Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 755

Chapter 755 Theres A Problem

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“Hope Spirit Wood, Strange Nether Flower, Soul-Sealing Stone! No wonder there are so many Strange Nether Flowers here. Turns out that it is to borrow the power of the Strange Nether Flowers to seal up a divine soul! Looks like this ancient grotto is indeed a scheme set up to exist countless years!” Ye Yuan said as his expression changed slightly.

Strange Nether Flowers were able to make martial artists lose essence energy, but it still had another function!

Coupled with Hope Spirit Wood and Soul-Sealing Stones, it could reduce the expenditure of the divine soul to the maximum degree.

Ye Yuan saw that the altar was constructed entirely from Soul-Sealing Stones at first sight, while the coffin was made from Hope Spirit Wood.

Assembling these things together and complementing with secret arts, one could seal up the divine soul and keep the divine soul from perishing!

This sort of method was extremely obscure. Ye Yuan only saw it before in an ancient record.

Now, seeing this altar and coffin, he immediately connected it together.

“Humph! Looks like this Xie Lingzi has wishful thinking of resisting the Heavenly Dao, wanting to obtain the opportunity to revive through this sort of means! Looks like Qin Meixuan they all being refined into puppets and placed in the plaza was not by chance. This kind of method requires large numbers of martial artists’ divine soul as nourishment, while us, these people, entering the ancient grotto precisely provides this kind of opportunity for him! Heh, such insidious means!” Ye Yuan said with a cold sneer.

This sort of method was very vicious, requiring large numbers of living souls as a sacrifice. Therefore, Ye Yuan was very repulsed with this too.

It was just that revulsion was revulsion. Even if he knew Xie Lingzi used this sort of means, Ye Yuan did not have that ability to counter it either.

According to Ye Yuan’s calculations, this Xie Lingzi’s strength should be Peak Dao Profound Realm. Furthermore, he had extraordinary attainments in the Formations Path and Alchemy Path.

How could the contingency set up by such a person possibly be wrecked by a Divine Traversing Realm boy?

But Ye Yuan could confirm one point, being able to arrive here indicated that the transmission array he chose was right!

If he went to choose the other two transmission arrays, it would surely be even more perilous.

The pressing matter on hand was to cure those people. Otherwise, once their divine souls were devoured by Xie Lingzi, the consequences would be too ghastly to imagine.

Regarding finding the antidote this sort of thing, Ye Yuan was still very adept.

Since there was such a large patch of Strange Nether Flowers, there must be the antidote item here. Either way, these Strange Nether Flowers could not cause harm to Ye Yuan. Hence, he also started searching with no scruples at all.

Strange Nether Flowers this kind of exotic poisonous object, under normal circumstances, the antidote item could be found in the vicinity.

It was just that people who did not understand medicinal theory, even if the antidote was placed in front of them, they would not recognize it either.

Roughly an hour later, Ye Yuan finally found the antidote item under a thicket of Strange Nether Flowers: the Pinnate Star Grass!

This process lasted close to four hours. Ye Yuan found a total of eight stalks of Pinnate Star Grass. Using to resolve the Strange Nether Flower poison of so many people should be more than plenty.

Obtaining the antidote, Ye Yuan was just about to leave, but heard a series of groaning sounds!

“H-Help …”

Indistinctly, Ye Yuan heard someone calling for help.

But in this place, apart from those martial artists traveling together with him, who else would call for help?

And this voice clearly came from the direction of the coffin. This direction was direct opposite from the direction he came from, making it even less likely to be the martial artists traveling with him.

Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed, but finally still decided to leave!

This place was too dangerous. Who knew if this cry for help was a major trap or not.

But just as he was about to walk away, that voice came over once more. “H-Help … I … I am … Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s … Xu Yan!”

Hearing this name, Ye Yuan finally could not resist stopping his footsteps.

He was not foreign to Xu Yan this name. Wasn’t it precisely Ying Tianya’s junior apprentice brother?

