Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 738

Chapter 738 Spar

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There was no free lunch in this world. Ying Tianya buying so many medicinal pills from the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion in one go, if this was calculated according to earth essence crystals, the number could be counted in the hundreds of thousands.

Therefore, the thing he wanted Ye Yuan to do would likely have to pay an equal price too.

If it were just treating illnesses and saving people, Ying Tianya definitely would not find it so hard to say.

Therefore, Ye Yuan determined that the thing Ying Tianya wanted him to do definitely had a corresponding risk.

At least, to him, this Divine Traversing Realm martial artist, it was rather dangerous.

Ying Tianya’s stomach full of words was blocked right at his mouth by Ye Yuan. His gaze when looking at Ye Yuan could not help having some transformation.

He thought that his order of his was sufficient to move Ye Yuan. He didn’t expect that Ye Yuan rejected it without even blinking.

One had to know that this order, even when placed in the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company, it was absolutely not a small sum either, let alone that the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion was just a newly-opened medicinal store.

“Master Ye, this order has nothing to do with me inviting you to take action. After the matter is done, this Ying will have another generous gift to offer. The value will be several times of this order!” Ying Tianya refused to give up.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Does City Lord Your Excellency take this Ye to be a fool? The more generous the remuneration you give, it means that the matter you make this Ye do will be more dangerous. This Ye is just a Divine Traversing Realm junior. If City Lord Your Excellency requires alchemists, wouldn’t going to find Alchemy Saint He be more suitable?”

It was not that Ye Yuan really did not want to go. It was just that his current strength was still a little weak in the Divine Realm. Therefore, he planned to cultivate in the Ancient Opulence City for a period of time before going out.

The strength of the Divine Realm’s martial artists was much stronger compared to the Lower Realms.

Ye Yuan could even leap across a major cultivation realm to one-shot his foe in the Lower Realms. But wanting to do this while being in the Divine Realm was quite hard.

He still had some chances of victory when dealing with ordinary initial-stage Boundless Realm powerhouses with his current strength. But if they came out from major families with inheritances, then it would be rather strained.

Even in this unassuming Ancient Opulence City, martial artists who comprehended true intent could be found everywhere too.

Even like Jun Tianyu this kind, they were also not too far off from comprehending supreme true intent.

Walking around outside with Ye Yuan’s current strength was still a little too dangerous.

Ying Tianya smiled bitterly and said, “I’m not hiding things from Master Ye. Actually, the person I have in mind originally was He Shuming too. But after witnessing Master Ye’s skills, I feel that you’re a more suitable choice. But for precautionary measures, I plan on inviting you and Alchemy Saint He to go along together. Master Ye rest assured, this trip is only to save people. As long as the person is rescued, we’ll pull out immediately and absolutely won’t stay!”

Ye Yuan mused for a moment and said, “Talk more about the specifics.”

The moment Ying Tianya heard that there was hope, he could not help becoming overjoyed and recounted the whole story of the incident.

Turns out that Ying Tianya’s junior apprentice brother unwittingly found an ancient grotto and headed inside the grotto alone to seek treasures. In the end, he was trapped in that ancient grotto.

But Ying Tianya’s relationship with this junior apprentice brother was very close. The two of them had a kind of special skill to transmit news. Hence, his junior pleaded for help from Ying Tianya through this skill.

Ying Tianya received the news that his junior was trapped in the ancient grotto and was unable to get away. Furthermore, he was inflicted with a peculiar poison. It was Ying Tianya who thought of inviting alchemists along.

“That junior of mine is only only at the Second Level Heaven Enlightenment. He’s able to preserve his life in that ancient grotto. Presumably, that grotto shouldn’t be too dangerous. This Ying assures you to definitely do everything in my power to ensure your safety this trip! As long as this Ying is around, I absolutely won’t let people harm a hair of yours!” Ying Tianya patted his chest and said.

