Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Soul Guiding Incense

"Lu-er! Lu-er!" Ye Yuan exited and shouted for Lu-er. But there was no reply.

Ye Yuan was very suspicious. Lu-er should have been waiting here for him to exit seclusion. Where did she go?

Lu-er was very obedient. If there was really something, she should have left him a message. But Ye Yuan searched the place and did not find any clues.

He also asked his neighbors, but nobody knew either.

Zhang Heng was highly scheming. The time he picked happened to be lesson time, so basically, all the students were at class.

Ye Yuan was in a closed-door seclusion, so she did not have any mood to attend classes. However, it just happened to give Zhang Heng the opportunity to strike.

"Strange. Where on earth did Lu-er go? Don't tell me someone dares to kidnap people within the Dan Wu Academy?" Ye Yuan sat down at the table and started conjecturing.

Could Lu-er have gone to look for Tang Yu?

In this place, Lu-er only had Tang Yu for a friend.

Thinking of Tang Yu, Ye Yuan relaxed and was just about to leave to find Tang Yu when there was a knocking sound.

Opening the door to take a look, who could it be except Tang Yu?

Tang Yu saw Ye Yuan and was overjoyed. "I figured that Senior Apprentice Brother Ye should have also exited seclusion, so I came over to have a look. I didn't think that it would be so coincidental. Yii? Y-you are already at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm?!"

Tang Yu stared with his mouth agape. Ye Yuan's improvement was too outrageous!

He had only broken through to the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm with the help of Ye Yuan's pills not long ago.

A month ago, when Tang Yu met Ye Yuan for the first time, he was only at the First Level Essence Qi Realm.

A month later, Ye Yuan was already at the same cultivation realm as him!

Thinking of how Ye Yuan killed Chou Ying with a finger, Tang Yu believed that if he fought with Ye Yuan, Ye Yuan could absolutely kill him in an instant!

Tang Yu currently felt that the Ye Yuan in front of him was like a dragon that entered deep waters and then soared to the sky in one stroke. Nobody could stop him anymore!

While Tang Yu was immersed in his shock, he did not notice that Ye Yuan's facial expression did not look good.

When Ye Yuan looked behind Tang Yu and confirmed that he came alone, his face turned ugly.

He waved his hands and did not bother with Tang Yu's shock. Opening his mouth, he asked, "Why did you come alone?"

Tang Yu was stunned and asked doubtfully, "If I'm not alone, how many people could there be?"

Ye Yuan furrowed his brows. "Didn't Lu-er go and find you while I was in a closed-door seclusion these few days?"

Tang Yu was alarmed, but he shook his head and replied, "No. I've also been busy these few days and did not see Lu-er. She also never came to find me. Why, did something happen to Lu-er?"

Ye Yuan currently felt a little uneasy. "After I returned, I spent the entire time looking for her, but I couldn't find her. I have a bad premonition. I keep feeling that something happened to her."

"Maybe Lu-er was bored of waiting for you, and in a moment of playfulness, ran out to play. This is the Dan Wu Academy. Nothing should happen. Don't need to worry, Brother Ye." Tang Yu reassured him.

Ye Yuan gave a sigh and said, "I hope so."

The house momentarily became silent. But the uneasiness in Ye Yuan's heart grew increasingly stronger.

He suddenly stood up and said to Tang Yu, "Please return, Brother Tang. I'm still a little worried about Lu-er. I'm going to look for her."

"I'll go too. There's a higher chance with two people searching." Tang Yu offered.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, "No need. Just I alone will suffice."

After he said that, Ye Yuan casually grabbed a piece of Lu-er's clothing and went out.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan did not go around hunting aimlessly. He came directly to Feng Ruoqing's pill refinement room.

After returning from the capital, not only did Feng Ruoqing had a cultivation realm breakthrough, her insights in the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique also grew deeper.

Ye Yuan was in a closed-door seclusion these past few days, so she naturally hid in the pill refinement room to practice the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique.

Feng Ruoqing was surprised when she saw Ye Yuan, but Ye Yuan did not give her a chance to speak.

"I want to borrow your refinement room to use. Prepare a few ingredients for me!"

Ye Yuan casually threw Feng Ruoqing a piece of paper and directly entered the pill refinement room like this refinement room belonged to him.

Ye Yuan's words were like issuing an order. Feng Ruoqing was very annoyed at his attitude but surprisingly did not blow her top. That was because she had never seen such a frightening expression on Ye Yuan's face before.

Feng Ruoqing was quick-witted and knew that something must have happened.

"Forget it, forget it. Who asked me to owe him."

Feng Ruoqing let out a faint sigh and really went to prepare the ingredients Ye Yuan needed like a maidservant.

If other people saw the dignified State of Qin's Head Princess does this sort of thing, their jaws would drop due to the shock.

Before long, Feng Ruoqing returned. The ingredients that Ye Yuan required were all ordinary stuff and were not difficult to source. It was naturally easy to obtain with Feng Ruoqing's status.

Except, Feng Ruoqing was very curious about what Ye Yuan was trying to refine.

The ingredients that Ye Yuan needed were not all herbs. There were some other items. Refining medicinal pills out of these ingredients were impossible.

Passing the ingredients over to Ye Yuan, Feng Ruoqing could not resist asking, "There are quite a few that aren't herbs. What are you trying to refine with these ingredients?"

Ye Yuan received the ingredients and answered indifferently, "You don't need to bother. Just watch. Start the fire!"

"You! You're really treating me like a servant?!" Feng Ruoqing could not help losing her temper. This fellow had no respect for anyone!

"If you're not helping, then go to one side. Don't hold me up!" Ye Yuan words grew icier.

Not knowing the reason Feng Ruoqing walked to the Red Lotus Cauldron and helped Ye Yuan open up the earth fire.

Seeing the situation, Ye Yuan did not express anything. Right now, his heart was burning with anxiety. However, he knew that the more impatient he got, the more he had to keep calm and not lose his reason.

The fire started, and Ye Yuan began to refine.

This time around, the refinement was not earthshaking. It was only a very simple-looking refinement method. But Feng Ruoqing had never seen this sort of method before.

Without the process of preparing the herbs nor the process of refining the medicinal essence, Ye Yuan directed the fire to temper the ingredients while looking very relaxed.

After an hour, the result of Ye Yuan refinement appeared. It was a chalk-like item, except that its appearance was grayish-black.

"What's this?" Feng Ruoqing asked curiously again.

"Soul Guiding Incense!"

This time around, Ye Yuan did not reject answering. It was just that when he talked, he let out a long breath. His rising and falling chest showed his current state of agitation.

"Soul Guiding Incense? What's it used for?" Feng Ruoqing had never heard of this thing before and asked inquisitively.

Ye Yuan did not answer but threw the Soul Guiding Incense onto the clothing that he brought along. After that, he waved a hand to draw a wisp of fire. Earth fire had an exceedingly high temperature. Lu-er's clothes were burned into a wisp of green smoke instantly.

However, the miraculous thing was that the green smoke condensed in mid-air and did not dissipate!

The next instant, the green smoke moved, and Ye Yuan moved as well.

"Where are you going?" Feng Ruoqing asked bewilderedly.

But Ye Yuan ignored her and ran out following that strand of green smoke.

Feng Ruoqing bit her lips as she watched. After hesitating for a moment, she also followed.