Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 752

Chapter 752 Your Elderly Self Take The Lead?

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The moment Ye Yuan said this, it clearly indicated that Ye Yuan made it out too.

How could He Shuming be willing to let Ye Yuan enjoy all of the limelight alone? So he dug out this third transmission array right away to make a comeback.

Indeed, looking at everyone’s reaction right now, the effects of this action was excellent.

Alchemy Saint and Tier 7 array master these two plaques were not hung for fun.

To the vast majority of people, this represented acknowledgment!

In comparison, it was clearly much harder for Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm to want to obtain the recognition of a bunch of Heaven Enlightenment Realms and Boundless Realms.

He Shuming found this concealed transmission array and was immediately praised to the skies by people.

Especially Pei Wenqiang, he sent over raving compliments straight away.

“Master He indeed lives up to your name! Just this skill in array formations, I think it’s above some people!” Pei Wenqiang said.

Pei Wenqiang’s words were actually said very implicitly. He had long perceived that Ye Yuan clearly saw through this concealed transmission array too. Otherwise, he would not have said it like that.

It was just that in comparison to Ye Yuan, Pei Wenqiang clearly hoped for He Shuming to be able to take the upper-hand more.

Even though Pei Wenqiang knew that Ye Yuan’s overall strength was much more formidable compared to He Shuming, to be able to irk Ye Yuan, he was still very willing.

“Haha, not at all, not at all! Just some insignificant skill. City Lord Pei is too courteous,” He Shuming said with a delighted laugh.

Seeing everyone finally give Ye Yuan the cold-shoulder, He Shuming had unspeakable exhilaration in his heart.

“Tch, what is he even showing off for? Truly a vile character intoxicated by success!” Luo Fang at the side said with an unhappy look.

Their side had basically fallen out with He Shuming completely already. So seeing He Shuming’s appearance of being proud of his success, Luo Fang was very displeased too.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Alchemy Saint He has also been repressed for a long time. Just let him enjoy a little.”

After everyone flattered He Shuming for a while, the topic ultimately still had to return to which path to take.

But since He Shuming found this concealed transmission array, seems like this question was unnecessary too.

“Since Master He already found the genuine transmission array, then let’s enter inside!” Pei Wenqiang said in a clear voice.

“Hold on!” Everyone was just about to set off, but they were stopped by Ye Yuan.

Pei Wenqiang said with a smile that wasn’t a smile, “What? Does Master Ye feel somewhat unwilling to submit now that you didn’t find this concealed transmission array?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “I naturally have no objections about you wanting to enter this third transmission array. But don’t blame me for not warning you, if you really enter inside, bear the consequences yourself!”

Ye Yuan’s words made Pei Wenqiang alarmed inwardly. But he still had a disbelieving look on his face as he said, “Heh, are you jealous of Master He? So you’re deliberately exaggerating things to raise the alarm? I say, can you, brat, have a little breadth of mind or not?”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Alright then. Go on in then, I won’t stop you.”

Ye Yuan had an indifferent look. But it made Pei Wenqiang involuntarily waver.

Their group of people being able to walk until now was all relying on Ye Yuan’s measures.

Pei Wenqiang already noticed Ye Yuan outside the grotto and felt that this boy was not simple. After entering, the various kinds of means Ye Yuan displayed made him feel even more curious.

Now, Ye Yuan said that this third transmission array had a problem. Pei Wenqiang had no choice but to harbor all sorts of suspicions.

“Ye Yuan, don’t think that you can use a few words to beguile the minds of people because you displayed some tricks previously! Why don’t you say, if this third transmission array isn’t the true passageway, then why is it hidden just now?” He Shuming said unhappily.

He was only smug for a little while just now and Ye Yuan came out again to stir up enmity. It would be weird if he could be happy.

In He Shuming’s view, Ye Yuan saying this was absolutely beguiling the minds of people intentionally.

Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that and said, “How about this, those willing to follow Master He into this third transmission array can go in right now. Master He, since this third transmission array was discovered by you, why don’t your elderly self take the lead?”

“I … I’ll go then! Who’s afraid of who!”

He Shuming being triggered by Ye Yuan like this could not keep his face anymore and walked towards the third transmission array!

“Everyone, don’t fall for this punk’s trick! This brat likes to play these little tricks the most! This third transmission array is absolutely fine! Those willing to follow me in, enter together!” He Shuming said loudly.

As he was speaking, He Shuming already walked to the front of the transmission array. But when he turned around, he discovered that not a single person followed.

If Tan Wu was still around, he would definitely follow He Shuming. But sadly, Tan Wu was long killed on the spot by Jun Tianyu.

The other martial artists exchanged glances, looking at each other. There was actually no one who moved. Even the Pei Wenqiang who lauded him to the skies earlier did not move either.

He Shuming’s old face turned bright-red with a ‘fwoosh’ all at once.

“You all!”

This sort of situation was seriously too embarrassing.

He was already willing to take the lead to enter, but the others actually did not give face!

Except, concerning everybody’s life and death, who dared to regard it lightly?

If everyone knew absolutely nothing about Ye Yuan, they would definitely choose to believe He Shuming right now.

It was just that Ye Yuan’s means, everyone had all witnessed it before. A word from him now, the weight was completely different.

Even if they still harbored suspicions, they did not dare to easily brave the dangers either.

“Hehe, Master He, looks like everyone doesn’t have any confidence in your judgment! But it looks like you’re rather confident in your own call. Why not … you go in yourself then! Perhaps this transmission array leads to the Divine Realm, and you can return straight to the Divine Realm,” Luo Fang said with a cold laugh.

He Shuming wished that he could find a hole in the ground to tunnel into. But Luo Fang’s ridicule still made He Shuming calm down completely.

If Ye Yuan really was not joking, then if he went in …

“Master Ye, which side should we take?” In the end, it was still Ying Tianya who could not resist asking.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “Honestly speaking, I actually don’t know which side to take either! If possible, I’d rather not take one! It’s just that I feel the one we must not take the most is this third transmission array instead!”

Everyone was taken aback from shock when they heard this. Ying Tianya asked, “Why is that so?”

Ye Yuan said, “Actually, though this third transmission array is concealed, to a formations path expert, it’s not hard to find! Regardless who they are, as long as they are able to walk until here, whose formations path attainments would be low? Therefore, I feel that this candlestick is a flaw that Xie Lingzi deliberately left behind. The goal is to make people take this third transmission array!”

Ye Yuan’s analysis made everyone shudder with fear.

They did not think in this aspect at all prior to this. Hearing Ye Yuan analyze it like this now, this hidden transmission array was completely a huge pit!

This Xie Lingzi was absolutely a person adept at scheming. Even when dead, he grasped the mental states of everyone perfectly too.

Under normal circumstances, once a group of people discovered a hidden transmission array, they would definitely think that this hidden transmission array was the safe one right away.

But in truth, this transmission array was the least safe instead!