Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 737

Chapter 737 Hundred Birds Paying Homage To A Phoenix

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Thousands of birds circled around the beam. This scene was a grand sight.

Just this move was already hard for He Shuming to imitate.

Drawing a myriad of life with the power of flames, this level of fire control was simply divine!

He Shuming’s fire control skills were very strong. To really make him illustrate some flying birds, he was also barely able to achieve it. But to let him do it until every flying bird was so lifelike and indistinguishable from the original, how could he accomplish it?

This did not just require subtle control over flames, it required exquisite control over essence energy even more!

“Humph! I was wondering how incredible a fire controlling skill it was. It’s merely about the same as your disciple too!” He Shuming said stubbornly.

Once these words came out, quite a few martial artists shot him contemptuous eyes. This was clearly the tempo of unable to bear a loss.

But Ye Yuan smiled slightly and said, “Alchemy Saint He doesn’t have to be anxious. It isn’t finished yet!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan extended a finger, and dotted and drew a line in the air. A series of faint chirps suddenly sounded out.

“My god! It’s a phoenix! That … is that really a phoenix?”

“No, wait! That isn’t a real phoenix! It’s likewise drawn by Ye Yuan with fire control skills!”

Once the phoenix emerged, a wave of marveling immediately echoed in the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion.

Those birds were originally flying around the beam. Once the fire phoenix emerged, they actually collectively stopped in the air, and actually seemed to pay homage to the fire phoenix collectively!

“My hundred birds paying homage to a phoenix, if Alchemy Saint He can do it, count it as our Fragrant Medicine Pavilion lose, how’s that?” Ye Yuan said with a smile that wasn’t a smile.

He Shuming’s expression was incomparably nasty. He never would have thought that a puny little Alchemy Sovereign’s fire controlling skills actually reached such a terrifying level!

The scary thing about this hundred birds paying homage to a phoenix was not how difficult it was to illustrate, but that these birds actually had some intelligence!

Fire controlling skill reaching this kind of level already had no way of describing with words anymore!

He, He Shuming, even if he cultivated for another several hundred years, it was impossible to attain such a level too.

“Humph! Ye Yuan, today’s score, this He has noted it down! Let’s go! 100 thousand merit points, I’ll send people to transfer you in a while!”

He Shuming seriously could not stay on here any longer and could only flick his sleeves and leave.

When they left, it even incurred a wave of booing.

After today, Ye Yuan could be considered to have become famous in one battle in the Ancient Opulence City.

An Alchemy Saint powerhouse brought along a bunch of Alchemy Ancestors to the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion to challenge them. In the end, they were beaten by an Alchemy Sovereign and two Alchemy Kings to a sorry plight, each and every one of them leaving dusty and dirty in appearance!

This level of strength was sufficient to indicate that the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion had the ability to keep a foothold on Ancient Opulence Street.

Moreover, in the foreseeable future, Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s limelight might even overshadow the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company completely!

“Ye Yuan, you’re too incredible! Really didn’t expect that your fire controlling skill has actually reached such a miraculous boundary!”

Ye Yuan’s performance gave Qian-er a hugely pleasant surprise. Only now did she know why Ye Yuan did not want their Meteor Trading Company’s Alchemy Ancestor powerhouse to come over.

In front of Ye Yuan, what did Alchemy Ancestor powerhouses count as?!

Ye Yuan looked at Qian-er and said mockingly, “Didn’t you even say prior to this that I was treating it too much of a child’s play?”

Qian-er’s face reddened, and she lowered her head bashfully. Although separated by a layer of veil, Ye Yuan was able to feel her embarrassment too.

“Your fire controlling art is so incredible. Why didn’t you tell me in advance? Let me be mentally prepared too!” Qian-er said begrudgingly.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Even if I tell you that I’m very incredible, would you believe?”

“Uh … seems like no,” Qian-er was stunned and blurted out.

