Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Really Want to Kill Someone!

Lu-er used her remaining strength to struggle, but this weak struggle was futile and useless.

Currently, her essence energy was drained. She could not even commit suicide.

Lu-er became more and more terrified and increasingly becoming weaker.

If she were tainted by a fellow like him, she would rather die!


Zhang Heng slapped Lu-er's face and spat as he said, "Little b*tch. You still aren't compliant when you are already like this? You're really asking for a beating!"

Lu-er suffered due to that slap, and one side of her face immediately swelled up. She laid there motionlessly as if she was resigned to her fate.

Seeing the situation, Zhang Heng gave a nasty grin and said, 'That's right. Much better now. Don't worry. After today, you won't be able to leave this Senior Apprentice Brother! Hahaha!"

After saying that, Zhang Heng leaned over to carry out that bestial act.

But right at this moment, all the pores on Zhang Heng's body stood on end. A feeling of danger came from straight ahead.

Zhang Heng instinctively jumped away. An ice arrow grazed his face as it flew past.

Luckily, his reaction was fast enough. Otherwise, that ice arrow would have already pierced through his throat.

Withdrawing to the side, Zhang Heng broke into cold sweat. Who would have thought that this lass who already did not have any strength to retaliate could actually release such a powerful attack?

However, Zhang Heng instantly became furious. Lu-er nearly killed him!

Lu-er struggled to get up. Presently, her entire aura had changed drastically. Her entire body gave off an ice-cold feeling.

This sort iciness seemed like it could even freeze the air.

A layer of white frost covered Lu-er's hair, and her face also turned abnormally pale.

Zhang Heng looked at Lu-er's transformation and chortled as he said, "So, it turns out that you have the Nine Yin Absolute Meridian! You actually dared to cultivate essence energy with your Nine Yin Absolute Meridian. You really can't tell life from death! Right now, the frost poison has burst forth, I will see how you suppress it!"

The sun was currently shining brightly, but Lu-er felt as if her entire body was placed in an icehouse. The frost penetrated the bone and sunk in deeply.

This was the ultimate move of the Heaven Illusionary Ice Soul, Profound Ice Returns to Dust!

This move was a forbidden technique in the Heaven Illusionary Ice Soul. When Ye Yuan was teaching Lu-er, he had informed her that unless she had no other alternative, she must absolutely never use it!

That was because this move triggered the Nine Yin Absolute Meridian, attracting the frost qi between heaven and earth into her body in exchange for a powerful strength temporarily.

The name 'Returns to Dust' meant that after using it, from ashes to ashes, dust to dust. It was a move to perish together with your enemy.

Currently, Lu-er's aura soared massively, directly breaking through the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm threshold, past the Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm, and finally stopping at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm!

The time Lu-er spent cultivating the Heaven Illusionary Ice Soul was still too short. Even though she improved at an amazing speed, her comprehension was not that profound.

If the Spirit Snow Divine King was the one executing the Profound Ice Returns to Dust, even if she only at the strength of a First Level Essence Qi Realm, she would be able to directly raise her strength to the Great Circle of Perfection of the Essence Qi Realm!

Although Zhang Heng was surprised at Lu-er's sudden rise in strength, he did not pay too much heed.

The Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm was still a minor stage lower than him!

But he was currently livid because Lu-er nearly killed him just now, making him feel incredibly ashamed.

That ice arrow also extinguished his lust. Right now, what he wanted to do was to send Lu-er to the afterlife.

Directly killing was a definite no-no. He would be punished by the academy.

But since this lass had the Nine Yin Absolute Meridian, then he could not be blamed if she sought her own death.

"Die, lecher!" Lu-er grabbed the air with one hand. An ice arrow formed once again and shot towards Zhang Heng.

Zhang Heng laughed coldly as he easily dodged it.

This ice arrow might have a high attacking power, but what was the use if it could not hit the target?

He was unprepared just now, which was why Lu-er's sneak attack almost succeeded. Now that they were fighting head-on, he naturally would not fall for it again.

After all, Lu-er was not Ye Yuan. She lacked actual combat experience and could not control the sudden rise in strength.

This sort of straight-forward attack obviously would not cause any trouble for the powerful Zhang Heng.

However, Lu-er did not care. Before she activated the Profound Ice Returns to Dust, she already had the will to die.

Lu-er believed that even if she could not kill this guy, Young Master would take revenge for her!

"Trying to deal with me with these sort of attacks? You're underestimating Earth Rank students' strength too much!" Zhang Heng said with a mocking face.

"Humph! Thousand Illusion Hail!"

Lu-er cried out as her two hands formed a round shape.

Very swiftly, countless stones formed between her hands. Pushing both palms out, a hailstone shot towards Zhang Heng.

Zhang Heng was astounded. He did not think that Lu-er's attacks would continue without end.

This hailstone was an area-of-effect attack. Zhang Heng's speed was fast, but he was still struck by many hailstones.

But the attack power of this hailstone was much weaker than the previous ice arrow. Coupled with Zhang Heng's powerful essence energy protection, these sort of attacks were unable to cause any real damage to him.

"Humph! Don't blame me for courting death, lass! Snake Shadow Whip!"

Zhang Heng's whip technique was very skillful. The whip shot towards Lu-er from a highly tricky angle.

Right now, Lu-er knew that she was not Zhang Heng's match, and her heart already held the will to die. She did not evade this whip at all.

A sneer suddenly appeared on Lu-er's face. Noticing this, Zhang Heng was startled.

Only to see that Lu-er's hands moved at high speed, and she actually formed multiple ice arrows in an instant!

Lu-er did not defend at all. She was actually going to make both parties lose!

Zhang Heng did not expect Lu-er to not fear death to such an extent. He did not want to die, so he swiftly pulled back his whip, and whirled his whip around. Very soon, the ice arrows were twirled into broken pieces.

His strength exceeded Lu-er's by far too much, and his combat experience was also much richer. For Lu-er to injure him head-on, it was harder than trying to reach the heaven.

After Zhang Heng shattered the ice arrows, he struck with his whip once more.

Lu-er's attack just now had already exhausted all of her essence energy. Right now, she could no longer continue, so she just gave up defending and closed her eyes to wait for death.

"Young Master, in future, Lu-er can no longer be at your side to serve you. You have to take good care of yourself!"

Two clear streams of tears fell and froze into ice beads.

Zhang Heng was aware that Lu-er did not fear death, but he did not expect that Lu-er looked forward to death so much that she just stopped defending.

He did not hold back on this move. If he hit Lu-er, then she was dead for sure.

The attack was already released, and Zhang Heng could no longer stop it anymore. Just as he watched it about to land on Lu-er, a force shot out from diagonally!


The force actually directly broke the soft whip!

Zhang Heng was horrified.

Although his soft whip was not a magical artifact, that attack just now filled the inside of the whip with essence energy. It could pierce straight through a person, and yet, it was broken with one move by someone!

"Who's there? You're really despicable to dare to ambush me!" Zhang Heng howled.

A youth dressed in azure clothing glided over and landed beside Lu-er.

He did not even spare a glance at Zhang Heng. Picking up Lu-er, he took out a medicinal pill for her to eat.

"Lu-er, Young Master came late."

Lu-er opened her eyes wearily and saw that it was Ye Yuan. A trace of light recovered within her eyes.

"Don't talk. Watch by the side. Young Master will stand up for you!" As he spoke, Ye Yuan's words grew frostier.

Ye Yuan supported Lu-er to the sides, and then he stood up straight and shouted, "Right now, I really want to kill someone! Anyone who stops me will be my enemy! I will not give up until you die!"