Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 757

Chapter 757 Back Up Plan

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“Starmist Radiantfire Formation, refine for me!”

Following Xu Yan’s fierce cry, those lanterns suddenly gave off a blinding light, directly enveloping Ye Yuan inside.

Ye Yuan was brought to mid-air immediately by this enveloping.

His four limbs were constrained by the Starmist Radiantfire Formation, unable to move at all.

The powerful Grayflame Heretic Fire burned Ye Yuan’s fleshy body non-stop. A powerful force wanted to drag Fiery out from inside his body.

In front of the powerful Grayflame Heretic Fire, Ye Yuan seemed to not have the leeway to resist at all.

It was only to see his eyebrows locked tightly, showing an expression of great pain.

“Hahaha! Looking at your appearance as if you’re holding the pearl of wisdom in your hands, I thought how powerful you’d be! In the end, aren’t you still seized without resistance? Boy, have a proper taste of the might of the Grayflame Heretic Fire and suffer the agony of being refined to the fullest extent!

“Ugh …”

Ye Yuan groaned muffledly in anguish. Soybean size sweat-beads oozed out on his forehead very quickly.

The sensation of being refined by a peak Tier 7 flame was not that enjoyable. Moreover, that grand array formed a powerful tearing force, wanting to forcefully pull Fiery out from inside his body.

Ye Yuan and Fiery had their minds linked together long ago already. This kind of tearing force was just like ripping open the scars on Ye Yuan’s body bit by bit.

That sort of agony penetrated to the deepest area of the heart, virtually almost making him faint.

But Ye Yuan knew that once he fainted, everything would be over.

So he endured the intense pain, using all the strength in his body to protect Fiery and not let him be dragged out.

“Damn it! Why isn’t it here yet?! Still not coming, little lord, I, almost can’t hold on anymore!” Ye Yuan secretly cursed in his heart.

Ye Yuan naturally would not follow Xu Yan into a dangerous place foolishly. Before coming in, he made a back-up plan.

It was just that that back-up plan, he himself was unable to control too.

Now, all the hope was on that back-up plan!

“Hahaha … How is it? The taste is not bad, right? Rest assured, after you die, I’ll treat your essence fire well and let him become a part of my body!” Xu Yan laughed loudly without restraint.

Yet, right at this time, a change suddenly occurred!

An incredibly powerful soul force instantly enveloped the entire rock cave!

“Grayflame! You disappoint this Emperor too greatly! This Emperor treated you well and even let you give birth to a primordial spirit. I didn’t expect that you actually dared to betray this Emperor!” an aged and hollow voice sounded out, echoing throughout the entire rock cave.

A faint phantom stood in the air. It was precisely that old man who proclaimed to be Xie Lingzi that Ye Yuan and the others saw before entering the transmission array!

Although Ye Yuan was in incredible agony right now, he still kept his mind sharp.

Hearing this voice, he knew that his guess was indeed not wrong. This Xie Lingzi was indeed a Dao Profound Realm powerhouse, which was also an Emperor Realm powerhouse!

Seeing that phantom in the air, Xu Yan’s expression involuntarily changed abruptly, exclaiming in shock, “Y-You, how can you wake up in advance?! Without these divine soul supply, how can you possibly awaken in advance?”

At this time, Xie Lingzi actually shot a glance at Ye Yuan and said coolly, “This will have to thank this little brother. It was him who disturb the Luo Tian Soul Sealing Grand Array, awakening me from slumber! If not for him, you probably won’t give me the opportunity to awaken, right?”

“What?! This … How is this possible? His every action is all under my surveillance. How can there possibly be a chance to disturb the Luo Tian Soul Sealing Grand Array?” Xu Yan had a look of disbelief.

Starting from when Ye Yuan entered this ancient grotto, each and every one of his action was under Xu Yan’s surveillance.

Previously, when he was at the altar place, it was even less likely for Xu Yan to give him this opportunity. Then how on earth did Ye Yuan set up this back-up plan?

Xie Lingzi looked at Xu Yan rather pitiably and said, “You’re able to sense that the essence fire within his body has unlocked intelligence, but don’t know what his essence fire is! Speaking of which, I’m very astonished too. He actually obtained the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus, and let the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame unlock a primordial spirit when at Tier 5. Truly inconceivable.”

“C-Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus!” Hearing this name, Xu Yan was seized with a look of panic.

If it were the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus, then everything would fall into place.

When Ye Yuan was at the sacrificial altar previously, he already discovered something amiss with Xu Yan, so he secretly made Fiery leave behind a clone on the sly.

After they left, this clone triggered the Luo Tian Soul Sealing Grand Array and made Xie Lingzi awaken in advance.

“You’re very surprised too, are you not? The Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus isn’t very powerful among essence fires, but the room for growth is huge. It’s just that the advancement of essence fires, the conditions required are extremely harsh. Ordinary alchemists would not put in much effort to nurture one type of essence fire at all. But once the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus matures to boundary similar to yours, its strength is enough to overwhelm you. What’s even harder to come by is that this Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus actually unlocked its intelligence and furthermore, it’s already not far from giving birth to a primordial spirit!” Xie Lingzi said coolly.

The nurturing of essence fires was entirely different from martial artists’ cultivation. The conditions required were extremely harsh, and there was also a huge part up to luck.

Even Ye Yuan did not think of using the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame all the way at the beginning too. His cultivation speed was much faster compared to the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame’s advancement speed.

If not for Fiery giving birth to spiritual wisdom accidentally, Ye Yuan would have abandoned it before long.

Although he hated to part with it, once Ye Yuan broke through to the Boundless Realm, the function of the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame would really be negligible.

Xu Yan’s expression was incomparably ugly, glaring at the Ye Yuan who was still in agony, brimming with killing intent!

He calculated everything but did not consider that Ye Yuan actually still had such a back-up plan.

“This punk, turns out that he already saw through me at the sacrificial altar!” Xu Yan gnashed his teeth and said.

Xie Lingzi suddenly heaved a sigh and said, “Grayflame, back in those days when you and I joined hands, how glorious it was! I didn’t expect that time has passed and circumstances have changed, you actually carried out such a betrayal! Why was there a need?”

Xu Yan’s expression was slightly cold as he said, “Pooh! The glory was yours, I was just a chess piece in your hands! The most hateful thing was that if you died, then you died. But you actually even wanted to suppress me in this damned place, nearly causing my primordial spirit to be extinguished! Heaven has eyes and finally let me break through the seal before you woke up! Of course I have to obtain freedom!”

Xie Lingzi said indifferently, “So you seized this body, then lured these people in here to attempt to recover your strength, and then throttle me?”

Xu Yan said with a cold smile, “So what then? At present, this world is already completely different from our time! Deity Realm powerhouses vanished without a trace overnight. This world can no longer give birth to Deity Realm powerhouses. As long as I recover to my peak strength, I’ll be able to do whatever I want in this world! Don’t tell me you still want me to be your dog, never to rise up for all eternity?”

The Grayflame Heretic Fire possessing Xu Yan had inherited his memories too and already knew this world had already changed.