Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 751

Chapter 751 The Third Path

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“Ye Yuan, you’re still young. Make sure not to have your body milked dry by these vixens!”

Pei Wenqiang was very displeased when he saw that Ye Yuan actually took in these girls.

These beauties nearly took his life just now. If they entered samsara, then forget it. But now, what did following Ye Yuan count as?

Moreover, Pei Wenqiang saw that Ye Yuan and that woman in yellow actually communicated using divine sense later on. There must be more than meets the eye!

It was just that the existence of Jun Tianyu, this thorn, made him incredibly wary. He could only make jeering remarks.

Indeed, once he said that, everyone looked at Ye Yuan with strange gazes.

Even if these girls were divine soul bodies, their looks were extraordinary too. Could this action of Ye Yuan’s be to form a harem?

Ye Yuan gave him an indifferent look and said, “This is my matter. What has it got to do with you?”

“You! Humph! Even if you want to indulge in sensual pleasure, you need to walk out of this ancient grotto too!” Pei Wenqiang said with a cold snort.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Want to walk out of this ancient grotto, I advice that you better not have those devious thoughts! Let alone that your elder brother is whatever Seven Holy Sons, even if he is the Jade Emperor, it’s useless here too!”

This sentence choked Pei Wenqiang badly, deflating his temper straight away.

Originally, he really wanted to do some shady things. But with Ye Yuan saying it like this, he really did not dare to move anymore.

Very clearly, apart from his cultivation realm being a little low, Ye Yuan’s methods could be seen as if endless streams, more than what they could imagine.

If without Ye Yuan, forget about those bewitching arts earlier, even that river of Weak Water earlier, they could not cross it!

Walking all the way until now, the greatest reliance of their group of people was actually this Divine Traversing Realm boy with the lowest cultivation realm.

“Ye Yuan, seems like there are no other paths. Do we enter this hall or not?” Ying Tianya came forward to ask.

Ye Yuan darted him a glance and said, “Didn’t you say that you can sense your junior’s location?”

Ying Tianya smiled bitterly and said, “No idea why, I could still sense him outside the grotto. But ever since entering the grotto, we seemed to have lost the connection between us.”

Ye Yuan could not help musing to himself when he heard that. If what Ying Tianya said was true, this place seemed to be exuding the thick smell of a conspiracy.

Ye Yuan thought about it and said, “No other choice then. Enter and check it out.”

Everyone came before the hall’s door. But Pei Wenqiang and the others were all akin to birds startled by the twang of a bow, not daring to step forward.

This ancient grotto was incredibly strange. Who knew if there would be any hidden mechanisms on top of this hall’s door.

Ye Yuan went forward directly to push the door and enter. But nothing happened.

Only when Pei Wenqiang and the others saw the situation did they set their minds at ease, following Ye Yuan into the great hall.

“Transmission array!” the moment they entered the hall, someone immediately exclaimed.

Inside this great hall seemed to have nothing else, but actually it had two transmission arrays!

And right at this time, a faint phantom condensed and formed.

“Everyone arriving at this place already passed the tests previously. You all are my, Xie Lingzi’s fated individuals! My, Xie Lingzi’s lifespan has already ended. But I didn’t look for a successor and treat this matter as a regret. So before I passed away, I’ve prepared two paths for you all. That transmission array on the left, I’ve designed three tests for everyone. The person who passes can inherit my, Xie Lingzi’s, mantle. Everything that I, Xie Lingzi, have learned and hoarded throughout my life are all behind this transmission array. As long as you all are able to pass through the tests, all of this is yours. That transmission array on the right leads to the outside world. People not willing to accept the test can leave of your own accord,” the faint phantom said.

The phantom was an old man dressed in a daoist attire, long hair fluttering, with a sage-like appearance. But he called himself Xie Lingzi 1 , making people’s jaws drop.

Very clearly, this Xie Lingzi was the owner of the ancient grotto.

And Xie Lingzi’s words immediately stirred up a huge uproar in the crowd.

“So, that Weak Water river and the beauties in the plaza from before were actually all tests!”

“Looking at the situation now, this Xie Lingzi is probably also a Dao Profound Realm powerhouse at least! If we can inherit his mantle, we’ll soar to the skies with one bound!”

“Heh heh, inherit mantle? You guys are thinking too much, right? Those two tests previously were already so staggering. If we go in to accept the test, then what difference is there from seeking death?”

“That’s right. This place is so bizarre. What are we still staying here for? Our little lives are more important!”

These martial artists split into two factions very quickly. One faction wished to enter the transmission array on the left, while the other faction wanted to enter the right-side transmission array and exit immediately.

To these martial artists, the inheritance of Dao Profound Realm was too alluring!

One had to know that the master of this Crimson Afterglow Holy Land was also just a First Level Dao Profound Realm.

If they could inherit Xie Lingzi’s mantle, it could really be said to be like a carp leaping over the dragon gate.

Therefore, the majority of the martial artists all leaned towards the left-side’s transmission array.

“Master Ye, this … which side should we go?” Ying Tianya listened and obeyed Ye Yuan’s words readily now.

If talking about who had the greatest right to speak here, it was none other than Ye Yuan.

Pei Wenqiang did not speak. But hearing Ying Tianya asking, his ears unwittingly twitched too, wanting to hear what Ye Yuan had to say.

But Ye Yuan said, “Actually, I want to know, if we don’t take both paths, what kind of outcome will it be?”

“Uh, not taking both paths? However, this hall doesn’t seem to have other paths to take!” Ying Tianya said.

Ye Yuan had yet to speak when He Shuming laughed loudly and said, “Not taking both paths, there is naturally a third path to take!”

As he said, he circled around the two transmission arrays and came to the sides of a traditional square table at the back of the hall.

This action of his immediately caught everyone’s eyes. Everyone became curious with what He Shuming wanted to do.

It was only to see He Shuming move one of the candlesticks on the old-style square table slightly. A scene which astonished everyone happened!

A surge of essence energy flooded the entire main hall very quickly. Under everyone’s stares, a third transmission array actually opened up behind those two transmission arrays!

“This! There is actually still a transmission array! Concealed so deeply! Turns out that those two transmission arrays previously were actually both traps!”

“Alchemy Saint He is indeed well-deserving of being a Tier 7 array master, to actually be able to find this concealed transmission array! If we entered one of them, it would probably be hard to escape this calamity!”

“So close, so close! Being duped by that Xie Lingzi just now, I almost fell for it!”

When everyone saw this third transmission array, each and every one of them huffed in relief.

This third transmission array was concealed so deeply. Using one’s butt to think, the two previously were also both traps.

That Xie Lingzi made it so pleasant sounding to the ear. Thinking now, he had malicious intentions!

He Shuming looked at Ye Yuan smugly, clearly putting on a display of strength.

Ever since he knew Ye Yuan, he had been suppressed by Ye Yuan all-round constantly.

But when everyone was discussing which transmission array to enter just now, he discovered that this candlestick seemed to have some different aspects.