Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 744

Chapter 744 Lotus Platform

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After entering the ancient grotto, there was a stretch of open area before their eyes. But very soon, someone discovered something amiss.

“En? Inside this grotto seems to have formed a universe of its own. I’m actually unable to fly!”

Everyone was alarmed inwardly when they heard that. Maneuvering essence energy a little, they discovered that they were indeed unable to fly!

“This grotto is indeed extremely bizarre. No wonder with Junior Apprentice Brother’s strength, he got trapped here too!” Ying Tianya said with furrowed brows.

“En? Junior Apprentice Brother? You’re talking about … Xu Yan?” Pei Wenqiang appeared rather surprised.

Ying Tianya nodded and said, “Junior Apprentice Brother unintentionally discovered this grotto, but he did not expect to get trapped here. I only knew about here after I received his transmission.”

Pei Wenqiang said in astonishment when he heard that, “Xu Yan’s abilities are above yours and mine. Even he got trapped here …”

Hearing the two people’s conversation, everyone’s hearts tightened too. Looks like this grotto was not some easy to get along place.

Just how strong the strength of the Xu Yan from their mouths was, nobody knew. But it could be confirmed that he was stronger than these two mighty city lords!

Even that Xu Yan got trapped here. How the result of this trip would be was not easy to say.

But He Shuming’s expression changed and he said, “City Lord Ying, you didn’t say that your junior’s strength is even more powerful than yours!”

Actually, this was the idea of whoever entered first was the master. Although situations of juniors being stronger than seniors were common, under the vast majority of circumstances, the seniors’ strength were all stronger than the juniors.

When He Shuming heard that Ying Tianya’s junior got trapped in the ancient grotto but had not died yet, he instinctively felt that this trip’s danger was not high.

Otherwise, it was absolutely impossible for him to agree to come here.

Ying Tianya said coolly, “I didn’t say, you didn’t ask either, no?’

“You!” He Shuming choked up right away.

Pei Wenqiang’s eyes swiveled around, and he said with a smile, “Ying Tianya, this is your fault! Breaking into such a dangerous place, you got to at least make clear the relation of interest and harm with your companions. This current sort of situation, aren’t you clearly cheating people?”

“Pei Wenqiang, can you be any more shameless?” Ying Tianya said with a cold snort.

This sort of sowing dissension method was indeed overly obvious. He Shuming was not a fool either. How could he possibly not tell?

But one had to acknowledge that Pei Wenqiang’s words had indeed struck the bottom of his heart.

Moreover, now that the story played out like this, how could He Shuming not perceive that Ying Tianya deliberately concealed the danger level of this trip? He was afraid that he and Ye Yuan would not be willing to come, so he did not state clearly.

Though the method was a little coarse and shallow, the effects were excellent.

Actually, Pei Wenqiang was not concerned with He Shuming’s mood. He secretly scanned Ye Yuan’s expression, but the result made him very disappointed.

Ye Yuan’s expression was very calm all the way, as if he did not hear it. It was also uncertain what he was thinking about.

“Alright, alright, everyone says a few words less. The way out is already cut off now, saying anything is also late already. Everybody better advance ahead and explore. If there’s anything, exiting this grotto then talk about it isn’t late either.” Luo Fang immediately stepped forward to smooth things over when he saw that the situation was not good.

This current sort of situation, everyone did not have other alternatives either, and could only continue advancing forward.

Before long, a large river blocked in front of everybody.

“This … We’re all unable to fly. This large river has no bridge too. How should we cross?”

This large river was bare on the surface and did not even have a bridge. Everyone was immediately stunned.

Right now, everyone was all unable to fly. Could it be that they all had to wade through the river?

Ye Yuan’s gaze flashed briefly, and he casually tore off a corner of his sleeves and threw it in the water.

The silk quality of his clothes was very soft and very light. But the moment it fell into the water, it actually vanished right away, sinking to the bottom of the water!

He Shuming could not help exclaiming in shock when he saw the situation. “Weak Water! This is definitely Weak Water! 800 miles of quicksand world, three thousand Weak Water deep. Goose feather unable to float, reed catkins sink to the bottom!” 1

With He Shuming crying out, everyone’s countenance changed abruptly.

“Rumor goes that Weak Water stems from the lands of extreme west. Why would it appear here?”

“Legends has it that Weak Water is untraversable. What should we do now?”

Everyone exchanged glances and were actually at a loss on what to do for some time.

Pei Wenqiang mused for a moment, but his gaze landed on Ye Yuan and asked, “Boy, you’re able to discover the peculiarities of it. You must have a way to cross it, right?”

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “You Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists are all helpless. What measures do I, this Divine Traversing Realm rookie, have?”

Pei Wenqiang looked at Ye Yuan with scorching eyes and then said with a cold smile, “If you have no methods, then you’re useless already. Why not I throw you down the river right away?”

He turned his head to look at Jun Tianyu and said, “Don’t glare at me with that sort of gaze. No matter how powerful your individual strength is, it’s also impossible to be our match! Moreover, even if you really make a move, you’re probably not my match either.”

Pei Wenqiang had long seen through that Ying Tianya’s side was divided into three factions. Ying Tianya’s own faction, He Shuming’s faction, and Ye Yuan’s faction.

Ying Tianya’s side’s overall strength was the greatest. Rather, it was Ye Yuan’s side who only had Jun Tianyu alone; easier to knead.

“Humph! Do you really take this Ying as someone who only knows how to eat rice and does nothing?” Ying Tianya said.

Pei Wenqiang laughed and said, “That Alchemy Saint clearly doesn’t trust you anymore. Making a move now, you’ll have even less of a chance of victory, no? Therefore, you’d best keep your mouth shut!”

“You!” Ying Tianya was choked badly by this.

But his gaze looked towards He Shuming there and discovered that He Shuming seemed to really not have the intention of intervening.

Very clearly, that side had already completely broken away from this side!

If they really fought, he might even stand on Pei Wenqiang’s side!

Pei Wenqiang turned to Ye Yuan again and said smilingly, “How is it? Thought it through yet? Ying Tianya duping you over here clearly have no good intentions. Could it be that you’re still going to work for him?”

Ye Yuan shot Pei Wenqiang a glance and said, “The path is under your feet. It’s just that you can’t see it.”

“En? What does that mean?” As he was talking, Pei Wenqiang could not resist lowering his head and saw that he just happened to be stepping on a diagram of a lotus platform under his feet.

“Try using strength to step on it.” Ye Yuan said.

Pei Wenqiang was just about to stamp down, but he changed his mind at the last minute and said to Ye Yuan, “You step it!”

Jun Tianyu’s expression changed when he heard that and said, “Better let me!”

Ye Yuan stopped him with a hand gesture but stomped down with one foot.


The next instant, a scene which left everyone dumbfounded happened.

On that large Weak Water river, one lotus platforms after another actually appeared! The positions of these lotus platforms were all very disorderly, but between each one was roughly one step’s distance.

These lotus platforms suspended on top of the Weak Water, leading straight to the opposite shore.

“This … just who was this grotto owned by? To actually have such mystical means! With these lotus platforms, we can reach the opposite bank!”

A boundless realm martial artist was incomparably agitated and raised his foot, wanting to go and test if these lotus platforms were solid or not.

“Don’t step on it!” Ye Yuan cried out, but it was already too late.

That boundless realm martial artist actually trod on emptiness and fell into the large river with a splash!