Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 754

Chapter 754 Xu Yan

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Thud, thud, thud

The group of people fell weakly to the ground one by one. It was clearly the symptom of being poisoned.

"I Why do I feel weak all over, unable to use any essence energy at all?"

"Just what the hell is this thing? To actually lose all essence energy with a sniff of the fragrance!"

The group of martial artists, they were all whining incessantly. They did not expect to succumb again by accident.

Boundless Realm martial artists were all collapsed on the ground, unable to move at all. Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists were slightly better, but the situation was not very good too.

That yell of Ye Yuans had some effect in the end. The other martial artists sealed off their sense of smell right away. Only then did it prevent the tragedy of the poisoning deepening.

"You guys are also too careless! Inside this grotto is filled with traps everywhere. This light fragrance clearly problematic and you all actually still fell for it!" Ye Yuan said with a frown.

Not afraid of god-like opponents, only scared of pig-like teammates.

Already until now and these guys were all still so forgetful, succumbing so easily. Simply dont know how the word death was written.

"What kind of poison is this? I only sniffed a little bit just now, and Im actually weak all over. Feels like Im unable to muster up essence energy," Pei Wenqiang also said helplessly at this time.

His reaction was already very quick. But he still fell for it.

Although it was not to the extent of collapsing to the ground like the others, if they were to fight at this time, he most likely was not even Ye Yuans match.

Ye Yuan snorted coldly and said, "This is the floral fragrance of the Strange Nether Flower, a poison specially targeting martial artists essence energy! Those inflicted with the poison, their meridians will shrivel up, and they will be limp all over. Their essence energy cant be mustered up at all! If you all smell a little while longer, you dont need me to save you. Youll definitely go and meet King Yama directly!"

Ye Yuans current mood was very foul. What made him unhappy was not that these people got poisoned, but the Strange Nether Flower.

In his previous life, the poison he and Ji Zhengyang got inflicted with was refined using the Strange Nether Flower. Its might was incredible.

Ye Yuan didnt think that he would actually encounter the Strange Nether Flower again here. How could this not make him vexed?

But the Tier 9 Strange Nether Flower was extremely rare. Even with the Divine Realms vast territory and abundant resources, it was very seldom to be able to see it as well.

The rank of the Strange Nether Flower these people smelled shouldnt be high. Otherwise, with their cultivation realm, how could they still be alive?

Forget about them, even if Ye Yuan had the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood protecting his body, it could not ward off the poison of a Tier 9 Strange Nether Flower too.

However, Pei Wenqiang perceived the meaning in Ye Yuans words and could not help saying joyfully, "Your meaning is youre able to treat the poison in our bodies?"

Ye Yuan rolled his eyes and said, "Why should I treat you?"

Pei Wenqiang didnt expect that Ye Yuans words previously actually came true so quickly. It was truly retribution.

"This I can give you earth essence crystals! Also, I assure you that after you treat me, I absolutely wont make things difficult for you anymore!" Pei Wenqiang hurriedly said.

Ye Yuan took a look at him and said with a cold snort, "From entering the grotto until now, you finally said something decent! Brother Jun, youre poisoned the least. Stay behind and take care of them. Ill go find the way to get rid of the poison!"

In this group of people, Jun Tianyus alertness was the highest. Therefore, he was poisoned the least.

Except that hearing Ye Yuans words, his brows furrowed slightly, and he said, "You going by yourself is too dangerous. Better for me to come along with you. If these people die, then they die. Nothing to feel pity about."

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, "The flora fragrance of the Strange Nether Flower is so thick, it should be nearby. I can handle it alone. Brother Jun better stay behind."

"This Alright then."

After Ye Yuan left, Pei Wenqiang suddenly opened his mouth and asked, "Younger Brother Jun, just what background does this Ye Yuan have? He possesses such strength at a young age. At the very least, hes also an Alchemy Emperor successor, right?"

Truthfully speaking, Pei Wenqiang really admired Ye Yuan very much. His bad temper towards Ye Yuan was primarily more on the fact that Ye Yuan did not give him any face.

Jun Tianyu said coolly when he heard this, "Younger Brother Ye is it? Hes just a lower realm ascender."

Pei Wenqiang nearly jumped up, exclaiming in shock, "What?! Youre saying that hes just an ascender?"

Pei Wenqiang never would have dreamed that such a prodigious youth was actually just an ascender!

As the ruler of a city, Pei Wenqiang was too familiar with ascenders strength.

Among a million ascenders, there might not be one with accomplishments.

Even if there was one with accomplishments, it was also not possible to be this freakish like Ye Yuan.

From outside the grotto until now, the various means Ye Yuan displayed was simply fantastical.

An Alchemy Path genius like this was actually just an ascender!

Hearing Jun Tianyus words, the group of martial artists were very surprised too. For a moment, there were many discussions.

And right at this time, a black shadow slowly walked out from the darkness.

"Whos there?!"

Jun Tianyus brows jumped up. If any enemy came at this time, it was not some good thing.

That black shadows profile gradually became clear. A young man dressed in a blue garment appeared in front of everyone.


"Xu Yan!"

When Ying Tianya and Pei Wenqiang saw the arrival, they both had looks of astonishment.

After Ying Tianya stared blankly, he immediately revealed an expression of wild elation.

"Junior, its really great that youre alright!" Ying Tianya immediately went up to welcome.

But right then, Jun Tianyu grabbed hold of him.

"Brother Jun, what are you doing? Hes my junior apprentice brother, Xu Yan. With him around, he can ensure our safety!" Ying Tianya even thought that Jun Tianyu was mistaken and hurriedly explained.

Jun Tianyus brows were tightly locked, an appearance as if confronting a formidable foe as he slowly said, "Theres a problem with this person!"

"Sigh!Ive been very close with Junior since young. I can recognize him even if he turned to ashes. What problem can there be?" Ying Tianya said without a care.

"You told us previously that your junior was poisoned by a peculiar poison, so he needed an alchemist to come in and treat. But you look at him, how is there any hint of being poisoned?" Jun Tianyu said.

"Senior Apprentice Brother, you take a look at me, who else can I be if not Xu Yan?" The blue-clothed youth said with a smile.

Ying Tianya was slightly hesitant. He also felt that it was somewhat amiss. The timing Xu Yan appeared was seriously too coincidental. Moreover, if he was completely fine, why did he send him a message?

"You say that youre Xu Yan, do you have any proof?" Ying Tianya said alertly.

"Senior Apprentice Brother, have you forgotten? Back then, we secretly descended the mountain and were punished by Master to repent facing the cliff for a year! Also, when we were small, I was bullied by our fellow apprentices. It was you who stepped forward to beat them off "

Xu Yan stated a number of incidences in a row and finally made Ying Tianya loosen up his guard.

Even Jun Tianyu gradually became relaxed too when he saw Ying Tianyas expression.

This sort of thing, if it was not the person in the flesh, it was completely impossible to know.

"Junior, its really you!" Ying Tianya went up to hug Xu Yan with an agitated look.

But right at this time, Xu Yan suddenly smiled evilly and said, "You fools actually delivered yourselves to the door one by one. Truly foolish to the max. Better let me exonerate you all!"

Ye Yuan finally found the Strange Nether Flower all by himself following the floral fragrance.

This was a sea of flowers, and at the center, there was an altar.

On the altar, there was a massive coffin.

Seeing this scene, Ye Yuans expression could not help changing.