Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 747

Chapter 747 Who Else Dares To Touch My Brother

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“Consider yourself ruthless!”

Pei Wenqiang gnashed his teeth in hatred, but he seriously could not get angry.

He retrieved another storage ring and threw it to Ye Yuan, saying, “If any more slip-ups occur, even if they can’t cross, I’m going to exterminate you too!”

Ye Yuan kept the storage ring and said with a smile, “Haha, with earth essence crystals, everything is open for discussion!”

What followed was very simple.

With Ye Yuan’s guidance, the other martial artists all reached the opposite bank smoothly.

It was just that crossing a river, Pei Wenqiang’s side lost two Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists all at once. Both side’s strength was evened out considerably all of a sudden.

That instant when the Clear Reed City’s martial artists all landed, Pei Wenqiang suddenly erupted!

“Go to hell, punk!”

But right at the same time, Ying Tianya moved too!


The two people directly clashed together with a palm, then fell into battle.

“Luo Fang, protect Ye Yuan!” Ying Tianya did not forget to instruct Luo Fang.

“Yes!” Luo Fang received the order.

Eight people, two died. Apart from Pei Wenqiang, Clear Reed City was only left with five Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists.

“The five of you attack together! Kill Ye Yuan!” Pei Wenqiang likewise instructed loudly.

Luo Fang’s expression changed. It was completely impossible for him to deal with five.

Those five Heaven Enlightenment Realm powerhouses already charged over with their weapons at the ready. But right then, a surge of sword intent shot up to the skies, surging straight for those five Heaven Enlightenment Realm powerhouses.

Jun Tianyu’s might was displayed fully beyond all doubt at this instant!

He faced four Heaven Enlightenment Realm powerhouses alone and did not fall into a disadvantage the least bit!

These four people were all elites brought over by Pei Wenqiang. Each person’s strength was not beneath Luo Fang’s.

Jun Tianyu fought four by himself and actually even took the upper-hand firmly.

Seeing this scene, the Pei Wenqiang who was currently battling Ying Tianya furrowed his brows and yelled out to He Shuming, “Brother He, what are you still waiting for? Isn’t that brat your sworn enemy? Not making a move at this time, when are you going to wait until?”

When He Shuming saw this scene, the expression on his face became complicated.

Originally, he had the mentality of sitting on top of the mountain to watch the tigers fight. Being spurred by Pei Wenqiang at this time, ripples immediately surfaced in his heart.

To talk about killing Ye Yuan, he was a hundred times willing. But under such circumstances, once he took action, he would completely break away from Ying Tianya.

In Ancient Opulence City, falling out with the city lord was clearly not some wise move.

After all, he was not alone by himself. Behind He Shuming was the entire Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company.

But Ye Yuan’s Fragrant Medicine Pavilion had already caused a serious threat to the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company now. Killing him could sever all future troubles!

“He Shuming, if you dare to make a move, the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company can forget about surviving in Ancient Opulence City in the future!” Ying Tianya shouted.

“Hehe, so, it’s a member of the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company! Brother He, feel free to make a move! If the Ancient Opulence City won’t put up with you, you can come to my Clear Reed City!” Pei Wenqiang said.

“Tan Wu, do it! Kill Ye Yuan!” He Shuming finally made up his mind and said solemnly.

That Tan Wu was sent by the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company to protect He Shuming. He would listen to all He Shuming’s orders.

He Shuming issuing the order at this time, he naturally carried it out without any hesitation.

Killing a Divine Traversing Realm did not pose any difficulty for Tan Wu at all. But he still attacked without holding anything back!

But right then, Ye Yuan moved!

It was only to see Ye Yuan’s figure lifted off from the ground and actually flew into midair.

But facing a Heaven Enlightenment Realm powerhouse, Ye Yuan did not dare to be the slightest bit careless either. He flew right above the large river, not giving Tan Wu a shred of chance to attack at all.

Seeing this scene, He Shuming’s expression changed. “Divine soul mystic art! Sword driving flight!”

