Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 734

Chapter 734 Disciples Requesting Battle

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“Oh? Compete for three rounds? How to compete?” He Shuming asked rather interestedly.

“Up to you to pick! Let’s pit soldiers against soldiers, general against general! You compete with me. Then pick two out among these garbage Alchemy Ancestors to compete with my disciples.” Ye Yuan said very indifferently.

Only he was indifferent. The others were not calm.

An Alchemy Sovereign leading Alchemy Kings to challenge an Alchemy Saint bringing two Alchemy Ancestors?

This punk wasn’t soft in the head, right?

More importantly, Ye Yuan actually handed the initiative over to He Shuming, allowing him to pick the events.

If He Shuming picked what he was good at to compete in, wasn’t this extending his head out for people to chop?

“Haha, Ye Yuan, I know that you have some capability! But you making light of heroes under the heaven like this will cost you dearly! Or maybe, you wish to use this kind of method to make me have misgivings about my reputation and let you off today?” He Shuming said with a loud laugh.

Ye Yuan smiled lightly and said, “You’re over-thinking! How about this, since it’s a competition, then let’s add some stake, how’s that?”

He Shuming was slightly startled, thinking to himself, could this boy be for real?

“What stake?”

“If I lose, the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion is yours! You lose, give me 100 thousand merit points! This deal, it’s a sure win without losing anything for you. How about it? Dare to compete or not?” Ye Yuan said directly.

Qian-er got anxious when she heard and hurriedly said, “No way! This sort of competition is unfair in itself. Ye Yuan, you’re treating it too much of a child’s play like this!”

He Shuming laughed loudly and said, “Hahaha, Ye Yuan, looks like even your own people aren’t optimistic about you!”

Ye Yuan completely ignored Qian-er and said to He Shuming, “Doesn’t matter. I have the final say here!”

“Good! Since it’s already said until like this, if I still don’t agree, wouldn’t it let the heroes of the world scoff? But our two parties competing, it can’t be each side believing that they are right, that both sides have their merits. Got to find a person to preside over, right?” He Shuming said.

“I’ll preside over, how’s that?”

A deep and powerful voice suddenly sounded out in the crowd. Everyone looked over where the voice came from, and they saw a middle-aged man dressed in fine clothing sticking out.

He even brought an attendant alongside him, but Ye Yuan recognized that he was precisely the city guards army’s head-commander, Luo Fang!

A figure able to make Luo Fang tag along as an attendant, his identity was also obvious.

“City Lord Your Excellency! W-Why have you come?” He Shuming said in astonishment.

This person was precisely Ancient Opulence City’s City Lord, Ying Tianya!

Ye Yuan had heard of Jun Tianyu mentioning this person before. Even the lofty and proud Jun Tianyu’s appraisal of Ying Tianya was very high too.

If say there were still people Jun Tianyu was apprehensive of in this Ancient Opulence City, there was only this Ying Tianya!

Ying Tianya walked out slowly from the crowd, carrying the unique bearing of a sovereign, and said with a faint smile, “This Ying heard that a Master Ye newly emerged in the city, and even opened a medicinal pill store on Ancient Opulence Street, so I came over to have a look on a spur of the moment. But I didn’t expect that Alchemy Saint He is actually competing with Master Ye here. I wonder if this Ying has the qualifications to take on the post of the person presiding over?”

He Shuming hurriedly said, “City Lord Your Excellency is in such a mood. This He is absolutely honored!”

Ying Tianya nodded his head and looked at Ye Yuan, saying, “Does Master Ye have any objections?”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “No objections.”

Ying Tianya chuckled and said, “Fine then. This Ying will witness the splendor of my Ancient Opulence City’s two pinnacle masters! I wonder what you two wish to compete in?”

Attentive people could tell that Ying Tianya’s words placed Ye Yuan and He Shuming on equal positions. This made them very surprised.

Ye Yuan was merely a puny little Alchemy Sovereign. He could actually let City Lord His Excellency regard him with special attention like so?

