Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 746

Chapter 746 Sink Into The Water

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“Everybody, keep up. Make sure not to step wrongly!”

Everyone was not allowed to think too much either. The martial artists at the back all kept in pace one after another.

Of course, the Boundless Realms could only stare blankly and did not dare to go up at all.

This place had a bunch of Heaven Enlightenment Realm powerhouses. Wasn’t snatching with them courting death?

Jun Tianyu did not have the intention of moving, while He Shuming and his companion followed after the Clear Reed City’s martial artists.

Only after they all went up did Jun Tianyu take his time to step onto the lotus platform.

Only after, was it those Boundless Realm martial artists.

These Boundless Realm martial artists’ strength were meager but benefited from Jun Tianyu inadvertently.

While at this time, Ye Yuan’s steps were getting faster and faster. Towards the back, he actually used one foot to step onto the lotus platforms.

Even if Pei Wenqiang’s strength was exceedingly great, his forehead was also matted with sweat beads.

All the nerves in his body were tightly wound up, fearful of making a hint of mistake. If he missed a step, that was no joke.

He did not have Ye Yuan’s Heart Like Monolith powerful heart realm and was unable to accurately determine the positions of each lotus platform.

There were around 10 thousand lotus platforms on the river. Wanting to not make any errors at all along the way was very difficult.

Some areas still had to be advanced in a roundabout way and not advance forward all the way.

Ye Yuan could even be face-to-face with the people behind sometimes. It was just that those people were all glued to the feet of the person in front and did not have the energy to go and care about him at all.

Because Ye Yuan’s speed increase was very sudden, apart from Pei Wenqiang and Ying Tianya, the others were half a beat slower.

This also made a cut off form between them, and not one following the other.

When it was just starting, the other martial artists were still able to barely not make mistakes. But towards the back, there was gradually someone unable to sustain anymore!


A tragic cry. Finally, someone missed a step and fell into the surging river water and was instantly drowned.

This tragic cry was extremely ear-piercing, startling everyone. The martial artists behind that person all stopped their footsteps and actually did not dare to move anymore.

The martial artists at the back were covered in sweat and actually did not know where to step!

In contrast, Ye Yuan bloomed lotuses with each step, akin to strolling idly in a courtyard; leisurely and unhurriedly.

Before long, Ye Yuan leaped and actually arrived at the opposite shore already.

While at this time, Pei Wenqiang already fell behind him quite a few lotus platforms.

But Pei Wenqiang never took his eyes off of Ye Yuan’s footsteps all along and already memorized the positions of these few lotus platforms.

“You’re courting death, Ye Yuan!”

Pei Wenqiang landed, the suppressed fury in his heart very much wanting to erupt out.

This Ye Yuan was clearly walking so fast intentionally, so as to make those people behind all unable to keep up; truly malicious!

Ye Yuan said with a faint smile, “With so many of your subordinates to be buried with me, it isn’t a bad choice either.”

Pei Wenqiang’s face turned black, and he could not help turning around to look at river surface. This shock was by no means trivial.

Apart from the three of them, everyone all stopped at the center of the large river!

The person in the lead was precisely his subordinate. That person stood on a lotus platform vacantly. How was there any demeanor of a Heaven Enlightenment Realm expert at this time? He was totally a helpless child.

“C-City Lord, s-save me!” cried out that martial artist.

Pei Wenqiang looked at Ye Yuan with a grim face and said through gnashed teeth, “You’re very good! Looks like you really don’t know how the word death is written!”

Ye Yuan supported his forehead with his hand and said, “Oh no, I’m the most scared of others intimidating me. Once I’m frightened, I’ll become forgetful. Which step is he supposed to take next?”

Pei Wenqiang gnashed his teeth in anger but was completely helpless. He had his eyes fixed onto Ye Yuan’s footsteps all along just now and did not remember how the whole route should be walked at all.

Which was also to say that only Ye Yuan had the ability to bring his subordinates over to this side now.

But Ying Tianya at the sides did not make a sound. He knew that Ye Yuan doing that just now was not just in order to deal with Pei Wenqiang. There was even the intention of warning him in it.

Concealing the risk of this ancient grotto, although Ye Yuan did not say, it did not mean that he had no complaints at all.

Ye Yuan was trying to warn him through this incident that without him, Ye Yuan, forget about rescuing Xu Yan from here.

In all honesty, even Ying Tianya himself also did not expect that he would actually have to rely on Ye Yuan everywhere after entering the ancient grotto.

While they all, these Heaven Enlightenment Realm experts, actually became completely useless and could only accept Ye Yuan’s arrangements passively.

Outside the grotto was like so, after entering the grotto was similarly like that.

Pei Wenqiang’s expression was incomparably ugly. But he still compromised in the end.

“Shoot away, what terms do you have!”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Now this is the attitude of negotiating! Uh … My condition is very simple. Each person, 100 thousand earth essence crystals!”

Ye Yuan’s cultivation currently consumed earth essence crystals too fiercely. Catching a large fish now, how could he not butcher properly?

Receiving money according to the number of people, this was Ye Yuan’s specialty. Back then at the Grand Yan True Sect’s ruins, he extorted the Heavenly Sky Sect just like this.

Speaking of which, apart from earth essence crystals, it seemed like other things were not very useful to him either.

Pei Wenqiang’s two eyes went wide. “One person 100 thousand. Why don’t you go and rob us?”

“150 thousand!” Ye Yuan did not give him the chance to bargain at all, adding 50 thousand right away.

Pei Wenqiang could not help choking up. This punk was too capable of profiting from other people’s misfortune.

Currently, he was fish on somebody’s chopping board. Pei Wenqiang could not do anything to him either!

“There are 500 thousand earth essence crystals. The remainder, wait until after they all cross over safely, then give you!” Pei Wenqiang threw Ye Yuan a storage ring and said solemnly.

Ye Yuan was not courteous either, putting away the storage ring straight away. Then he yelled to that martial artist in the center of the river, “One foot left!”

That martial artist was still hesitating when he heard Ye Yuan’s words. But Pei Wenqiang yelled at the top of his voice, “Follow his instructions and walk!”

That martial artist did not hesitate anymore, advancing a foot’s distance immediately. Indeed, there was a lotus platform which appeared under his feet.

“Two feet left!”

“One and a half foot forward!”

The distance between each lotus platform was different. Ye Yuan was able to understand the mysteries of the array formation in such a short while and memorize the positions of 10 thousand lotus platforms. How powerful a divine soul did this require?!

Previously, Pei Wenqiang kept walking with Ye Yuan and did not think that much. Now, only when listening to Ye Yuan directing his subordinates did he realise how monstrous Ye Yuan was.

“One foot right!”


A tragic scream. That Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artist at the front fell into the river immediately.

Pity that he was quaking with fear on the lotus platforms for so long. In the end, he still fell down.

“Ye Yuan, what’s the meaning of this?”

Pei Wenqiang’s chest was about to explode from anger. To say that this was not intentional by Ye Yuan, he would not believe even if he was beaten to death either.

“Oh my, really sorry about that. Should be one and a half foot right. I remembered wrongly, remembered wrongly! This earth essence crystals not being the right amount, I’ll remember wrongly when I’m careless. Really sorry about it. Too bad, 150 thousand earth essence crystals hit the waters just like this. Sigh!”

Ye Yuan’s look of regret made Pei Wenqiang have an impulse to vomit blood.

A Heaven Enlightenment Realm was actually used to hit the waters by him just like this!

This guy was simply detestable to the extreme!