Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 753

Chapter 753 Delicate Fragrance

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“This … Then we’d better take the two transmission arrays previously?” Ying Tianya said hesitantly.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “Those two transmission arrays probably have danger too. But relatively speaking, it should be a little better compared to the third. But looks like if we don’t pass through one of the transmission arrays, wanting to get away will likely be quite difficult.”

Ye Yuan already carefully surveyed this great hall before. Apart from these three transmission arrays, there did not seem to be other paths to take.

Which was also to say that they must choose one of the transmission arrays to pass through!

“What to do now? Doesn’t that mean that no matter which path we choose, there will be danger?” Ying Tianya said.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Nobody dares to guarantee what kind of situation is over at the transmission array’s side. But if I have to choose, I’m leaning more towards that transmission array on the right.”

“That transmission array on the right? Are you joking?! How can there be such a bargain? If it’s really as you say, how can that Xie Lingzi possibly let us leave easily?” Pei Wenqiang said with a cold smile.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “What you said is right. Moreover, I know that most likely, the majority of the people are thinking this right now! Furthermore, I feel that this Xie Lingzi is deliberately setting up a misleading strategy. It probably is to make us think this way! Where this transmission array leads definitely isn’t the way out. But it should be the safest path among these three paths!”

Ye Yuan finished talking. Everyone involuntarily started musing.

If not for Ye Yuan, they would not have thought at all that these three transmission arrays actually contained such convoluted scheming.

Seems like everyone had been led along by the nose by this Xie Lingzi starting from when they walked into this grotto. It seemed like each step they took, it all could not escape that Xie Lingzi’s plotting.

This kind of feeling was akin to a pair of eyes staring at them in the dark, like a prickle on their backs.

A dead man who had died for countless years was actually able to achieve such precise scheming. This person was simply too frightening.

Everyone felt that what Ye Yuan said was very absurd, but they could not find a better reason to refute Ye Yuan.

Moreover, they also perceived that Ye Yuan himself actually did not have a lot of confidence either. Because no one knew where the transmission array led either.

But without a doubt, Ye Yuan’s analysis was the greatest counterattack against Xie Lingzi!

Ying Tianya sucked in a deep breath, seemingly making a very firm resolution as he said, “Master Ye, I’ll listen to you! We’ll take this right side transmission array!”

As he said, Ying Tianya actually walked straight towards that transmission array.

Luo Fang immediately grabbed Ying Tianya when he saw the situation and said, “City Lord Your Excellency, better let me be in front!”

Finished talking, Luo Fang took a step and entered inside the transmission array.

Ying Tianya did not have the least bit of hesitation either, directly entering the transmission array.

“Brother Jun, let’s go too!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Jun Tianyu nodded slightly and entered the transmission array together with Ye Yuan.

These few people taking the lead to enter the transmission array, what else did the rest have to say?

Very clearly, trusting Ye Yuan at this time, the chances of survival was absolutely much greater than trusting He Shuming!

Pei Wenqiang was afraid of losing sight of Ye Yuan and entered the transmission array first. The others also entered one by one in succession.

He Shuming had a look of dilemma and finally stepped inside too.

When everyone all disappeared into the transmission array, the originally hollow eyes of that faint phantom of Xie Lingzi actually became spirited!

This Xie Lingzi was originally just an array formation projection. At this time, it actually contained intelligence!

Only to see Xie Lingzi smile sinisterly and said, “Heh heh, what a clever boy! But to want to escape from the contingencies this old man set up, how can it be something that easy? Jeje …”

Amidst the strange laughter, Xie Lingzi’s faint phantom gradually vanished.

A light flashed. Figures of people walked out from inside the transmission array.

It was total darkness before their eyes. Even if martial artists’ visual prowess far surpassed ordinary people, the areas they could see were merely around 100 feet or so.

“What … What kind of place is here? So dark!”

“Why do I feel like we seemed to have entered a tomb?”

“With you saying this, it’s really so! Could it be that this is that Xie Lingzi’s tomb?”

After a couple of words, everyone discovered this place’s peculiarities very quickly.

“Could it be that this place is the true core area of this ancient grotto? Which is also to say that, us coming over from this transmission array was the correct choice?” Ying Tianya said.

Ying Tianya knew that concealing the risk of this ancient grotto made Ye Yuan unhappy in his heart. Therefore, he basically stood firmly on Ye Yuan’s side afterward, in order to obtain Ye Yuan’s forgiveness.

Ying Tianya was considered to have figured it out. Wanting to exit this ancient grotto, it still had to depend on Ye Yuan in the end.

Therefore, him entering the transmission array without any hesitation earlier was in order to express his firm stand.

“Ying Tianya, stop flattering Ye Yuan! This place is full of sinisterness, there might be some danger. Saying that this path is correct now, be careful not to smack your own face in a while!” Pei Wenqiang said.

Ying Tianya said with a cold smile, “Don’t follow after if you have the capabilities! Already came and you’re still making sarcastic remarks at one side. Your skin is really thick! You look at Master He, after entering, he didn’t even let out a fart! This is being sensible!”

He Shuming’s old face flushed red all at once again. But for the sake of keeping his small life, he still kept his mouth shut sensibly.

Tan Wu already died. His position right now was very awkward. It was better to be a little low-profile.

“Ying Tianya, you’re courting death!”

“What? You think I’m scared of you?”

The two people exchanged words, getting dangerously explosive for a moment.

Ye Yuan heaved a sigh and said, “Pei Wenqiang, just stop for a bit. Everyone is like ants on one line right now. If you really want to take the road to ruin, I won’t stop you either. But if you want to leave alive, behave yourself a little! Keep stirring up trouble, I don’t dare to guarantee that something won’t happen next time!”

Pei Wenqiang’s expression changed as he said, “Ye Yuan, are you threatening me here?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Threaten you? With this bit of strength, how can I dare to threaten you? Or perhaps, in this place, do I have a need to threaten you?”

Inside this grotto was filled with dangers and did not need to threaten at all.

When they encounter danger again, Ye Yuan just had to push the boat along the current would do.

Pei Wenqiang also knew that the areas currently relying on Ye Yuan right now were many. This threat that wasn’t a threat was very practical. He gave a cold snort and actually really did not speak anymore.

The group of people continued exploring ahead, incredibly cautious along the way. But in a rare moment, no dangers appeared at all.

No idea how long either, it suddenly became bright in front of them. They actually arrived at an open and wide zone.

“En? How fragrant!”

“What smell is that? It’s actually so fragrant?”

All of a sudden, a wave of delicate fragrance came over, boring into everyone’s nostrils, immediately making them have a feeling of refreshing their hearts and minds.

When Ye Yuan saw everyone’s intoxicated appearance, his expression involuntarily changed and he hurriedly yelled, “Don’t smell! This fragrance is poisonous!”

However, it was already too late …