Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 758

Chapter 758 Fiery Advances

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Hearing Grayflame’s words, Xie Lingzi’s expression changed drastically too.

“What did you say?! This world can no longer give birth to Deity Realm powerhouses?”

Grayflame laughed coldly and said, “You aren’t still having your unrealistic dream, right? Even if you revive once again, it’s also impossible to break through the shackles and reach Deity Realm!”

“You! Simply preposterous! How can Deity Realm powerhouses possibly vanish without a trace overnight? Who has such incredible ability to make Deity Realm powerhouses disappear unknown to God or ghost?”

Xie Lingzi’s life-long goal was the Deity Realm. Even if he did not reach this goal in the end, he prepared a series of contingencies, in order to break through to the Deity Realm!

But now, Grayflame actually told him that he could no longer reach Deity Realm anymore. This made him unable to accept it at all.

“Hahaha … Xie Ling, when I seized this body, my first reaction at that time was exactly the same as yours! But later, I became open-minded. Even if I’m not able to reach Deity Realm, so what? As long as my strength is formidable enough, I can live very comfortably in this world all the same!” Grayflame said with a loud laugh.

Grayflame had clearly accepted this fact long ago. He was a peak Tier 9 primordial spirit back then.

As long as he recovered his peak strength, he could absolutely live very comfortably in the Divine Realm.

Xie Lingzi suddenly snorted coldly and said, “Humph! Other people can’t break through the Deity Realm, doesn’t mean that I’m unable to break through! This Emperor prepared many contingencies for this. I don’t believe that I can’t break through to the Deity Realm! Now … Grayflame, return to this Emperor’s embrace!”

Xie Lingzi suddenly mumbled some words, like he was reciting some incantation.


A sharp and miserably cry was emitted from Xu Yan’s mouth.

As the owner of the Grayflame Heretic Fire, the two people actually did not remove the subservient relationship all along.

These two people each harbored their own sinister motives. Xie Lingzi had never trusted Grayflame before.

This incantation had tremendous damage to Grayflame’s primordial spirit. Therefore, it was able to put him in excruciating agony.

“Old thing, you’re seeking death! If you were at your prime, I’d still be a little apprehensive of you! But now, you’re just a wisp of a remnant soul! Starmist Radiantfire Formation, exterminate him for me!” Xu Yan cried out miserably.

Xie Lingzi deployed the Starmist Radiantfire Formation while he was screaming wretchedly, wanting to deal a lethal blow to Xie Lingzi.

However, no matter how he called out to his main body, there was actually no reaction.

Seeing the situation, Xu Yan’s heart unwittingly thumped, thinking to himself that it was bad.

Not just Xie Lingzi, even Xie Lingzi was amazed too, and unwittingly looked over in Ye Yuan’s direction.

But saw light halos floating around Ye Yuan. A lotus flower grew out of his chest and was actually devouring the Grayflame Heretic Fire’s main body continuously!

When Xu Yan saw the situation, his expression could not help changing drastically!

“This … Just how on earth did this boy do it? He’s actually absorbing my main body’s fire origin power!” Xu Yan said with a look of panic.

It was only at this time did he discover that Ye Yuan’s essence energy actually counter-suppressed his main body Grayflame Heretic Fire starting since God knows when, reverse-devouring the Grayflame Heretic Fire’s fire origin power!

“Boy, quickly stop! If you still don’t stop, I’ll make you die horribly!” Xu Yan cried out in alarm.

At this time, how could the Grayflame Heretic Fire still care about gobbling up Fiery? It was already pretty good if he was not swallowed up.

Fortunately, Grayflame possessed Xu Yan and inherited all of his strength. He was a genuine late-stage Heaven Enlightenment Realm powerhouse right now!

In this rock cave, his strength was the most powerful!

Even the Xie Lingzi who had just woken up was not his match either in a real fight with the gloves off!

Xu Yan suddenly erupted, attacking towards the Ye Yuan inside the array formation.

