Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 745

Chapter 745 Lotus Blooming At Every Step

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That Boundless Realm martial artist did not even get to cry out and was engulfed straight away by the Weak Water.

Everyone was all alarmed when they saw this scene.

Pei Wenqiang gritted his teeth and said, “Punk, are you messing with me? These lotus platforms are not for use to cross the river at all!”

Ye Yuan said helplessly, “Your subordinate was also too impatient. I even yelled out for him to not take on it, but he just wanted to do it. What could I do?”

“You!” Pei Wenqiang could not help feeling stifled.

Everyone all heard clearly just now that Ye Yuan indeed yelled out. It was just that the shout was ‘slightly late,’ that was all.

Ye Yuan’s timing was grasped beautifully. Even Pei Wenqiang could not say anything as well.

“Punk, don’t play games with me. Otherwise, I’ll throw you down immediately!” Pei Wenqiang threatened.

“Go ahead and throw. I want to see just how you cross the river! Don’t blame me for not warning you, these lotus platforms are real and illusory. One wrong step and you’ll fall into the Weak Water!” Ye Yuan said.

“What do you mean?” Pei Wenqiang said grimly.

“These lotus platforms are indeed objects for crossing the river. It’s just that each lotus platform was refined and formed through special methods. An array formation is inscribed on top of each one. And these lotus platforms together make up another large-scale array formation. If one doesn’t know the way to clear the hurdle, they will be like that subordinate of yours, treading onto nothing and falling into the river!” Ye Yuan explained.

Everyone drew a cold breath when they heard. They did not expect that there were actually still such mystical objects.

Looks like the means of ancient martial artists were truly not what could be compared to presently!

“Which is also to say that apart from Ye Yuan, you, there is no one able to cross this river?” Ying Tianya said.

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “I didn’t say that. Isn’t there still an array master here? Maybe he has ways?”

Everyone could not help looking over towards He Shuming. He Shuming’s face felt as if ti was burning-hot. He naturally also perceived that these lotus platforms were formed from array formations. But to talk about being able to cross these lotus platforms, he did not have any confidence at all.

“Enough crap! Start crossing the river now! You go on the lotus platform first!” Pei Wenqiang said with an impatient face.

“Fine, fine, fine. Your fist is big, whatever you say goes!” Ye Yuan walked in front of the first row of lotus platforms with a helpless look.

Everyone all held their breaths, waiting for Ye Yuan to take the first step!

Actually, the people on Pei Wenqiang’s side and He Shuming all hoped for Ye Yuan to fall right down. But they were also worried that after Ye Yuan dropped down, they would really have no way of crossing the river. Then there was only waiting to die here.

Ye Yuan did not walk onto the lotus platform right away, but slowly shut his eyes, his entire person entering a state of emptiness.

In an instant, the positions of all of the lotus platforms were all imprinted inside Ye Yuan’s mind!

“Heart Like Monolith! Terrific, boy! I really don’t know how you, this brat, cultivate. To actually be so monstrous!”

The knowledge and experience of the Divine Realm’s people were far from comparable to the Lower Realms. The moment Ye Yuan entered Heart Like Monolith heart realm, it was discovered by Pei Wenqiang.

Of course, the ones shocked were not only Pei Wenqiang. There was even Ying Tianya and Jun Tianyu.

Pei Wenqiang did not know, but the two of them knew that Ye Yuan ascended from the Lower Realms.

A Lower Realms martial artist was actually able to comprehend Heart Like Monolith. This was simply something inconceivable.

Especially Jun Tianyu, he discovered that the more time he spent with Ye Yuan, the less his understanding of Ye Yuan was instead.

Suddenly, Ye Yuan opened his eyes at this time and slowly lifted his right foot, stepping onto a lotus platform in front!

The other martial artists were all nearly suffocating. They very much wanted to see what kind of outcome Ye Yuan’s feet stepping down would be.

Ye Yuan’s right foot slowly landed and finally stepped onto the lotus platform.

Tread down solidly!

With this, everyone’s suspended hearts finally eased up!

“Excellent! Turns out that these platforms really can cross the river!” someone said excitedly.

However, when Ye Yuan placed his other foot onto the lotus platform too, a scene which made them stare with their mouths agape happened!

Apart from that lotus platform Ye Yuan stood on, all of the lotus platforms vanished without a trace!

“This … What’s going on here? Where are those lotus platforms? Only one lotus platform, how to cross the river?” Pei Wenqiang said as his expression changed.

Ye Yuan did not speak, but turned right and tread out a foot directly!

Ye Yuan’s feet landed right onto a lotus platform without deviation, while that lotus platform he stood on previously likewise vanished from sight.

“This … how can it be like this?”

The hearts of the martial artists which had just eased up tightened up once again.

Only when there were people on the lotus platform, would it manifest itself. When there was no one, the lotus platforms would not appear!

Which was also to say that if one did not remember the positions of the lotus platforms, it was very likely to step onto nothing and drop down!

The lotus platforms were not large; just nice able to put down both feet.

If it was like this, then it could only be one after another. Furthermore, there must not be any bit of error at all! Even if one stepped wrongly by half a foot, it was the possibility of falling down too!

Like this, it was easier for those at the front to not make mistakes. But the people behind, who could guarantee not making errors at all, stepping exactly onto the footprints of that person before?

Moreover, the further they walked, everyone’s footsteps would more or less have some minute deviations. The likelihood of falling down was greater too!

This way, who walked at the front was very important!

Pei Wenqiang stood on the position Ye Yuan was standing at before with a leap without any words; not the slightest bit off.

“Clear Reed City’s martial artists, all follow me closely! Don’t step wrongly! Heaven Enlightenment Realms in front, Boundless Realms behind! One after another, look closely under other people’s feet!” Pei Wenqiang said.

“Humph! What right do your Clear Reed City’s people have to go first? Going on these lotus platforms, who cares about who? At most, fight it out to the death!” Ying Tianya said with a cold snort.

“You! Fine, you go first! Our two sides go one by one. You have no objections now, right?”

Under this sort of circumstances, Pei Wenqiang had no choice but to compromise too.

If they were to fight on these lotus platforms, all of them were doomed!

Jun Tianyu did not speak at all by the side. Suddenly, he received Ye Yuan’s transmission in his sea of consciousness, saying, “Brother Jun, this is the lotus platforms’ distribution diagram. You memorize the positions well. Make sure not to step wrongly!”

The voice had yet to fade when inside his sea of consciousness actually had an additional diagram. It was precisely that the distribution diagram of those lotus platforms previously.

Jun Tianyu was astonished inwardly. He did not think that Ye Yuan was actually able to portray such a distribution diagram with the power of the divine soul. It was truly fantastical.

“Okay, I’ve memorized it,” Jun Tianyu replied.

“Aren’t you guys moving yet? I’m leaving first!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan took a step out right away, stepping onto a lotus platform once more.

“Punk, you’re ballsy!” Pei Wenqiang roared, but his feet did not dare to remain, hastily catching up.

Ye Yuan’s footsteps did not stop at all but became increasingly faster instead.

He knew the distribution situation of the lotus platforms like the palm of his hand. The places he stepped was also not the slightest bit off.

Pei Wenqiang followed step by step behind and did not have the time to think about other things at all. His pair of eyes glued tightly at Ye Yuan’s legs, not daring to make any mistake at all!