Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 749

Chapter 749 Revolting Behaviors

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Jun Tianyu looked at those sculptures, shock written all over his face.

If not for Ye Yuan saying so, he would not think in this direction at all.

But now, the more he looked, the more he felt that what Ye Yuan said was true!

These sculptures were seriously too lifelike, vivid until it was exactly the same as a real person!

The expressions of these beauties were remarkably lifelike as to be indistinguishable from the original. It was very hard for Jun Tianyu to imagine what kind of craftsman was able to sculpt such vivid sculptures.

There was only one possibility: these were all living people!

“But these statues’ bodies are all ice-cold, very similar to stone,” Jun Tianyu still said somewhat disbelievingly.

Ye Yuan heaved a sigh and said, “I’ve researched ancient alchemy skills. In the ancient era, there’s a kind of drug called Petrifying Powder. After people drink it, their entire bodies will become stiff like stone, and their expressions would also remain at that instant petrified at forever. I think that these beauties were probably drugged with Petrifying Powder, that’s why they became like so, right?”

“This … Then what’s going on with them?” Jun Tianyu pointed at the rest and said.

“These women were definitely playing a musical piece before death. After they petrified, their living souls were confined in their bodies by someone, forever unable to break out. They died harboring resentment, so when there are living people drawing close to them, they will exercise all of their abilities before death to beguile the living people. When they lose themselves inside completely, their divine souls will leave the body, forever unable to return back into their bodies.” Ye Yuan said.

Jun Tianyu was stricken with fear. These women’s bewitching arts were exceedingly formidable. They, these Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists, could not withstand it at all.

If not for Ye Yuan’s warning, he probably could not endure for long either.

And according to what Ye Yuan said, wouldn’t the others be in grave danger?

“Then … what should we do now? Save … or not to save?” Jun Tianyu said hesitantly.

Ye Yuan said, “This ancient grotto is very sinister. Who knows how many dangers are at the back. Our greatest foe right now isn’t them, but the perils here! Leaving them to die freely might not be a good thing for us.”

An existence able to refine such bizarre sculptures was probably not that easy to get along with.

Inside this grotto was riddled with dangers. If it was Ye Yuan and Jun Tianyu two people, it was very hard to continue.

If really encountered anything, having a bit more people would have more hopes of surviving instead.

“Then … how to save?”

To talk about killing enemies and fighting, Jun Tianyu was very adept. But encountering this kind of thing, he could only have a blank look.

Ye Yuan slowly shut his eyes, muttering incantations in the air. A wave of majestic soul force spread out.

Jun Tianyu’s eyes turned intent, looking at Ye Yuan oddly.

He did not expect that Ye Yuan’s soul force was actually so horrifyingly powerful!


Ye Yuan suddenly gave a light cry. The voice was not loud, but the penetrative force was immensely powerful!

The prajna sounds still reverberating in the plaza was actually sent scattering immediately by this cry of Ye Yuan’s!

At the same time, Ye Yuan’s voice also transmitted into everyone’s sea of consciousness.

This shout was undoubtedly enlightening the benighted to them, dragging them back to reality directly.

“Pooh pooh pooh! What am I doing? Disgusting as hell!”

“My God, what the hell was I doing just now?”

“Gah, I don’t want to live anymore! Humiliating to death!”

The bunch of martial artists all flushed with shame, discovering that they were doing shameful actions.

Some sculptures’ faces were slobbered with saliva everywhere from kisses by the martial artists, looking disgusting as hell.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said with a sigh, “These guys have really heavy tastes. If let them carry on developing, who knows what else they will be doing at the back.”

Jun Tianyu chortled with laughter and said, “Human nature, human nature!Hahaha!”

Although he very much wanted to endure, Jun Tianyu still could not hold back in the end and let out a burst of roaring laughter.

When the others heard his laughter, each and every one of them wished they could find a hole in the ground to tunnel into.

If these sculptures were really beautiful women, then forget it. But each and every one of them actually did this sort of things to statues. Seriously disgraced all the way back to their grandmother’s house.

Ying Tianya came in front of Ye Yuan with his old face scarlet-red and asked, “That … Master Ye, were you the one who saved us?”

“That’s right. If not for Ye Yuan, you all would be dead. Even your divine souls would probably never reincarnate for all of eternity! Previously, some people still wanted to kill Ye Yuan. What irony!” Jun Tianyu suddenly put away the laughter and said with a cold snort.

Pei Wenqiang was embracing two statues earlier, his hand already reaching inside the dresses of the statues, doing all kinds of indecent actions. The appearance was unspeakably wretched.

And Jun Tianyu’s words were clearly said for him to hear.

“Heh, high-sounding words! This grotto is extremely bizarre. He’s afraid that when we die, he can’t exit by himself, right? Don’t try that with this Pei; I won’t thank him!”

Pei Wenqiang was not dumb. He figured out Ye Yuan’s intentions very quickly.

“No matter what, Ye Yuan saving you is a fact.” Jun Tianyu said with a frown.

Seeing Pei Wenqiang’s manner, Jun Tianyu was rather regretted rescuing him.

But Ye Yuan said coolly, “Brother Jun, no need to say too much.”

Ye Yuan did not hope that Pei Wenqiang would be grateful for anything either. Arguing about him with this had no meaning whatsoever.

“Everyone all back away!” Ye Yuan suddenly said.

The other martial artists exchanged glances, but they ultimately still listened and backed away.

Even the Pei Wenqiang and He Shuming who were the most opposed with Ye Yuan both retreated to one side sensibly.

Although he was completely ungrateful towards Ye Yuan verbally, in the depths of the bottom of Pei Wenqiang’s heart, he still had some gratitude towards Ye Yuan’s live-saving action.

Even if there was only that tiny hint, it was ultimately still there.

Regardless of what objective it stemmed from, Ye Yuan saved his life after all.

So this time, he did not sing a different tune with Ye Yuan for the first time ever.

Moreover, he was also very curious just what Ye Yuan was trying to do.

It was only to see Ye Yuan arrive before a beauty and suddenly extend his finger, tapping on the glabella on that woman.

A faint wisp of soul force invaded into the sculpture flowing along his finger. Immediately after, a scene which astonished everyone happened.

That sculpture actually emitted a faint light halo.

Under everyone’s dumbfounded gaze, that sculpture suddenly shattered into dust!

And a faint phantom appeared in front of Ye Yuan, exactly identical with that statue before.

Very clearly, this was that statue’s divine soul.

When that divine soul saw Ye Yuan, she actually gave him a deep bow.

Except, that divine soul phantom was seemingly as if an illusion, practically almost dissipating already. This divine soul was imprisoned for countless years and was already weak to the extreme. She was completely unable to open her mouth to speak anymore.

Ye Yuan just nodded his head and walked in front of another sculpture and did the same thing. That statue disintegrated to dust very quickly too, only leaving behind a faint phantom.

That phantom similarly gave him a deep bow incomparably gratefully, looking delicate and pitiful.

Ye Yuan heaved a slight sigh and walked towards another sculpture.

Just like this, Ye Yuan walked over towards sculpture after sculpture, turning each statue into dust.