Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 740

Chapter 740 In The Limelight

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“Nine Swords Stance!”

Ye Yuan gave a light cry. Nine figures suddenly divided. Nine streaks of swordlight merged into one, charging straight for the horizon!

Jun Tianyu was a person extremely arrogant at heart and haughty in manner. Regarding Ye Yuan’s enthusiasm, although he did not say anything verbally, he was still rather disapproving of it in his heart.

But the moment Ye Yuan’s Nine Swords Stance appeared, Jun Tianyu’s countenance suddenly changed.

“Supreme true intent! It’s actually supreme true intent!” Jun Tianyu exclaimed in shock.

But Ye Yuan did not answer. The second move was unleashed!

“Thousand Flowing Petals!”

“Myriad Rain Sword Blades!”

“Rending the Sky!”

Each move he executed, Ye Yuan’s sword intent blossomed a degree more!

When it reached Rending the Sky this style, Ye Yuan’s sword intent was already powerful to an unrivaled degree.

Jun Tianyu’s sword intent was involuntarily spurred on by Ye Yuan.

The sword intent on his body appeared rather disorderly. Under Ye Yuan’s sword intent, his sword intent was actually somewhat going out of control!

One had to know that he was two major cultivation realms higher than Ye Yuan. Such a bizarre thing would actually occur!

By the time Ye Yuan finished displaying the four styles of sword moves, Jun Tianyu had looked at Ye Yuan and smiled bitterly as he said, “Younger Brother Ye, you’ve kept me bitterly in the dark! You and I have been acquainted for so many days, and I actually didn’t know that you were even a Sword Path expert! What made me even more astonished was that you actually even comprehended supreme true intent!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Not that I intentionally hid it. It’s just that I didn’t have the chance to take action these few days. Moreover, even if I comprehended supreme true intent, my cultivation realm is still a little too low when all is said and done.”

Right now, all the people in the city knew that an Alchemy Path genius appeared on Ancient Opulence Street, and even crushed Alchemy Saint He.

But the world did not know that this Alchemy Path genius was also a Martial Path genius at the same time!

A Martial Path genius who comprehended supreme true intent!

Although Ye Yuan’s supreme true intent had yet to be perfected, to a holy land, there were not many people able to comprehend a supreme true intent in total as well.

One should not look at how Jun Tianyu’s strength was formidable and not far from comprehending supreme true intent either. But to really reach the point of comprehending the elementary form of supreme true intent, he still had a very long way to go.

As for reaching perfection, it would probably be his life’s pursuit.

While Ye Yuan’s supreme true intent was clearly not too far away from perfection already!

To such a young martial artist, this was simply an inconceivable thing.

“Younger Brother Ye, you really astound me too greatly! Even for super holy lands’ geniuses, there aren’t many able to comprehend supreme true intent at your age either! If holy lands know that you comprehended Sword Dao to this kind of extent, they will definitely treat you like a treasure,” Jun Tianyu said.

“Huhu, I don’t like to be waited upon by other people nor do I need to be attended to by others as well. Brother Jun, leave this matter aside for the time being. Let’s exchange notes properly on Sword Dao these few days. Hopefully, it can be of assistance to you,” Ye Yuan said.

Jun Tianyu nodded and said, “That will be for the best!”

These few years, although Jun Tianyu delayed some cultivation time because of Liu Yiru’s affairs, the main thing was still that he fell into a bottleneck.

Not everyone could be like Ye Yuan, comprehending true intent by admiring the sight of a blossom shower.

And on this point, no one was able to help Jun Tianyu transcend the bottleneck.

But Ye Yuan was different. His comprehension on Sword Dao was extremely deep and already touched the true meaning of Great Dao.

Him giving pointers to Jun Tianyu frequently let him have a feeling of suddenly being enlightened.

Having an expert to give pointers when at this kind of bottleneck would yield the effect of twice the result with half the effort.

And Ye Yuan did not have the intention of holding back either, talking about his own comprehension towards Sword Dao for Jun Tianyu to hear.

Ye Yuan had a feeling that this trip probably would not go that smoothly. Therefore, the stronger Jun Tianyu’s strength was, the more assurance regarding their safety.

Of course, Ye Yuan did not idle away himself either.

For this trip, Ye Yuan did not stint to employ the chaos gems to slow down the flow of time!

With the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion, Ye Yuan did not lack earth essence crystals for the time being now. All sorts of resources piling up, he broke through his bottleneck very quickly.

Cultivating nearly for six month in the Vast Heaven Pagoda, Ye Yuan broke through two minor boundaries in a row and finally broke through to the Fourth Level Divine Traversing Realm, reaching middle-stage Divine Traversing Realm!

But after reaching middle-stage Divine Traversing Realm, Ye Yuan’s consumption of resources became even scarier.

The 100 thousand merit points earned from He Shuming there was actually expended fully in these six months.

For He Shuming, 100 thousand merit points, it was actually not considered much. But to the Ancient Opulence City’s ordinary martial artists, it was absolutely an astronomical figure.

And Ye Yuan actually only broke through two minor cultivation realms after using finish these 100 thousand merit points.

If he let other martial artists knew, they would definitely let loose a torrent of abuse that he was prodigal.

But Ye Yuan had no choice too. Each time he broke through a minor cultivation realm now, the essence energy required was several times of ordinary martial artists. The medicinal pills expended was naturally sizable too.

Fortunately, the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s business these few days was extremely good. Ye Yuan spent fast, earned even faster.

From the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion opening for business until now, it was merely 10 short days. And in these 10 day’s time, the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion already completed the counteroffensive against the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company, virtually monopolizing the medicinal pill business of all martial artists under Boundless Realm.

There was no other choice; the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s Tier 5 medicinal pills were cheap and good. Only a fool would not come and buy.

And the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s approach squeezed the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company enough for them to choke.

Their discount sale was originally only planning on carrying out for a month. But now, they were forced to continue the discount indefinitely.

Zuo Xin originally thought that a month’s time was sufficient to take down the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion. Who knew that he was squeezed until he had no mood to have a temper now.

Except, even if the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company lowered prices to sell Tier 5 medicinal pills now, the Ancient Opulence City’s martial artists still did not buy it. This reduced the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s profit margin even more.

No advantage in quality, no advantage in price. The Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company fell into a huge predicament all at once, their profits shrinking by a large margin.

In just ten days, the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s profits directly shrunk by 40%!

This kind of situation delighted Qian-er and Li Huisheng greatly.

Being suppressed by the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company for so many years, this turnover battle was fought extremely beautifully!

Although they lost 20% profit because they offended Ye Yuan, they still had a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment now.

The one even happier was Yu Ming. This feeling of sitting at home and counting money was simply too awesome.

Ye Yuan gave Yu Ming 5% shares. Although it was only 5%, he got rich overnight now as well.

The feeling of counting money until one’s hands had cramps was simply too wonderful.

Yu Ming still had a feeling like he was dreaming until now.

But these few days, he also learned many things following behind Li Huisheng.

Ye Yuan handed such an important matter to him. He naturally did not dare to be perfunctory.

Yu Ming was a clever person. He knew that everything today was all given by Ye Yuan.

His emotional investment had already received immense return. But to want to sustain, it required even more hard work.

Ye Yuan lacked a competent helper in the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion, and if he did not perform well, there would naturally be people to come and replace him.

Just as the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s limelight was extremely flourishing, Ying Tianya finally dropped in.