Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 756

Chapter 756 What Are You Afraid Of?

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“He dared to let himself get poisoned, he naturally has ways to resolve the poison. Whether I treat him or not, it doesn’t matter to him at all. To still play this sort of games with me with his strength, he must have other schemes. Since that’s the case, why don’t I play along with him and take a look at what on earth he’s trying to do? Exposing him now is detrimental and not helpful to me,” Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

Qin Meixuan threw herself at Ye Yuan’s feet in admiration when she heard that.

Facing a powerful adversary like Xu Yan, to be able to see through right away and keep a presence of mind in the face of danger, pushing the boat along the current, how powerful a heart and strength did this require?!

“Young Master is indeed formidable! But there is a familiar smell on this person’s body. It’s just that he hid it very covertly, so I don’t know who he is either.” Qin Meixuan said.

Ye Yuan was slightly surprised as he said, “Familiar smell? Could it be … Xie Lingzi?”

Qin Meixuan shook her head, her expression suddenly becoming fierce as she said, “No. I would recognize that guy even if he turns to ash!”

“Like this huh, I got it.”

Ye Yuan was rather surprised in his heart. If Xu Yan were possessed by Xie Lingzi, he would not be surprised at all.

But according to what Qin Meixuan said, this Xu Yan was actually not possessed by Xie Lingzi. Could it be that there were still other people casting covetous eyes here?

All of a sudden, the situation became even more complicated.

Before long, Ye Yuan brought Xu Yan to the place everyone was resting at, but it was already completely empty.

This kind of situation was actually long within Ye Yuan’s expectations. He was indifferent about the others, it was just that Jun Tianyu’s safety, Ye Yuan was very worried.

But the more it was like so, the more he exhorted himself to be calm.

“This … Where are the people? They were clearly resting here previously. Why are they all gone?” Ye Yuan deliberately panicked and said.

“Little Brother, are you mistaken? Or perhaps, they couldn’t wait for you and left by themselves?” Xu Yan said uncertainly.

“Impossible! They were all inflicted with the Strange Nether Flower’s poison and can’t walk far at all. Unless …” Ye Yuan’s face revealed an expression of thick worry.

“Unless what?”

“Unless they were captured by people and rounded up in one fell swoop!” Ye Yuan said.

Xu Yan’s expression changed as he said, “Senior Apprentice Brother and I are as close as brothers. No way, I must go and save him!”

Ye Yuan sneered inwardly, but on the surface he asked, “There is only one path here. We didn’t see anybody at all just now. Where were they captured and brought to?”

Xu Yan was secretly delighted and said, “There isn’t just one path here. There is still a hidden pass at the side. I discovered it when I came. It’s just that I haven’t had time to go in and explore, then I got poisoned. In my opinion, they must have been brought away by people through there!”

Indeed, he showed his true colors!

This fellow schemed and used every trick, probably in order to lure him into this so-called hidden pass, right?

However … go on in then! Who’s afraid of who!

“Then what are we still waiting for? Quickly go in!” Ye Yuan said.

Xu Yan was touched and said, “Little Brother is indeed loyal enough!”

Finished talking, Xu Yan arrived at a dark place with large stride and fumbled around on the wall. With a creak, a passageway actually really appeared.

“Go!” Xu Yan took the lead in. Ye Yuan followed closely behind and went in too.

This passageway was very narrow. It could only accommodate two people passing through.

Xu Yan’s speed was very fast. Ye Yuan could still see his back view at the start. But as they walked, his figure actually vanished in the cave.

“Heh, I want to take a look at what kind of mysterious person you are!” Ye Yuan gave a cold laugh and actually did not even turn his head around, moving straight ahead swiftly.

This dark passageway seemingly had no end in sight forever. But Ye Yuan did not care, moving forward all the way quickly.

No idea how long had passed either. Ye Yuan suddenly felt it light up before his eyes, becoming bright suddenly.

Looking over, he actually arrived at an enormous rock cave.

Looking again, there was a massive stone pillar in the center of the rock cave. On the stone pillar actually tied one martial artist after another.

These martial artists were precisely the Jun Tianyu party captured by Xu Yan!

The surroundings of the stone pillar actually had several thousand lanterns suspending in the entire rock cave.

Lantern light flickered faintly, linking up in one stretch between each other, forming a large net.

Within the large net, those martial artists all revealed pained expressions, as if something was being extracted from their bodies.

Seeing this sort of situation, Ye Yuan’s expression could not help changing. “Grayflame Heretic Fire! Starmist Radiantfire Formation!”

Ye Yuan actually fell into a grand array set up using essence fire unknowingly!

Clap … Clap … Clap …

A figure came out from behind the stone pillar, slowly giving a few claps as he said smilingly, “You, this boy, indeed have some experience. Along the way, your means emerged in endless streams. I didn’t expect that you even recognize the Grayflame Heretic Fire and the Starmist Radiantfire Formation!”

This figure was none other than precisely the Xu Yan who previously disappeared.

When Ye Yuan saw the situation, his expression darkened slightly as he said, “You racked your brain so hard to lure me here. It isn’t in order to flatter me a little, right?”

Xu Yan said with a smile, “Looking at your appearance, you’re quite calm. I wonder if you’ll still be able to be so collected or not after I extract out the essence fire within your body in a while?”

Xu Yan stared at Ye Yuan, very much wanting to see the expression of fear and panic on his face.

However, Ye Yuan disappointed him.

Ye Yuan’s face only revealed an expression of sudden realization as he said with a smile, “So, it’s a primordial spirit that’s about to be extinguished. No wonder you captured them, but let me go, and lured me here.”

Xu Yan’s expression changed when he heard that. He had a feeling of being stripped bare. It was as if all of him was presented in front of Ye Yuan without holding anything back.

“You … How did you know that I’m a primordial spirit?” Xu Yan said coldly.

Ye Yuan looked at Xu Yan like he was looking at an idiot and said indifferently, “You laid down this Starmist Radiantfire Formation and extracted the essence energy within their bodies, isn’t in order to recover your main body’s strength? You want to extract the essence energy in my body. It should be because you’ve taken fancy on Fiery who has unlocked intelligence and is about to give birth to a primordial spirit, right? You just have to devour Fiery, and you can let yourself recover to your peak state. Therefore, you deliberately let me go and lured me here, because you’re afraid that I would seek mutual destruction and destroy Fiery, right?”

“Who on earth are you? To actually guess everything correctly just by taking one look at the array formation!”

Facing Ye Yuan, Xu Yan actually became uneasy. Even though his strength could crush Ye Yuan, but at this very moment, Xu Yan actually felt that Ye Yuan was a very troublesome opponent!

This young man was too scary. He did not say anything, and he actually pointed out his identity as well as the trap that he devised painstakingly, all of it.

Even ordinary Alchemy Emperor powerhouses could not possibly have such understanding towards essence fires too, right?

Ye Yuan said with a laugh, “Me? I’m merely an ordinary alchemist. Now that I’ve already entered the array formation, my life and death are grasped by your hands. What are you afraid of?”

Xu Yan no longer had that composure from before as he gritted his teeth and said, “Boy, don’t be pleased with yourself! When you receive my main body’s refinement in a while, hope that you can still laugh so happily!”