Ying Tianya said that his junior was poisoned with a peculiar poison, that was why he would find him to come with He Shuming. Now, this sort of situation, could it be that what Xu Yan was inflicted with was this Strange Nether Flower’s poison?

With a couple of leaps, Ye Yuan arrived in close proximity of the altar. Indeed, he saw a blue-clothed youth lying at the fringe of the altar, on his deathbed. His appearance was miserable.

“You’re Xu Yan?” Ye Yuan asked with furrowed brows.

Xu Yan nodded his head with a feeble look and said, “I-It’s precisely me! L-Little brother, you actually know me! Could it be that … you’re brought in by my senior apprentice brother? You showed up here; what … what about my senior apprentice brother?”

Ye Yuan’s brows knitted slightly. Sweeping a glance over Xu Yan, he discovered that he was indeed poisoned very severely.

Being poisoned or not, it was impossible to hide from Ye Yuan.

But Ye Yuan did not let his guard down and kept observing Xu Yan’s expression continuously. The tiniest bit of his actions all could not hide from Ye Yuan’s eyes.

It was just that during this process, Xu Yan’s expression did not have any irregular aspects; it was just the expression of a person who had despaired but then saw hope.

“Your senior apprentice brother was poisoned too. He’s just over there. I’m here to find the antidote for him.” Ye Yuan said.

Xu Yan was overjoyed when he heard that and said, “R-Really? T-That’s great! Little brother, could you … bring me over to meet my senior apprentice brother or not?’

Ye Yuan said, “How will you go over like this? I better treat your poison first.”

As he said, Ye Yuan brought out the Square Cauldron and refined the Pinnate Star Grass into juice. Then placing in a container, he took out a bit for Xu Yan.

“Can … Can this thing work?” Xu Yan asked doubtfully.

“Of course it can!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Xu Yan drank the Pinnate Star Grass juice dubiously. Indeed, he discovered that the essence energy within his body recovered little by little.

Before long, Xu Yan stood up like someone who was fine.

“Haha! Little brother is indeed not an ordinary person! Great kindness can’t be thanked with words! Xu Yan will definitely repay generously!” Xu Yan clasped his hands and said.

But Ye Yuan said indifferently, “You’re welcome. I was trying my best to do what was entrusted to me too.”

“How can that do! My senior is my senior, I’m me! Oh, right, quickly bring me to go find Senior Apprentice Brother. I’m very worried about him too,” Xu Yan said.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and led Xu Yan over to the place everyone was resting.

“Young Master, something is wrong with this person! You got to be careful!” Ye Yuan was just walking when the Qin Meixuan inside the spatial spirit artifact actually transmitted to him through divine sense.

“En, I know.” Ye Yuan’s reaction showed that he was not too surprised.

Rather, it was Qin Meixuan who had a look of astonishment when she saw Ye Yuan’s appearance of holding the pearl of wisdom in his hands.

“You know?” Qin Meixuan’s cherry-like mouth opened to form a circle.

She saw Ye Yuan’s action previously and even thought that Ye Yuan was already hoodwinked by Xu Yan. That was why she voiced out to warn. Who knew that Ye Yuan saw through it long ago.

Ye Yuan said, “En, this physical body should be Xu Yan without a doubt. But the divine soul probably isn’t himself already. He thinks that he concealed it very well. Actually, when I pried into the Strange Nether Flower poison in his body, I already saw through the anomalous.”

Qin Meixuan had a look of astonishment. She still did not quite believe it at first, but hearing Ye Yuan said it so firmly, she knew that he was not bragging. He really saw through it.

It was just that she did not quite dare to believe Ye Yuan actually saw through that this Xu Yan was actually possessed already in the time he took to inspect the wounds.

“Young Master, since you saw through the irregularity, then why did you still help him resolve the poison?” Qin Meixuan asked puzzledly.