Everyone looked over, only to see Ye Yuan’s two feet stepping on Xuanying Sword, suspended above the large river, truly incomparably free and easy.

In this ancient grotto, the others were all unable to fly. Who knew that a Divine Traversing Realm boy was actually able to steer a sword and fly through a divine soul mystic art? This was something that no one expected.

Back then when Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm was very low, he could already display the Sword Driving Technique with a divine soul mystic art.

Now that he rose several major cultivation realms, his divine soul was more than a hundred times more powerful. Displaying this skill of driving the sword and flying was naturally easily accomplished.

And right at this time, Jun Tianyu cried out lightly, “Sword Sweeping All Directions!”

Violent sword intent surged forth wantonly, directly attacking the four Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists surrounding him.

Those four people, their strengths were not weak. But upon being assaulted by this surge of sword intent, they were still lashed flying out backward, each and every one of their qi and blood in turmoil.

While Jun Tianyu seized this opportunity to turn around suddenly and charged straight for Tan Wu!

How could Tan Wu be placed in the same category as Jun Tianyu’s strength?

Previously, it was just that everyone was exercising restraint all the way, so Jun Tianyu did not make a move all along.

Seeing He Shuming dropping a rock down the well at this time, his killing intent surged forth and could no longer be concealed!

To be able to let Jun Tianyu truly get angry, apart from Liu Yiru, there was probably only Ye Yuan.


Jun Tianyu was truly enraged at this time and did not have the intention of holding back in the slightest.

Tan Wu sensed that sword intent which blotted out the skies and covered the earth and knew that there was no way he would be spared. Clenching his teeth, he said, “Want to kill me, you have to pay the price too!”

“Heh, with just the likes of you?”

Jun Tianyu could exterminate the entire Tao Family with his strength alone. How could his strength be average?

These few days, his sword intent already advanced a step further through Ye Yuan’s guidance. His strength was more than a level stronger compared to before!

Without holding anything back, Jun Tianyu directly eradicated Tan Wu like crushing a dead branch!

Killing Tan Wu, Jun Tianyu wielded his long sword horizontally, and he blocked right in front of the huge river, saying in a cold voice, “Who else dares to touch my brother?”

Hearing this furious roar, everyone’s hearts were all slightly fearful. Those four Heaven Enlightenment Realm powerhouses, not a single one actually dared to step forward.

Tan Wu was already dead. No one else could pose a threat to Ye Yuan anymore. Pei Wenqiang forced back Ying Tianya with one move, and the two people ceased battle as well.

When Ying Tianya saw the Tan Wu who had already his head separated from his body, a chill ran down his spine.

Ever since eradicating the Tao Family, after he warned Jun Tianyu, he really had not seen him take action again.

Back then when he destroyed the Tao Family, Ying Tianya’s strength was more a level stronger than Jun Tianyu still. Now that several years had passed, he did not expect that Jun Tianyu’s strength was actually daunting to such an extent.

Seeing it today, Jun Tianyu improved considerably again compared to several years ago.

Even if he faced off with Jun Tianyu, victory or defeat was hard to say.

Jun Tianyu utterly suppressed everyone with his might!

Ying Tianya naturally did not know that actually Jun Tianyu was at a bottleneck all along these few years. It was still through Ye Yuan’s guidances recently that he broke through the bottleneck, and his strength getting the development of advancing by leaps and bounds.

Ye Yuan controlled the sword and slowly landed beside Jun Tianyu, opening his mouth and saying, “Brother Jun, thank you very much!”

Jun Tianyu said coolly when he heard that, “Why say thanks between you and me?”

Pei Wenqiang’s expression was incomparably ugly. He never would have thought that Jun Tianyu’s strength was actually this powerful!

Jun Tianyu’s boundary was more or less the same as his four subordinates. He initially thought that with four against one, even if they could not obtain victory, suppressing should be achievable.

Who knew that not only could the four of them not suppress him, Jun Tianyu even instantly killed Tan Wu straight away!

Now, under such circumstances, him wanting to kill Ye Yuan again was undoubtedly a fool’s talk.