“Hahaha! Master Ye’s fire control skill truly let this Ying broaden my horizons! If not for seeing with my own eyes, this Ying would really be unable to imagine that an ascender actually possessed such terrifying strength!” Ying Tianya said with a big laugh.

“Huhu, City Lord Your Excellency is too kind. This is merely an unorthodox path of this Ye, just trying to get by.”

Ying Tianya looked at Ye Yuan meaningfully and suddenly opened his mouth, “Master Ye, how about we head inside and have a talk?”

Ye Yuan said, “Please!”

Driving away He Shuming, there was also not much use of Ye Yuan staying at the front anymore.

This sort of thing like management, the Meteor Trading Company’s people were obviously much more formidable than him.

This time, he achieved fame in one battle. With so many martial artists witnessing him defeating He Shuming with fire controlling arts, it would definitely spread throughout the entire Ancient Opulence City very quickly.

What this selling of medicinal pills relied on was fame.

The Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company being able to overwhelm the Meteor Trading Company, a very large degree was all due to He Shuming.

The Meteor Trading Company was unable to dispatch Alchemy Saint powerhouses over to this Ancient Opulence City for various reasons. Being suppressed was also bound to happen.

For Ye Yuan to smack He Shuming’s face today so domineeringly, the objective was in order to let all the martial artists know his prowess. This way, the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion would naturally rack in riches.

Adding in that the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s medicinal pills quality was too solid, squeezing out a large proportion of the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s profits was also inevitable.

Cooperating with the city guards army, Ye Yuan long had expectations.

Him unveiling the medicinal pills for Luo Fang to try previously naturally captured his heart all at once.

It was just that Ye Yuan did not expect that Ying Tianya this City Lord actually came to visit.

“I wonder what City Lord Your Excellency is finding Ye Yuan for?” when both parties sat down, Ye Yuan asked straight away.

“Huhu, Master Ye is a straightforward man speaking his mind. I won’t beat around the bush either. Luo Fang holds the few types of medicinal pills you guys unveiled in high esteem. I came today naturally wanting to witness it,” Ying Tianya said.

“Oh? Just a few medicinal pills. How can it trouble City Lord to come in person?”

As he said, Ye Yuan took out several medicinal pills and placed them in front of Ying Tianya.

Ying Tianya was not courteous either, swallowing those few kinds of medicinal pills in one go, his eyes involuntarily lighting up.

“No wonder Luo Fang praised your medicinal pills so highly. This medicinal effect is indeed extraordinary! Master Ye, our City Lord Manor plan on placing an order for these few medicinal pills. Each type of medicinal pill, 5000 pills. What do you think?” Ying Tianya said.

The medicinal pills Ye Yuan took out had a total of five kinds. 5000 of each type of medicinal pill was 25 thousand medicinal pills.

To the newly open Fragrant Medicine Pavilion, this was absolutely a big business.

But Ye Yuan’s face did not have much of an agitated expression. Instead, he smiled faintly and said, “Thank you very much for City Lord Your Excellency’s generous kindness. This Ye is endlessly grateful. But City Lord Your Excellency didn’t make a trip personally for the sake of a few medicinal pills, right?”

Ying Tianya laughed out loud when he heard and said, “Haha, looks like it indeed can’t hide from Master Ye! Actually, coming to find Master Ye today is because I have a matter to request you. It’s just that this matter is hard to talk about, so …”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “So you first put me under obligation, then talk about this hard to say matter, is it?”

Luo Fang’s expression changed when he heard that and said, “Ye Yuan, what are you saying! City Lord His Excellency, he …”

Luo Fang had yet to say finish and was stopped by Ying Tianya with a hand gesture, who said with a smile, “Master Ye’s heart is like a clear mirror. Looks like nothing can be hidden from you. It’s just that this matter is very important to me …”

But Ye Yuan interrupted Ying Tianya’s words straight away and said, “Something that even City Lord Your Excellency finds very hard is most likely very dangerous. Since it’s hard to talk about, then it would be better to not talk about it. This business, our Fragrant Medicine Pavilion won’t take it on.”