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders when he heard that and said, “Doesn’t matter to me. Up to him then.”

Ye Yuan’s attitude deeply wounded He Shuming’s pride.

Seems like under this kind of circumstances, the one displaying an indifferent attitude should be him, right?

This brat really knew how to seize the limelight!

“Competing in pill refinement with a measly little Alchemy Sovereign, other people will definitely say that I’m bullying you! How about this, let’s compete in fire control. How’s that?” He Shuming said with a cold smile.

“Shameless! I heard that Alchemy Saint He is strongest in fire control. Isn’t this bullying people?”

“Indeed rather shameless. But who asked that Ye Yuan to posture himself? He’s only at the Alchemy Sovereign Realm, yet, he had to pretend to be like an Alchemy Emperor; indifferent about anything. Then he would naturally have to pick what he’s good at.”

“Actually, with Alchemy Saint He’s strength, even if he doesn’t choose fire control, Ye Yuan doesn’t have any chances of victory either, right? Ye Yuan is biting more a little more than he can chew. Once he lose, the entire Fragrant Medicine Pavilion will be lost to him.”

He Shuming’s reputation in Ancient Opulence City was extremely great. Everyone all knew that what he was most proficient in was fire control.

He actually chose the fire control he was most skilled in at this time. It was seriously quite contemptible.

The Fragrant Medicine Pavilion made some simple preparation work. Because fire control did not require too complicated stuff, therefore, it was finished preparing very fast.

During this period, Qian-er had been nagging by the side constantly. Clearly, she was very displeased with Ye Yuan’s decision.

Although she knew that Ye Yuan had some skill, doing so was truly a bit too risky.

Reaching Alchemy Saint Realm, which person would be mediocre?

Moreover, even if Ye Yuan’s means were heaven-defying, what about his two disciples?

What Ren Dong and Xiao Ruyan had to face were Alchemy Ancestor experts!

Could his disciples be as heaven-defying as him too?

Ren Dong and Xiao Ruyan duo dragged their feet to Ye Yuan’s side and said softly, “Master, we … we …”

Ye Yuan smiled as he patted Ren Dong’s shoulder and said, “It’s fine. Just take it as a game and bring out your usual training standards will do. Even if we really lose, worst comes to worst, we’ll start over from the beginning once more. With Master’s capabilities, what does a tiny little Fragrant Medicine Pavilion count as? Furthermore, the disciples that I, Ye Yuan, taught, if they can’t even beat a few mongrels, then that’s too disgraceful!”

In his past and present life, Ye Yuan only took in these two disciples. These few years, Ye Yuan spared no efforts in teaching them too, and never keep things to himself.

The two people’s improvements, Ye Yuan took it all into his sights. Therefore, he was plenty confident in them too.

After a round of words, although it was unable to dispel the two person’s worries entirely, it made them set their minds at ease considerably.

Yeah, a tiny little Fragrant Medicine Pavilion, what did it count as to Ye Yuan?

The two people exchanged glances, secretly cheering themselves on.

Everything prepared, Su Qide took the lead to fall out of the ranks. Looking at Ren Dong and Xiao Ruyan, he said with a scornful look, “Two little babies, don’t blame this old man for bullying you guys! Want to blame, then blame that unreliable master of yours. It’s fine if he’s ignorant, but he even made his disciples come out and lose face!”

Ren Dong was indignant once he heard that and immediately shot back, “You old fogey, Master he can mess you up just with one finger! Just who is losing face, we’ll know in a while!”

Finished talking, he turned to Ye Yuan again and said, “Master, Disciple requests to battle!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Go then!”

As he said, Ye Yuan held his palm out. A small and exquisite lotus flower appeared. It was precisely one of Fiery’s clones.

At present, Fiery and Ye Yuan’s mind were linked up. As long as Ye Yuan was willing, he could lend essence fire to anybody for use and would not get a backlash.

“Take it. Teach that old bastard a lesson properly!”