Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 750

Chapter 750 Soul Soothing Art

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“This … What’s going on here? Could it be that a woman’s divine soul is imprisoned inside each statue?” Ying Tianya said in amazement.

“These are not statues at all but refined from living people!”

Jun Tianyu heaved a slight sigh and recounted the situation Ye Yuan discovered for everyone, making everyone feel a chill run down their spines.

This kind of means was seriously too cruel. Just what kind of person was the owner of this grotto, to actually be able to resort to such vicious means?

“No wonder these women’s beguiling powers were so formidable. This sort of towering resentment, ordinary people probably can’t withstand it, right?” Ying Tianya said in astonishment.

“Just what kind of measure did this brat use, to actually be able to resolve these women’s grievances?” Pei Wenqiang said in shock.

Everyone was stricken with fear. Only now did they discover that Ye Yuan’s methods were simply inconceivable.

For this sort of cruel means where the divine souls being imprisoned to the point they showed resentment billowing to the skies, there was only the path of annihilating them completely.

But Ye Yuan used an unknown method. Not only did he rescue these divine souls from the bodies, he even made each and every one of them incomparably peaceful.

“If my conjectures are right, what he used should be the divine soul mystic art, Soul Soothing Art! It’s just that cultivating the Soul Soothing Art to this kind of boundary, it’s simply inconceivable!” He Shuming suddenly said.

“Soul Soothing Art? How is that possible? Such inconceivable means was actually just such a low-level Soul Soothing Art?” Pei Wenqiang said in astonishment.

“Any kind of means, when trained to an exceedingly high realm, would also become inconceivable. It’s just that very few people can do it. Ye Yuan’s Soul Soothing Art has probably reached the boundary of returning to one’s original simplicity already! He only attempted to undergo communication with these girls and make these girls put down the resentment in their hearts, and they can also break away already.”

Among these people, the one who studied divine soul mystic arts the most was He Shuming. Therefore, he had the greatest right to speak as well.

The Soul Soothing Art was just a more coarse and shallow divine soul mystic art used to expiate dead souls. He Shuming knew this divine soul mystic art too. Moreover, his attainments were not low. Therefore, he could tell what Ye Yuan was doing.

The Soul Soothing Art which Ye Yuan used was very different from what normal people used. But that sort of familiar divine soul undulation could not be hidden from He Shuming.

It was just that what made He Shuming amazed was that Ye Yuan using this move was completely at his will, at the tip of his fingers!

Ye Yuan communicated with the divine souls of these girls, carrying a power veiled in mystery.

He Shuming only had one word to give to this power’s appraisal: convinced!

No matter how great the grievances contained within the divine souls of these girls, they would all calm down under Ye Yuan’s persuasion.

The moment the resentment disappeared, these shells could no longer constrain them either, so they vanished into thin air.

Very soon, Ye Yuan extricated all of the beauties. Several dozen faint phantoms appeared in the plaza.

A woman dressed in yellow suddenly fell out of the ranks and greeted Ye Yuan by folding her hands at the lower right side, communicating with Ye Yuan, “Sisters’ divine souls are weak. Meixuan thanks young master on behalf of the sisters for your grace of revival!”

Ye Yuan exonerated everyone just now and knew that this woman in yellow was called Qin Meixuan; she was also the person whose divine soul was the strongest now.

Of course, this so-called strongest was also merely just being able to have divine soul communication with Ye Yuan. Only this Qin Meixuan’s divine soul was slightly more powerful at present and barely had the ability to communicate with Ye Yuan.

Their divine souls were imprisoned for ten thousand years and were long feeble to the extent that it would vanish like a cloud at any time already. They did not have the strength to retaliate at all after breaking free from their own bodies.

“Alright, the restrictions on your bodies are already removed. From now on, you’re all free. Past matters are over. You all return to samsara then!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Ye Yuan knew that these girls were all people with stories. But such a long time had already passed. The person who trapped them back then had probably returned to the earth as well now.

But Qin Meixuan shook her head and said, “Young Master, us sisters have already discussed just now. We’ve decided to not enter samsara!”

Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed when he heard that and said, “I saved you all, is because I feel that you’re all people with bitter fates. Though there are abominable matters, there are also some pitiable areas. If you guys refuse to come to your senses, then I can’t be blamed!”

Qin Meixuan was greatly alarmed when she heard that and shook her head repeatedly as she said, “Young Master is mistaken! My meaning is that us sisters want to follow by Young Master’s side and serve Young Master!”

Seemingly afraid of Ye Yuan refusing, Qin Meixuan hurriedly said again, “Although us sisters are all divine soul bodies now, the lowest when we were alive was also Phaseless Realm strength, much stronger compared to those people! As long as our divine souls recover to some extent, I believe that we can still be of some help to Young Master.”

Towards Qin Meixuan’s decision, Ye Yuan was rather surprised.

To a divine soul who was imprisoned for countless years, the greatest release was nothing more than entering samsara.

But these girls would actually willingly stay by his side and not be willing to enter samsara too.

Ye Yuan mused for a moment and said, “Do you all still have some unfulfilled wish?”

“This …” Qin Meixuan could not help hesitating.

Ye Yuan snorted coldly when he saw the situation and said, “Humph! Do you feel that this young master is very easygoing? Or maybe, you feel that this young master will accept a group of people with unknown backgrounds to be around me?”

Ye Yuan knew that these girls were all not nice people when they were still alive. It was just that they were too weak currently, that was why they appeared all so pitiful.

If he let them recover strength, they might do something!

Therefore, talking to them, Ye Yuan did not have the intention of being courteous.

Qin Meixuan was very alarmed when she heard that and said, “Meixuan doesn’t mean that. Actually …”

Qin Meixuan suddenly switched to voice transmission and said, “Actually, us sisters were all captured by that demon back then. And among us, there’s still the eldest sister. That demon gifted Eldest Sister to Purple Origin Heretic God to be a concubine back then in order to fawn on him. Eldest Sister’s debt of gratitude towards us is as weighty as a mountain. If without her, we’d have long died already. Even though we know that she’s definitely not in this world anymore, we still want to take one last look at her.”

Ye Yuan’s brows knitted together when he heard that. But titanic waves surged in his heart.

These girls had actually experienced the era of Divine Dao!

The Purple Origin Heretic God in their mouths must be a Deity Realm powerhouse!

Ye Yuan was unmoved on the surface, but his heart already leaped to his throat.

In this present era, no one was unmoved towards Deity Realm, these two words, including him, Ye Yuan!

In this lifetime, Ye Yuan’s greatest wish apart from killing Ji Canglan was to pursue that fleeting and ephemeral Deity Realm.

Qin Meixuan did not detect the transformations of Ye Yuan’s mental state at all and continued, “Moreover, us sisters are truly endlessly grateful towards Young Master and want to repay Young Master’s great kindness. Hence, that’s why we wish to remain by Young Master’s side.”

Ye Yuan said impassively, “Alright then. You all enter inside my spatial spirit artifact first. Later, I’ll refine soul maintaining banners for you guys to let you all rest inside.”

Qin Meixuan was overjoyed when she heard that and repeatedly said, “Thank you very much, Young Master! Thank you very much, Young Master!”

With a wave of his hand, Ye Yuan put them away inside the spatial spirit artifact.

In front of so many people, Ye Yuan naturally would not utilize the Vast Heaven Pagoda. The existence of the Vast Heaven Pagoda, even Divine King powerhouses would be moved too. The logic of not revealing one’s wealth, Ye Yuan was still aware of this.