchemists saw high-level alchemists, for them to act with a pupil’s mannerism was also very commonly seen.

Alchemist was an occupation completely reliant on accumulation, experience, and accruing of knowledge. All these required time to bring to success.

For alchemists to want to jump realms and defeat their opponents, it was much, much harder than martial artists.

So under normal circumstances, even at the same realm, between initial-rank, middle-rank, and high-rank, there was an extremely large gap too.

A heaven-defying existence like Ye Yuan was absolutely in the minority.

Of course, if an alchemist could acknowledge an Alchemy Emperor at the level of Ye Yuan as master, their starting point was naturally much higher compared to these ordinary alchemists. Only then, was there the possibility of crossing realms to battle.

Ye Yuan said haughtily, “I only respect the strong. Your strength is too weak. In my eyes, it’s total trash. Why do I have to respect you all? Moreover, you all are clearly here to challenge the dojo. Still want to talk about pecking order with me. Don’t you find it laughable?”

“Good, good, good!” Ye Yuan’s words thoroughly infuriated Su Qide. He uttered three ‘good’s in succession, gnashed his teeth in hatred, and said, “A measly little Alchemy Sovereign actually dares to utter wild ravings. I want to see what capabilities you have to dare call us, a group of Alchemy Ancestor powerhouses, trash! Boasting needs the courage to boast. Dare to compete or not?”

Ye Yuan said scornfully, “Competing with a bunch of trash like you guys, you aren’t qualified enough yet!”

“Hahaha! Who doesn’t know how to talk big? You saying this, is it conceding?” Su Qide said with a big laugh.

“Conceding? You’re thinking too much. What I meant was that your level is only fit to have a contest with my disciples. Ren Dong, Ruyan, come over!”

Ren Dong and Xiao Ruyan froze when they heard that. They also did not expect to be called out by Ye Yuan at this time, arriving by Ye Yuan’s side blankly.

Seeing this scene, Su Qide’s face went green.

But Ye Yuan did not care about his expression. He instructed the duo, “The two of you, educate them well what is called alchemist!”

Even though the two followed Ye Yuan for a very long time already and knew that Ye Yuan’s strength was overwhelming, dealing with these Alchemy Ancestors shouldn’t be a problem.

But to let them do it, they were rather jittery.

But in front of so many people, they could not yield either. They could only toughen their scalps and said, “Yes, Master!”

“Puu huuu …”

With this, many people could not hold it in and let out laughter immediately.

Qian-er could not refrain from laughing, her entire person shaking with laughter, and said to the Elder Duan beside in a low voice, “This Ye Yuan is really too bad! To even be able to come up with this kind of lousy move! He doesn’t go himself but let his two disciples go up. Making two Alchemy Kings compete with Alchemy Ancestors, even if they lost, Su Qide would probably get stench all over himself too!”

Elder Duan shook his head too and said with a laugh, “This boy is indeed deriding. But it’s very practical. With this, Su Qide is checkmated viciously but can’t wind it up.”

Su Qide was angered until his chest was like puffing bellows. Only after some time, did he catch his breath and said in a great rage, “Ye Yuan punk, you … you’re bullying others too far! You let two Alchemy King Realm babies compete with this old man, this is insulting this old man! Alchemy Saint He, I recommend to ally up all the trading firms in the entire city and boycott this Fragrant Medicine Pavilion!”

He Shuming also did not expect that Ye Yuan would come up with this kind of low-blow. But outside of his fury at this time, he was somewhat filled with lingering fear afterward.

If it were him provoking Ye Yuan just now, it would probably be even more awkward at this time, right?

His illustrious name was almost ruined in this punk’s hands!

Hearing Su Qide said so, He Shuming immediately responded, “Ye Yuan, you’re too condescending! To actually insult seniors like this! Today, I …”

He Shuming had not finished speaking when he was interrupted by Ye Yuan rudely. Ye Yuan said, “Alchemy Saint He, this Ye Yuan doesn’t have the intention of joking! Aren’t you all here to challenge the dojo? I’ll give you this opportunity today! Let’s compete for three rounds, how about that?”