Ye Yuan smiled as he shook his head and said, “Asking me to go is viable. But this kind of guarantee is still not enough!”

Ye Yuan was not some fledgling experiencing the world for the first time. This kind of verbal promise, he did not trust at all.

When danger really struck and Ying Tianya ran at the critical juncture, who could he find to reason things out?

Ying Tianya hesitated for a moment, but took out a suit of armor and said, “This is this Ying’s personal suit of armor; high-grade profound artifact, Skyplume Treasure Armor. Even Heaven Enlightenment Realm powerhouses are unable to break its defense in a short while either. I wonder if this Ying’s sincerity is sufficient? Of course, the terms promised to Master Ye prior still stands. After the matter is done, I’ll pay a reward of one million merit points separately!”

Ye Yuan took over the Skyplume Treasure Armor from Ying Tianya’s hands and said with a nod, “Alright, deal. But I have a condition!”

“Master Ye please say!”

“My condition is that Brother Jun travel together with me!” Ye Yuan said.

Ying Tianya nodded with an emotional sigh, “If Younger Brother Jun is able to travel together, then that’s for the best. With Younger Brother Jun’s strength, this journey is bound to have a few more parts of assurance!”

After Ying Tianya left, Ye Yuan said to Jun Tianyu with a slight apology, “Brother Jun, dragging you into the water this time, I’m really sorry!”

Ye Yuan knew that this journey likely would not be that simple. But the only helper Ye Yuan could find now was only Jun Tianyu.

Jun Tianyu said with a smile, “What’s Younger Brother Ye saying? This Jun has also not worked out my body for a long time. My cultivation has also remained stagnant for very long. This trip is precisely a turning point. I hope that I’m able to have some gains.”

Jun Tianyu’s words were not false. These few years, for the sake of Liu Yiru’s ailment, he practically abandoned cultivation, resulting in his cultivation stagnating and not advancing all along.

If he still did not work his body, wanting to break through in the future would be hard.

A character like Jun Tianyu was naturally unresigned to only having Heaven Enlightenment Realm strength for all his life. That would be even worse than killing him.

Ye Yuan said, “Great kindness can’t be thanked with words. This grace of Brother Jun, this Ye has remembered it.”

“Haha, isn’t Younger Brother Ye regarding me as an outsider here? To really talk about being grateful, it should also be me thanking you! Without you, I’d probably be a walking corpse right now already. Moreover, this Fragrant Medicine Pavilion establishing, you gifted 20% performance shares directly to me. You can’t let a grown man like me eat idly without working, right?” Jun Tianyu cracked a rare joke.

It was just that no matter what, to be able to generously travel together under the situation where he clearly knew there was danger, this great kindness of Jun Tianyu’s made Ye Yuan very grateful.

Ye Yuan thought about it and said, “Brother Jun, this Ye’s current strength is meager and is also unable to help you refine medicinal pills. But this Ye is incapable and happened to have some comprehension on Sword Dao too. Why don’t we spar a bit? Hopefully, it can be of some assistance to you.”

Jun Tianyu froze when he heard that. He was really unaware that Ye Yuan actually had some attainments along the martial path apart from refining pills.

Moreover, hearing Ye Yuan’s meaning, his attainments on Sword Dao was even not low.

Jun Tianyu had dealt with Ye Yuan for some time too and knew that he was not someone to shoot his mouth off.

To dare say so, he probably had some capabilities.

But regarding Ye Yuan’s words, Jun Tianyu was still rather disapproving of it in his heart.

Ye Yuan’s attainments in alchemy, Jun Tianyu prostrate on all fours in admiration.

But there were times a person’s strength just wouldn’t do. How high could Ye Yuan’s attainments in Sword Dao be?

Ye Yuan doing so was just a kind of compensation for dragging him into the water just now. The idea was nice, except, the effects were likely totally nonexistent.

In Jun Tianyu’s view, Ye Yuan’s present level was completely unable to understand how high his current Sword Dao concept boundary was!