Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 742

Chapter 742 Not Like Some People Only Know How To Brag

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“Alchemy Saint He, didn’t you say leave it to you just now? Is this how you guarantee things?” Ying Tianya said with a grim look.

Earlier, He Shuming raising the price on the spot, Ying Tianya tolerated it in order to go in.

But the result was great. This fellow smacked his own chest so loudly but incurred a body full of stench. It would be weird if Ying Tianya could have a good temper.

He Shuming had an embarrassed look but said unconvincingly, “My method to crack the array was clearly fine. But why was it this kind of situation? Could it be that the way to open the door is not to crack the array?”

The moment Ying Tianya heard, his brows could not help furrowing.

Concerning He Shuming’s ability, he was still aware of it. He shouldn’t be shooting his mouth off. After all, he received injuries himself earlier too.

Playing this kind of games had no benefits to him at all.

Could it be that this was really not the way to enter the ancient grotto?

“Why not, I give it a try?” Ye Yuan suddenly spoke up.

When Ying Tianya heard, he said in slight amazement, “You? Master Ye actually even knows array formations?”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Know a thing or two.”

“Bullshit! I clearly already cracked the array formation just now. These stone stakes are simply used to delude people. Boy, don’t add more to the disarray. Could it be that you still want those things just now to come one more time?” He Shuming interjected.

He Shuming saying these words naturally had his selfish calculations.

On the one hand, he really felt that he already cracked the formation just now, but he did not get the desired outcome.

On the other hand, he was also somewhat afraid of Ye Yuan, afraid that he could really crack the formation.

Through the past two incidents, He Shuming was already very apprehensive towards Ye Yuan. He always felt that Ye Yuan was very freaky. God knows if he really knew array formations or not.

Indeed, once He Shuming said this, Ying Tianya began to hesitate.

Although those arrows earlier were formidable, it was still barely manageable. If a big one came again, they might just have to all perish here.

This ancient grotto was clearly not some friendly land. Otherwise, there also would not be so many mechanisms coming out before even entering the grotto.

But Ye Yuan shot He Shuming an indifferent glance and said, “Cracked the array formation? You really boast shamelessly! Your first step was already wrong and you actually even thought that you cracked the array formation. Ignorant to your kind of level is also considered to have reached a certain realm!”

He Shuming’s expression changed, but he said stubbornly, “Heh, you say wrong, means it’s wrong? Boy, don’t pretend to know when you don’t know! This set of array formation is definitely an ancient array formation. Even if you really know array formations, how can you possibly see through the profundities of the array formation with a single glance?”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Is that so? The first stone stake you pressed down, that’s a trap. This is actually not hard to differentiate. You look closely yourself, and you’ll know.”

The moment He Shuming heard this, his gaze involuntarily looked towards the stone stake once more.

He Shuming scanned for a short while, then his face suddenly revealed an expression of sudden realization. But he reacted very quickly and hurriedly put away his expression.

But it was already too late. Who was Ying Tianya? The changes in the expression on He Shuming’s face was long taken into his sights.

Ying Tianya gave a cold snort, but did not pay attention to He Shuming anymore, and said to Ye Yuan with clasped hands, “Master Ye, I’ll have to trouble you to take action to crack this array formation.”

Ye Yuan nodded slightly and directly entered among the stone stakes with a leap.

Different from He Shuming doing it step by step, Ye Yuan was already very clear regarding this array formation in his heart, so he did not stop the slightest bit at all, pressing down one stone stake by one stone stake right away.

When He Shuming saw Ye Yuan’s actions, his gaze involuntarily sharpened as he smacked his thigh and said, “My word! Why didn’t I think of that! So that’s how it is!”

As he was saying, He Shuming suddenly felt Ying Tianya’s gaze and said with a somber face, “This punk must have watched me crack the formation first before perceiving the deceitful trick in it! City Lord Your Excellency, you mustn’t be deceived by him!”

“Huhu, He Shuming, all the way until today, only now did I know that the word shameless was created specially for you. When you pushed down the first stone stake earlier, Ye Yuan already said that you got it wrong. Which also means that he already cracked this set of array formation long ago. You’re actually still claiming credit for yourself. Truly shameless to the extreme!” The Jun Tianyu who was silent all along suddenly said with a laugh.

He Shuming was just about to rebuke, only to hear a creak. Ye Yuan already pressed the final stone stake down.


The originally bare cliff actually started to fragment at this time, forming the shape of a massive door!

And this large door was currently opening slowly.

This array formation was actually really the key to opening the ancient grotto!

“Hahaha! Master Ye is indeed impressive! Not like some people, only know how to brag!”

Ying Tianya was also filled with displeasure towards He Shuming right now. It was just that he might still need him to take action at the back, that he did not fall out.

Thinking back now, He Shuming was clearly that sort with superficial knowledge. Boasted to the skies, but could not do it at all, and even extorted a price right away.

Ye Yuan, in contrast, he was already crystal clear about the array formation made up of these stone stakes long ago, but he did not mention a word about remuneration.

With this contrast, the two party’s disparity was too huge.

This He Shuming clearly hung around inside the trading company for a long time, his body exuding the stink of profit-seeking mentality all over, turning people off.

He Shuming had a gloomy expression and did not say a single word by the side. But he hated Ye Yuan even more bitterly to the core.

“Inside this ancient grotto, if there’s a chance, you must kill this boy!” He Shuming transmitted to his companion.

“Okay!” responded his companion, a Heaven Enlightenment Realm expert.

“Since the entrance of this ancient grotto is already opened, the matter brooks no delay. Let’s hurry in!”

Ying Tianya was clearly eager to rescue and about to move inside immediately.

“Wait a minute!” Ye Yuan said in a low voice.

“En? Master Ye, is there anything wrong?” Ying Tianya said curiously.

“Someone is lying in wait at the side!” Ye Yuan said.

Ying Tianya was startled inwardly and could not help looking around. They had already been here for a period of time, and he actually did not discover that there were people lying in wait at the side!

“Hahaha, Ying Tianya, you came to my territory, but why didn’t you let me know? Everyone is familiar with each other. You got to at least let me perform the duties of a host, no?”

The moment the voice rang out, over a dozen figures leaped up, surrounding Ying Tianya’s group in the center.

When Ying Tianya saw the arrival, his expression involuntarily darkened. “Pei Wenqiang, what’s the meaning of this?”

Pei Wenqiang looked at Ying Tianya with an amused look and said smilingly, “Ying Tianya, these words, I should be the one asking you, right? You came to my territory to conduct illegal activities. As Clear Reed City’s City Lord, shouldn’t I investigate a bit?”

Ying Tianya said with a cold sneer, “Heh, investigate? You guys hide at the side furtively. You probably don’t have good intentions, right?”

Pei Wenqiang laughed loudly when he heard that and said, “Haha … If not for you leading the way, this City Lord would really not know that there was still such a secret grotto in my own domain! Furthermore, you all even opened the front door for this seat already. Really thanks a lot!”

Pei Wenqiang suddenly looked at Ye Yuan and said, “A Divine Traversing Realm brat who’s not only able crack an array formation that even a Tier 7 array master couldn’t crack, he’s even able to discover us, these people who ate Breath Concealing Pills. Truly quite capable!”