Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 743

Chapter 743 Soliciting

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“Initially, I couldn’t discover you people either. But the moment I cracked the array, someone amongst you guys became emotionally agitated, giving a trace of yourselves away,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

The Breath Concealing Pill was not considered a very ingenious medicinal pill in the Divine Realm. But it was a very practical medicinal pill. It was a very decent medicinal pill to use for lying low and tracking.

It was just that the flaw of the Breath Concealing Pill was as obvious as its application, that was that the breath could not have the slightest trace of undulation. Otherwise, one would be exposed.

That instant Ye Yuan cracked the formation just now, when the ancient grotto opened up, there was clearly someone who was overly surprised when seeing this scene, resulting in revealing a trace of a flaw.

But even so, that hint of a flaw was definitely extremely minute. Otherwise, it was also not possible that even Ying Tianya and Jun Tianyu, this kind of powerhouses, did not discover it.

Yet, this tiny trace of flaw was captured by Ye Yuan.

Pei Wenqiang glared fiercely at the group of people behind, clearly very discontented by them making this sort of low-level mistake.

The people Pei Wenqiang brought over were much stronger compared to Ying Tianya’s group of people. Just the Heaven Enlightenment Realm powerhouses were as many as seven to eight.

In terms of strength, they absolutely overpowered Ye Yuan’s side.

Therefore, even if exposed, he had nothing to fear too.

Pei Wenqiang sized Ye Yuan up and suddenly said with a smile, “Boy, from just now, I’ve constantly been observing you. When that idiot triggered the arrows, I even thought that you were dead for sure. But I didn’t expect that those arrows didn’t even touch the fine hair on your body! Later, you cracked the array formation and even detected our existence. Truly remarkable! Boy, come and work for me, how about that? What Ying Tianya can give you, I’ll double it! No, I’ll give you triple!”

Ying Tianya could not help being startled inwardly when he heard that. He did not expect that Pei Wenqiang would actually snatch away his people right in front of him!

And he also did not notice that Ye Yuan actually relied on his own ability to withstand the arrows earlier and even thought that it was Jun Tianyu assisting by the side.

The might of those arrows earlier was absolutely not what a Divine Traversing Realm could withstand.

But Pei Wenqiang said that those arrows did not even touch the corners of Ye Yuan’s sleeves!

Without any doubt, apart from pill refining, Ye Yuan still had many abilities that he did not know of. And these abilities were very likely to have an impact on the success or failure of this trip!

The price which Pei Wenqiang gave, anyone would be moved.

He did not have much restricting relationship with Ye Yuan at all. If Ye Yuan really threw his lot in with the other party, then his losses would be huge.

“Ye Yuan, Pei Wenqiang this guy …”

Ying Tianya was just about to speak but was stopped by Ye Yuan with a hand gesture.

“City Lord Pei, I’m grateful that you think highly of me. Joining your side is no issue.”

Hearing these words, Ying Tianya’s expression became ugly to the extreme, while Pei Wenqiang had a delighted look.

But right at this time, Ye Yuan suddenly switched his tune, “But it will have to wait until after this trip wraps up.”

Pei Wenqiang’s expression darkened, and he said, “Are you messing with me?”

Ye Yuan said with an innocent face, “How can this be called messing with you? This Ye has my own principles when doing things. I’ve already promised City Lord Ying for this trip, and I naturally have to do what was entrusted to me. After this trip is over, there naturally won’t be any binding relationship between him and me too. At that time, wouldn’t joining Clear Reed City satisfy both sides?”

Pei Wenqiang said with a cold sneer, “Brat, looks like you still haven’t figured out the current situation!”

Ye Yuan laughed and said, “I’m very clear about the current situation! You want to kill us, of course, it can be done. But you at least have to pay the price of five to six people dying! If my conjectures are right, these few people should be the majority of the elites under you, right? If they all die, what right will you have to explore this ancient grotto? Of course, you can also report the situation here to the holy land and let the holy land send people to come and explore. But what has that got to do with you, City Lord Manor Pei?”