Xie Lingzi’s gaze twinkled. Suddenly, his mouth opened and closed again, and started to mutter incantations.

“ARGHHH … !”

Xu Yan’s figure was suddenly akin to being struck by lighting, dropping down from the air directly, and smashing heavily onto the ground.

“Xie Ling, you old undying man! I’ll kill you first!”

Enduring the intense pain, Grayflame struggled to his feet and slashed at Xie Lingzi with a sword.

Even though Xu Yan was unable to unleash his full power right now, this attack was by no means insignificant.

It was just that wanting to deal with Xie Lingzi under this kind of circumstances, clearly, it was still a little lacking.

Xie Lingzi had clearly set some sort of contract with the Grayflame Heretic Fire. Xie Lingzi could keep him in check through this sort of method.

Even if Xie Lingzi’s current soul force was lacking and he did not have a physical body to house the divine soul too, it was also not easy for Xie Lingzi to want to kill him.

If Xie Lingzi could be dealt with so easily, Grayflame also would not need to contrive all kinds of schemes to lure so many martial artists to come to this ancient grotto.

Now, it was only to see Xie Lingzi fluttered lightly, avoiding this attack very effortlessly.

“Boy, double up. Help me clean up my household. Later, I’ll give you benefits!” Xie Lingzi suddenly opened his mouth and said to Ye Yuan.

Just earlier, when Xie Lingzi and Grayflame were conversing, a hint of sluggishness appeared in Grayflame’s control over the grand array.

One had to know that Ye Yuan’s control over essence fire was peak Alchemy Emperor class. Even if this Xie Lingzi revived, he would not catch up to Ye Yuan even by whipping his horse in the path of essence fire.

Making use of this gap, Ye Yuan counter-suppressed the Grayflame Heretic Fire’s main body soundlessly, and directly let out Fiery, letting him devour the Grayflame Heretic Fire’s fire origin power!

The Grayflame Heretic Fire’s fire origin power was a major tonic to Fiery. The moment Fiery appeared, he gobbled up the Grayflame Heretic Fire without any modesty.

Except, just this short while, Fiery’s strength already soared dramatically, and actually broke through to peak Tier 5 directly!

But this was still just a start. This Grayflame Heretic Fire was a peak Tier 9 essence fire formerly. Even if its strength was greatly diminished now, it also had sufficient fire origin power to offer Fiery to devour.

When Ye Yuan heard Xie Lingzi’s words, his face could not help revealing a look of ecstasy as he said, “Senior’s great kindness, this Ye will never forget it!”

Fiery greedily devoured the Grayflame Heretic Fire and actually directly broke through Tier 5, reaching Tier 6!

Bang, bang, bang.

Along with Fiery’s devouring, the might of the Starmist Radiantfire Array was also weakening rapidly. Jun Tianyu they all fell from the stone column one by one.

Except, each and every one of them were still unconscious. This Grayflame Heretic Fire’s devouring caused considerable harm to him.

“Argh! Master, I was wrong, Master! I … I shouldn’t have betrayed you! I beg you, let me off, I’m willing to swear fealty to you forever!”

Xie Lingzi rolled on the ground in pain, finally yelling out non-stop. He finally submitted under Xie Lingzi’s incantations.

This sort of contractual power had immense restraining power towards the Grayflame Heretic Fire.

As long as Xie Lingzi still had a wisp of remnant soul remaining, the Grayflame Heretic Fire could not escape his control too.

The Grayflame Heretic Fire himself was peak Tier 9 strength too. Furthermore, he gave birth to a primordial spirit. How could he be willing to be under others?

What made him even more resentful was that Xie Lingzi did not even let him off before dying, suppressing him in this grotto.

Of course, this was Xie Lingzi making preparations for his revival anew. Who knew that through the erosion of time, the seal he laid down was actually broken through by the Grayflame Heretic Fire. Only then, was there so many incidents today.

“Huhu, only knowing to repent and mend your ways now huh. It’s already too late!” Xie Lingzi said coldly.