Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 736

Chapter 736 Complete Victory

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“Junior Apprentice Brother, you can even win with such standards. I already have nothing to say.” Xiao Ruyan rolled her eyes at one side.

Ren Dong touched his head when he heard and said embarrassedly, “Senior Apprentice Sister, I … I also didn’t expect that his level was so lousy.”

“Makes sense. I even thought that an Alchemy Ancestor’s fire controlling level was very high. I didn’t think that that was all he got. Made me worry for half a day in vain.”

“Huhu, yeah! I was dumbfounded watching just now and even thought that I saw wrongly. How can an Alchemy Ancestor’s fire control level be just this bit? Senior Apprentice Sister’s fire controlling skill is even more formidable than mine. You should win even more easily.”

“Hehe, even a guy like you can win. If I don’t win, wouldn’t I lose face for Master too much?”

These apprentice sister and brother’s conversation made everyone speechless when they heard.

Alchemy Kings who dared to say this sort of words in front of Alchemy Ancestors were probably also just these two apprentice sister and brothers, right?

Ying Tianya looked at Ye Yuan rather interestedly, his gaze exuding thick astonishment.

Ren Dong’s and Xiao Ruyan’s expressions did not seem to be fake. Looks like they really did not know that their own strengths were actually that strong.

Then how profound a skill did the Ye Yuan who was able to teach the two of them had to have?

Ren Dong’s performance earlier really took his breath away.

If not for seeing with his own eyes, Ying Tianya really did not dare to believe that a puny little Alchemy King actually had such superb fire controlling standards.

Ying Tianya could not help looking forward to the showdown between Ye Yuan and He Shuming.

Right at this time, Xiao Ruyan fell out of the ranks and said to the group of Alchemy Ancestors with full confidence, “Hey, is there any a little stronger? Come out and let’s compete. If it’s that level just now, this young lady won’t even have the desire to compete.”


The group of Alchemy Ancestors glanced around, looking at one another. Not one actually dared to come out and fight.

If it was before Ren Dong and Su Qide’s competition, they would definitely have jumped up already.

But now, facing Xiao Ruyan’s provocation, they did not even dare to let out a fart.

They heard distinctly just now that Xiao Ruyanw was Ren Dong senior sister. Moreover, when Xiao Ruyan was looking down on Ren Dong earlier, Ren Dong did not have any temper at all either.

That indicated that Xiao Ruyan’s fire control level was even above Ren Dong’s!

And in their group of people, the one strongest at fire control was Su Qide.

Under such circumstances, who was still willing to take the initiative to come out and lose face?

“What? If no one else is coming out to fight, this Ying will take it as you guys forfeit,” Ying Tianya said nonchalantly when he saw that there was no one responding for a long time here.

Xiao Ruyan smiled smugly, but she voiced out, “Forget it, looks like you guys are also just this level. How about this, this young lady will perform a set of fire controlling art. If there is anyone among you guys able to do it, count it as this young lady’s loss. How’s that?”

Those few Alchemy Ancestors exchanged glances and felt indignant, but they did not dare to speak up.

At this time, nobody dared to come out and brag either. Everyone losing face together was better than one person coming out to lose face.

By the side, He Shuming’s face was already livid with rage already. This bunch of fellows was really not reliable at all, to actually be freaked out by a little child!

“Since you all are not speaking, then this young lady will take it as you guys agree!”

As she said, Xiao Ruyan held her palm out. A small cluster of flames gradually became a small flower.

Following that, her palm quivered. Another small flower actually emerged again.

Xiao Ruyan’s palm vibrated with rhythm. After that, one small flower after another derived from it.

Xiao Ruyan actually danced trippingly while creating little flowers. And those small flowers rose and danced gaily along with her.

At this moment, Xiao Ruyan was like a flower fairy maiden. Those flower petals served to accentuate her beauty even more soul-stirringly.

For a moment, all the martial artists were senseless from watching.

They had never seen such a beautiful scene before, such exquisite fire controlling skills.

Creating one small flower wasn’t considered much. Three or five flowers did not count as anything too. But creating a hundred flame flowers in one go, and still being able to manipulate to her will like so, then that was too incredible!

All of a sudden, Xiao Ruyan stopped the dance steps. Those tiny flowers also dissipated along with it.

Quite a number of people were still immersed in that beautiful scene earlier and was unable to extricate themselves.

“Too … Too beautiful! Really have no way of imagining that dreary fire controlling arts are actually able to display such a magnificent and gorgeous environment!

“Even Master Ye’s disciples have such strength. Then wouldn’t his own fire controlling skills be heaven-defying?”

“I really want to witness Master Ye’s fire controlling skills! But the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion already won two rounds in a row. There probably isn’t the opportunity already, right?”

Xiao Ruyan herself also did not expect that her displaying this fire controlling skill today, she actually became the goddess in the hearts of the Ancient Opulence City’s male martial artists.

After today, many people all came to the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion all for a look at her gorgeous appearance.

“Gentleman, are there people able to imitate Miss Xiao’s fire controlling skill?” Ying Tianya asked.

Those few Alchemy Ancestors had awkward looks, their eyes evading.

Forget about Xiao Ruyan, even Ren Dong’s move was already hard for them to execute!

Ying Tianya smiled faintly when he saw no one respond and said, “Since that’s the case, the second round is also the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s victory! The Fragrant Medicine Pavilion won two rounds in a row. This Ying feels that this third round probably doesn’t have the need to compete already, right?”

He Shuming’s expression flickered incessantly but did not make a sound.

Right then, Ye Yuan came forward and said, “Alchemy Saint He is an Alchemy Saint powerhouse. Presumably, his fire controlling skill wouldn’t be so mediocre. This Ye feels that this third round should be engaged in. Otherwise, Alchemy Saint He would likely be unconvinced in his heart! How about this, this Ye will be like his disciple and display a fire controlling skill. If Alchemy Saint He is able to do it, count it as this Ye’s loss. How’s that?”

Ye Yuan stepping out at this time was equivalent to checkmating He Shuming.

Ying Tianya was a little surprised, but asked He Shuming, “What does Alchemy Saint He think?”

Actually, He Shuming’s fire controlling skill was rather brilliant. Xiao Ruyan’s level of fire control, he could actually barely achieve it.

But the problem was, Xiao Ruyan was just Ye Yuan’s disciple.

The disciple’s strength already reached such a level. Then what about her master?

But to let him admit defeat like this, he was unreconciled to it too.

He was this Ancient Opulence City’s top seat. If he admitted defeat, where would he put his old face?

He Shuming gritted his teeth and said, “Compete then! Who’s afraid of who?!”

Ye Yuan smiled slightly and said, “Watch closely!”

Only to see Ye Yuan place his hands together and pull. With a flutter, countless flying birds flew out from his palms just like this, soaring around the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s cross-beam.

These flying birds were all strikingly lifelike. Even the eyes of each bird seemed so intelligent.

If not for knowing beforehand, these martial artists would probably even think that these flying birds were real!

Furthermore, the species of these flying birds were all different. Size and appearance, not a single one was exactly alike!

Counting simply, Ye Yuan created thousands of birds with species different from one another.

Everyone all sucked in a cold breath!

Different from Xiao Ruyan, Ye Yuan practically created so many flying birds instantaneously.

This level of fire control skill could already be rated as a masterstroke!