Pei Wenqiang laughed coldly and said, “Five to six people? You’re thinking too highly of Ying Tianya, no? He’s my vanquished foe!”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “Who I’m talking about is naturally not City Lord Ying. Brother Jun is very famous in Ancient Opulence City. He once exterminated an Ancient Opulence City’s major aristocratic family by himself. Dealing with three to four people shouldn’t be an issue, right?”

Pei Wenqiang’s expression changed as he said, “You’re that Jun Tianyu!”

Jun Tianyu said indifferently, “It’s precisely this Jun!”

Ye Yuan was somewhat surprised though. He did not expect that Jun Tianyu’s reputation was actually so great. Even Pei Wenqiang actually knew about him.

Ying Tianya perceived Ye Yuan’s doubt and explained, “The holy land solicited Jun Tianyu before but was rejected by him. Jun Tianyu is someone likely to comprehend a supreme true intent. The holy land naturally values him greatly.”

Only then did Ye Yuan come to a realization. Turns out that Jun Tianyu was an outstanding talent grazing in the wild.

Ordinary people getting a holy land’s solicitation would definitely join without any hesitation.

After all, the resources in a holy land were far from what a small city like Ancient Opulence City could compare to.

But Jun Tianyu was an exception. He rejected the holy land’s invitation without any hesitation.

“Brother Jun’s decision is correct! Going to the holy land will only bury his talent. People who practice the sword devotes particular attention on freedom and being themselves. Where the person is going, the sword is headed. Although the resources of a holy land are generous, it will also restrain a martial artist’s body and mind, restricting his comprehension towards Sword Dao from there. Since time immemorial, all the people who had supreme accomplishments in Sword Dao were mostly factionless,” Ye Yuan evaluated.

Jun Tianyu smiled when he heard that and said, “My parents gave birth to me, but Ye Yuan alone understands me! Hahaha!”

His actions were even denounced by many people back then. He did not expect that many years later, he would be fervently supported by Ye Yuan, making him have a feeling of sharing the same views and path.

Moreover, Jun Tianyu knew that Ye Yuan’s comprehension in Sword Dao flung him several streets behind. Saying this sort of words naturally had the greatest right to speak.

This also proved that his choice back then was correct!

Except that although he knew Ye Yuan’s master of the Sword Dao, the others did not.

“Humph! A Divine Traversing Realm boy babbling about Sword Dao. Truly don’t know what you’re talking about! Fine, consider it your win! However … you guys all walk in front for me!” Pei Wenqiang said somberly.

He also did not expect that Ying Tianya actually brought Jun Tianyu here. This indeed made it rather troublesome for him.

Therefore, Pei Wenqiang changed his mind at the last minute and decided to explore this ancient grotto together with Ying Tianya’s party.

Finding these guys to be cannon fodders seemed to be a pretty good choice too.

“You! Pei Wenqiang, don’t go too overboard! On what basis should we scout the path for you?” Ying Tianya said furiously.

“Hehe, based on that my strength is greater than yours! If you feel discontented, feel free to clash with me!” Pei Wenqiang said with a smug look.

Even if Jun Tianyu was here, their side’s strength was still absolutely powerful.

Eight Heaven Enlightenment Realm powerhouses. This was absolutely a rather terrifying force.

Ye Yuan gave Ying Tianya a signal with his eyes and said, “Fine then, you’re ruthless. We’ll take the lead then.”

Just like this, a group of people entered one by one into the ancient grotto.

After their figures vanished in the cave, rumbling sounds came from behind. The precipice actually changed, returning to its appearance before they cracked the formation array.

Seeing this sort of situation, Pei Wenqiang’s expression changed.

“Hehe, looks like the way out is already cut off. We can only advance forward,” Ying Tianya said with a cold smile.