Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 739

Chapter 739 Restoring Pill Formula

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“Lord Chairman, things are bad! Today, the moment the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion opened for business, the door sill was crushed from the crowd!”

Early in the morning, the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s manager went to find Zuo Xin in a fluster.

The Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s explosive scene frightened him badly.

In comparison, their Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company side here was deserted and quiet, practically without any customer.

Zuo Xin’s frowned and asked, “What’s going on?”

“The Tier 5 medicinal pills that the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion unveiled, the medicinal effects are actually 40-60% higher than our varieties of the same kind, but the prices are even cheaper than after we discounted 20%! In addition … In addition …” said the manager. The manager stammered but did not dare to continue speaking.

Zuo Xin’s expression darkened, and he said, “Speak!”

“Yes, Lord Chairman! In addition, Alchemy Saint He was completely crushed by the Ye Yuan, master and disciples, yesterday. Overnight, it was like the martial artists in the entire city all knew the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s prowess!” the manager said.


Zuo Xin gnashed his teeth hatefully and threw the teapot in his hand directly onto the ground, smashing it into pieces.

“Go, think of ways to get some of the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s medicinal pills over for me!” Zuo Xin said solemnly.

“This subordinate has already gotten them from some martial artists who purchased the medicinal pills. Here they are.”

The manager clearly knew how to handle affairs well. Without waiting for Zuo Xin’s instructions, he already brought the medicinal pills over.

But at this time, Zuo Xin was not in the mood of praising him at all. Snatching the medicinal pills over in a flash, he started scrutinizing in detail.

But looking for a long time, Zuo Xin could not figure out what difference the medicinal pills in his hands was from his own too.

“Go, get Alchemy Saint He to come over! Hang on … forget it, I’ll go find him myself!”

Such a major matter, Zuo Xin could not wait at all.

If it were really as the manager said, then the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company would be facing its greatest crisis!

The business that Zuo Xin laid down a foundation for in the Ancient Opulence City painstakingly would be encroached on to the limits by the Meteor Trading Company very soon!

Although Tier 5 medicinal pills only belonged to the low-level market, it was also the largest market. If this piece were eaten by the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion entirely, their business would probably lose 30-40%!

This kind of loss, the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company seriously could not bear it!

Moreover, Zuo Xin also heard that the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion even had an expert assisting behind and was even able to refine superior-grade, even transcendent-grade Tier 6 medicinal pills.

If left to grow unchecked, the outcome was too ghastly to imagine!

Originally thought that two plots were enough to deal a fatal blow to the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion. Who knew that hitting the snake failed to kill it and was bitten instead. The Fragrant Medicine Pavilion just opened for business day two and caused such a grave threat to the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company.

What surprised him even more was that He Shuming, a dignified Alchemy Saint, actually lost to an Alchemy Sovereign just like this!

Even though it was just on fire control, losing means losing; there was no excuses. Those martial artists purchasing medicinal pills would not listen to any excuses either!

Zuo Xin found He Shuming very quickly. Initially, he was embarrassed to meet Zuo Xin. But he already came to find him. He could not very well avoid Zuo Xin either.

But after Zuo Xin briefly recounted the enormous crisis the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company was facing, He Shuming had no way of being calm too.

He originally thought that yesterday’s loss was just a one-time loss, did not affect the whole.

Who knew that on the second day morning, he would hear such news like a bolt out of the blue.

“This … Why would the Tier 5 Essence Restoring Pill add in Starnet Secret Flower? En? There is even Moon Foil Heavenly Sand? This … This doesn’t adhere to medicinal theory at all! The strangest thing is that after adding in these things, the medicinal effect actually increased 40-50% compared to the original. This is simply inconceivable!”

He Shuming was deserving of being an Alchemy Saint powerhouse. Just by smelling it with his nose, he already found the aspects different from ordinary Tier 5 Essence Restoring Pills.

It was just that the way he saw it, adding in these things was simply downright nonsense and should ruin the medicinal properties of the core ingredients.

But why would the medicinal effects rose so much instead after adding these in?

A new type of medicinal pill emerging in the world would always cause alchemists to fervently research it.

The composition of a medicinal pill actually did not have many areas that could be concealed. High-level alchemists could differentiate what kind of medicinal herbs a medicinal pill was constituted of just by using their noses.

But to want to restore the pill formula through a medicinal pill, that was virtually something impossible.

Because each type of medicinal herb’s proportion, quantity, were all unable to restore to its original form. Let alone the method of refining and how the fire should be controlled.

Alchemy was an extremely precise work. Even if it were wrong by a wee bit, what was refined would be useless pills too.

But this did not hinder He Shuming’s gasps of admiration towards this Tier 5 Essence Restoring Pill!

“Alchemy Saint He, can this medicinal pill … be restored to its original form?” Zuo Xin asked rather cautiously.

He Shuming heaved a sigh and said, “With my strength, it’s definitely unable to restore the pill formula. This medicinal pill looks trivial and normal on the surface. But the refining method is extremely mystifying and done by an experienced alchemist. If I want to crack it … there’s likely only sending it back to the headquarters. It’s just, I don’t know if the Alchemy Emperor powerhouses in the headquarters can restore the pill formula or not!”

Restoring the pill formidable, although it was virtually impossible, there was still that little bit of hope. If not, there wouldn’t be some very popular pill formulas circulating too.

But to want to restore the pill formula, it normally required strength that transcended multiple ranks.

This is because their understanding towards medicinal theory and pill refinement had already reached an extremely profound boundary.

If luck was good, they could still fumble out some trick to it through some attribute relationship between the spirit medicines.

Zuo Xin exclaimed in shock, “Even Alchemy Venerables are unable to restore to its original form?”

He Shuming shook his head and said, “In my opinion, Alchemy Venerable experts won’t cut it too! If this medicinal pill is refined by Ye Yuan himself, then his attainments in alchemy are absolutely above mine! It’s just that his cultivation is lacking, that’s why he’s not able to refine Tier 6 and above medicinal pills. But if it’s like this, then that person behind him … his strength would be too terrifying!”

Although unwilling to admit it, the truth in front of him still made He Shuming candidly admit defeat.

Zuo Xin was horrifyingly shocked when he heard that. This was just a Tier 5 medicinal pill. Logically speaking, Alchemy Venerable powerhouses should be able to restore the pill formula.

But He Shuming said such intricate pill must have Alchemy Emperors to work on it.

Zuo Xin gritted his teeth and said, “This batch of medicinal pills are of great importance. We’d better send it back to the headquarters! Later, I’ll make clear the situation to Lord Deacon. If these medicinal pills really can have their pill formulas restored, it will absolutely be highly beneficial to our Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company!”

He Shuming nodded his head, clearly in approval of Zuo Xin’s view too.

Under normal circumstances, Alchemy Emperor powerhouses would not even be bothered to take action and restore such low-level medicinal pills.

But in Zuo Xin’s view, if the pill formulas of these medicinal pills could be restored, the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company would have profits pouring in!

Because the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s branches were everywhere; spanning several major regions. Once popularized, these few types of medicinal pills would absolutely be money trees!

Regardless whether the headquarters agree or not, these medicinal pills must all be sent back!

Zuo Xin believed that with upper echelons’ vision, they would absolutely be able to discern these Tier 5 medicinal pills’ value!

And at this time, Ye Yuan and Jun Tianyu were currently facing opposite each other.

“Brother Jun, I’ll demonstrate a set of martial technique now, named Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword. You have to look closely!”