Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 748

Chapter 748 Prajna Soundwaves

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“Jun Tianyu, looks like you’re bent on making things difficult for my Pei Family?” Pei Wenqiang said with a solemn face.

Hearing that, Jun Tianyu did not speak, but his brows creased together slightly.

Very clearly, Pei Wenqiang’s words made him rather hesitant.

“You’re a member of the Pei Family?” Jun Tianyu said.

“My elder brother is Pei Kun, what do you think?” Pei Wenqiang said with a smug look.

Jun Tianyu’s brows furrowed again and said, “One of the Seven Holy Sons, Pei Kun?”

“Heh, looks like you know quite a bit! That’s right, it’s precisely one of the Seven Holy Sons, Pei Kun! If you don’t believe me, you can ask Ying Tianya,” Pei Wenqiang said.

Jun Tianyu looked towards Ying Tianya, and saw him nod his head helplessly, and knew that the words were not false.

Pei Wenqiang saw that Jun Tianyu was somewhat apprehensive and was even more smug as he said, “Jun Tianyu, you’re also aware of the Seven Holy Son’s statuses in the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land. Even if your talent surpasses others, you completely can’t afford to provoke too! I don’t need you to do anything either. As long as you don’t bother with the matters between Ye Yuan and me, there will definitely be generous repayments in the future! I, Pei Wenqiang, will fulfill what I say!”

Ye Yuan knew what a holy son signified in a holy land. With Jun Tianyu’s strength, he indeed could not afford to offend one.

Holy sons were those few juniors with the highest talents in a holy land. One person among them had the chance to inherit the Dao legacy in the future.

Even if unable to become the lord of a holy land, they would also at least be a member of the elders association, possessing tremendous authority.

No wonder Ying Tianya concealed so carefully when he entered Clear Reed City. Turns out that he was afraid of offending Pei Wenqiang.

Who knew that the moment he entered Clear Reed City, Pei Wenqiang already noticed him.

But towards Jun Tianyu, Ye Yuan had a lot of faith.

Indeed, Jun Tianyu just shook his head faintly and said, “Even if you’re Pei Kun’s younger brother, want to touch Ye Yuan, you’ll also have to ask the sword in my hand!”

“You! Fine, today’s matter, I, Pei Wenqiang, have remembered it! After exiting this ancient grotto, I’ll see how you live on in the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land!”

Pei Wenqiang did not expect that Jun Tianyu was actually so persistent on Ye Yuan. He would rather take the risk of offending the Pei Family than willingly let go.

Jun Tianyu said coolly, “It’s true that your Pei Family is powerful, but to want to cover the skies with one hand in the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land, it probably can’t be done, right? Whatever moves you have, feel free to execute them. This Jun will receive it!”

“Brother Jun rest assured, as long as Junior Apprentice Brother is rescued, I reckon that his Pei Family won’t dare to do anything to you either! Even though Xu Yan isn’t a holy son, his status is also not too far off,” Ying Tianya voiced out too.

Pei Wenqiang snorted coldly and said, “Then you also have to save Xu Yan before talking!”

Pei Wenqiang did not refute Ying Tianya’s words. Looks like even if this Xu Yan’s strength was inferior to the Seven Holy Sons, the difference was probably not huge either.

A great battle ended without a conclusion just like this. Nobody could do anything to anyone. Everyone could only carry on forth and explore.

“What kind of damn place is this? Why does it feel like this place is filled with a sinister qi everywhere?” Luo Fang could not refrain from cursing.

Not just Luo Fang, the others had this feeling too.

Crossing the river, waves of cold air invaded everyone’s body. Though it could not do anything to them, it kept making people have an uncomfortable feeling.

Ye Yuan naturally felt it too. But he did not have much sensation. The Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood was impervious to a hundred evils. Regardless of whether it was the cold air or sinister qi, it all could not approach his body.

“You guys, look! There’s a large hall ahead!”

Everyone was currently walking when a great hall came into everyone’s view. It was just that this great hall was similarly overflowing with dense sinister qi, making people uncomfortable.

There was a massive plaza in front of the great hall. There were many sculptures in the plaza.

Those sculptures were all figures of beautiful women. Each one of them was graceful and charming, being strikingly vivid and lifelike.

Some of them were hugging Chinese lutes, some were playing the zither, some were dancing gracefully, rather like a palace orchestra.

When everyone walked near, they discovered that these beautiful women were all incomparably stunning, and actually made people have a feeling of unable to keep it under control.

“Heh heh, it’s a shame that these beauties are all sculptures. If they were real people, then us brothers will be able to get some satisfaction! Everyone says that dying while relishing a woman, they can be merry being a ghost too! No idea who made these sculptures, their luck with beauties aren’t shallow!”

When these martial artists saw these beautiful women sculptures, each and every one of them were all incomparably intoxicated.

Indeed, these sculptures were too lifelike, just like a real person. The expression on their faces were also all very natural. Furthermore, their seductiveness emerged in endless streams, causing a lethal attraction towards men.

These women like born naturally in order to enthrall men.

Right then, beautiful music suddenly sounded in the plaza.

The music rang in everyone’s ears like it was being played, bewitching their minds and spirits; incomparably intoxicating.

And right at this time, those beautiful women in the plaza actually came to life one by one, and they started performing in front of everybody with extremely spellbinding forms.

“Hahaha, come here, give this Lord a kiss!”

“Girlie, come, sit on this Lord’s lap!”

How could the martial artists traveling together still endure it? Each and every one of them all pounced towards those beautiful women.

For a moment, the entire plaza was incredibly disorderly.

Even those Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists were all inebriated in it too, unable to extricate themselves, including Pei Wenqiang and Ying Tianya.

The one slightly better was Jun Tianyu.

The expression on his face was seemingly painful, showing an appearance of struggling. But his eyes already gradually became hollow.

“Brother Jun, focus your mind and be unmoved!”

All of a sudden, this voice was like a bolt out of the blue, dragging Jun Tianyu back to reality.

He abruptly startled awake. Looking around, he discovered that the rest were all hugging those sculptured beauties.

Some were kissing the faces of the beauties frenziedly, others were groping wildly on the bodies of the beauties, showing all sorts of ugly behaviors.

Jun Tianyu lamented to himself in shame. If not for Ye Yuan’s tolling bell-like divine sense transmission just now, he would probably also be like the rest now, right?

If it were really like that, his swordheart would surely become somewhat regretful, and he would be unable to pry into the Great Dao anymore in this lifetime.

“Ye Yuan, why are you …”

Jun Tianyu was very curious too. Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm was the lowest here, but only he alone was not affected.

He examined himself that his will was firm and it was very hard to suffer this kind of temptation. But earlier, even he nearly got trapped inside too.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “These beauties aren’t sculptures at all, but they were refined and formed from living people! Their bewitching arts attainments must be exceedingly high when they were still alive. Therefore, they are still able to cause immense beguilement against martial artists after death. I felt something amiss right after coming to this plaza, so I entered Heart Like Monolith Realm straightaway. Therefore, I wasn’t affected.”

If it were under normal conditions, Ye Yuan would also succumb by accident. But as long as he heightened vigilance, for these sort of bewitching arts to want to beguile him, it could not be done at all.

The so-called heart like monolith, unmovable by the eight winds, heart realm boundary itself was the nemesis of these bewitching arts. He was naturally not affected.

It was just that Ye Yuan’s words made Jun Tianyu jump in fright.

He exclaimed, “What did you say?! They … They are all refined from living people? This … How is this possible?”