Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 735

Chapter 735 Fire Tree Silver Flower

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Alchemy King and Alchemy Ancestor were separated by two major boundaries.

But alchemists’ duels were different from martial artists. A difference of two major boundaries between martial artists, even for a monster like Ye Yuan, he could not salvage it too.

But among alchemists, outside of competing in pill refinement, Alchemy Kings still had a possibility of winning Alchemy Ancestors theoretically.

Of course, that was also just in theory.

If without heaven-defying inheritances, for an Alchemy King to want to win an Alchemy Ancestor, that was basically sheer nonsense.

The accumulations and experience of an Alchemy Ancestor were simply not what Alchemy Kings could compare to.

Especially with fire control, experience had a crucially important effect. That was the accumulation on countless times of pill refinement.

Ren Dong and Xiao Ruyan’s age were placed right there. No one felt that they could match up to a veteran Alchemy Ancestor like Su Qide in terms of fire control.

Actually, even Ren Dong himself did not have the least bit of confidence either.

Alchemy Ancestor expert, this was a boundary that he did not even dare to think about in the Lower Realms. And now, he was actually going to compete in fire control with such a powerhouse.

But Su Qide’s words earlier infuriated Ren Dong.

Ye Yuan was akin to a god in his heart now. Su Qide’s words touched his reverse-scale!

“No matter what, I must have a match with this old fellow properly! Even if I can’t win him, I can’t lose face for Master either!” Ren Dong secretly resolved himself.

In other people’s view, this was a competition completely without chances of victory. But Ren Dong knew that Master’s round was absolutely a crushing victory!

Competing in pill refinement, the present Ye Yuan was indeed unable to refine Tier 7 medicinal pills. But if competing on fire control, so what if the person was an Alchemy Saint powerhouse?

“Begin then, brat. I want to take a look at just how formidable the disciple taught by an Alchemy Sovereign is!”

As he said, Su Qide’s essence energy spat out. A cluster of red flames appeared in his palm.

His fingers fiddled with the red flame, as if strumming a zither, dancing, giving people a feeling of soothing and relaxation.

In-between this, he even raised his head to look at Ren Dong from time to time, but he saw that Ren Dong still did not move. He just watched him control fire stupidly.

Seeing this scene, Su Qide was even prouder of himself.

“Truly too formidable! Indeed well-deserving of being an existence second only to Alchemy Saint He in Ancient Opulence City! This fire controlling skill is probably only inferior to Alchemy Saint He’s!”

“Alchemy Ancestor experts are Alchemy Ancestor experts. Without repeated training and tempering, how can it be possible to master this level of fire controlling skill?”

“Today is really an eye-opener! Alchemy Ancestor Su’s fire controlling skill is already so formidable. Then formidable to what degree is Alchemy Saint He?”

Hearing everyone’s praises, Su Qide was even prouder of himself.

He still had some strength left over at this time, so he had the thought of flaunting his skill. The movements of his hands sped up more.

With this, it aroused more marveling.

Rather, it was Ren Dong who still looked at Su Qide blankly, and actually seemed like he forgot to take action.

“Hey, boy, you aren’t dazed from watching, right? Huhu, indeed an inexperienced brat who has ever seen the world before. Broadened your horizons today, right?”

He Shuming was even more delighted to see that Ren Dong was ‘frightened silly.’

Su Qide winning this match, the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion was basically half in his hands already. How could he not be delighted?

Ren Dong seemingly only came back to his senses at this time and said absent-mindedly, “Uh, this is the fire control of Alchemy Ancestor Realm?”

“Otherwise, what do you think? Boy, you’re still young, experiencing some setbacks isn’t much. With your age, to be able to cultivate to Alchemy King Realm is considered not bad. Either way, the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion won’t exist anymore in the future too. Why not you come under my tutelage. I’ll impart you even more ingenious fire controlling skills!” He Shuming guided gently and actually started snatching away his opponent’s people already.

He did not perceive the meaning in Ren Dong’s words at all, and he even thought that Ren Dong was taken by surprise by Su Qide’s fire controlling skill, that was why he would let out such an emotional sigh.

When Ren Dong heard, he knew that He Shuming was mistaken. He shook his head and said, “If this is the fire controlling skill of Alchemy Ancestor Realm, then me winning him shouldn’t be too difficult.”

He Shuming was stunned when he heard that. This brat actually dared to mess with him?

He was just about to fly off the handle when Ren Dong moved at this time!

Only to see him beckon with one hand. The fire lotus bloomed, similarly forming a small cluster of flames.

Following that, Ren Dong’s hands started moving dreamlike, while that small cluster of flames actually grew into a small tree under his spurring. Furthermore, it was strikingly vivid and lifelike!

That small tree gradually germinated, growing out branches, becoming luxuriant!

The originally still somewhat noisy Fragrant Medicine Pavilion suddenly quietened down at this time.

While He Shuming’s eyes turned into wide-saucers when he saw this scene.

Such consummate fire controlling skill was also not the least bit inferior to him, this Alchemy Saint!

What fire control skill was particular about was exquisiteness. Areas that should be strong was strong, places that should be weak was weak.

Only like this, could one let the medicinal pill receive more abundant baptizing of flames when refining pills.

To be able to condense flames to form the shape of a small tree, this required immensely profound skill!

Su Qide on the other hand, his skills appeared very brilliant indeed. But regarding the degree of exquisiteness in controlling flames, it was clearer worse than Ren Dong.

“Fire tree, silver flowers!”

Ren Dong gave a light cry. Bright-colored silver flowers actually bloomed one after another on that small tree!

How did Su Qide still have that leisurely composure from before at this time?

When he saw Ren Dong’s skill, his entire face went green.

He desperately urged the flames in his hand, likewise wanting to condense and form a small tree.

Su Qide was an Alchemy Ancestor powerhouse in the end. Under forceful deploying, he really condensed out the shape of a small tree.

It was just that this small tree’s appearance, even for the martial artists who did not know fire controlling skills, they could also distinguish the good from the bad.

At the end, Su Qide’s face was flushed red. But the small tree was completely unable to become like Ren Dong’s, vivid and lifelike.

“The first match, Fragrant Medicine Pavilion wins!” Ying Tianya announced the results right away.

Regarding this kind of result that was apparent, no one doubted it at all.

Ren Dong put away the flames, ran in front of Ye Yuan, and said with an excited look, “Master, turns out that my fire controlling skill is already this incredible!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “You don’t know what’s you’re talking about. It’s still early! Today, making you guys take action is to let you guys find a bit of confidence. But keep in mind to not be complacent! One loses by pride and gains by modesty, understood?”

Ren Dong nodded his head like a chicken pecking for rice and said obediently, “Disciple understands!”

These few year’s time, Ren Dong and Xiao Ruyan duo did not idle their time away in the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

On the contrary, Ye Yuan carried out demon-like training for the two of them.

This fire controlling was one of them!

The missions that Ye Yuan assigned were all extremely focused. Ren Dong and Xiao Ruyan immersing themselves in diligent practice, their strength soared by leaps and bounds too.

It was just that the two of them were both immersed in exceedingly dreary training. Moreover, most of the training was alchemist’s basic skills, resulting in the two of them not having much understanding of their current strength.

It was only when Ren Dong saw Su Qide controlling his fire did the former knew what kind of level his strength already reached.

One could say that apart from his cultivation realm not reaching the standard, he actually already surpassed Alchemy Ancestor powerhouses all-round in basic skills now!