Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 759

Chapter 759 Possession

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While he was talking, Xie Lingzi’s gaze was looking over toward Ye Yuan.

That gaze was as if admiring a work of art.

Fiery was still devouring the Grayflame Heretic Fire continuously. Gradually, Fiery’s appearance actually underwent a transformation!

The Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus already separated from Ye Yuan’s body and landed quietly on the ground, becoming bigger and bigger.

Very soon, the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus grew to a person’s height!

It’s branches gradually became coarse, the lotus leaves miraculously transformed into arms and legs, while the lotus body transformed to become the head.

The Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus actually transformed completely to take human form!

“Hahaha! Indeed didn’t disappoint this emperor. After this Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus devoured Grayflame, it directly expedited giving birth to a primordial spirit, and transformed into human form!” Xie Lingzi burst into laughter as if that person who evolved was himself.

And right at this time, Ye Yuan’s aura was also rising rapidly!

He and Fiery were linked telepathically. Absorbing so much fire origin power all of a sudden, there was even large quantities of essence energy mixed inside, but it was all absorbed by Ye Yuan.

Under this surge, Ye Yuan’s cultivation could no longer be controlled and was going to break through!

“Hahaha! This boy is pretty good!”

Xie Lingzi looked at Ye Yuan, revealing a very appreciative expression.

That expression was like looking at the meat in his bowl, incomparably greedy.

But Ye Yuan did not have time to go and bother about Xie Lingzi at all. He was assaulting the realm in full force!

Fifth Level Divine Traversing!

Sixth Level Divine Traversing!

Ye Yuan directly broke through two minor boundaries under the impact of the surge of essence energy, arriving at the threshold of Seventh Level Divine Traversing, reaching peak Sixth Level Divine Traversing.

“Not bad, really not bad! This boy’s concept comprehension is much higher than his true cultivation realm. Breaking through two minor boundaries in a row and there is actually not the slightest sign of his cultivation realm being unstable!”

Xie Lingzi had been observing Ye Yuan’s breakthrough by the side the entire time and even made complimenting remarks about him from time to time.

Finally, Ye Yuan successfully broke through, his entire person’s aura rising a great deal.

While at this time, Fiery had also completed evolution already. The present Fiery was also not far away from Tier 7.

A handsome youth appeared in front of Ye Yuan. He was precisely Fiery who achieved a primordial spirit!

“Fiery pays respect to Master!” Fiery said with a childish face.

Ye Yuan laughed and said, “Haha, I didn’t expect that there is actually still an unexpected harvest coming to this ancient grotto this time! Fiery, don’t need to be so courteous with me. Just be like White Light and call me Big Brother will do!”

Although Fiery just evolved and became a primordial spirit, the time he followed Ye Yuan was roughly the same as White Light.

Along the way, Fiery had helped him out greatly.

Regardless whether was it pill refinement or battle, Fiery was Ye Yuan’s indispensable partner.

Moreover, Ye Yuan being able to leap realms to battle many times was relying all on the Origin Spirit Nine Transformations, this cultivation method. Fiery was even more essential.

Therefore, even though the face of this handsome youth before his hands was very unfamiliar, Ye Yuan felt very close.

“This … Big Brother!”

Fiery hesitated for a bit, but he still called out.

Fiery was already in a state of extreme reluctance to part with towards Ye Yuan now. Furthermore, he knew that everything of his today was all bestowed by Ye Yuan.

If without Ye Yuan, he might just be a Tier 4 essence fire forever.

“Haha, good brother!” Seeing Fiery give birth to a primordial spirit, Ye Yuan was very happy too.

“Heh heh, truly affectionate brothers! Didn’t think that I, Xie Lingzi, slumbered for so long, there were actually people who delivered you brothers in front of me. Young man, tell me … aren’t we very fated?” Xie Lingzi suddenly said with a sinister grin.

The Grayflame Heretic Fire’s main body was devoured to the limit by Fiery. His primordial spirit right now was like being drained empty. Xu Yan’s entire person was withered on the ground, already on his last gasp.

However, when he heard Xie Lingzi’s words, he suddenly shuddered.

“M-Master, y-you don’t want Grayflame anymore? Y-You want to take over this boy?”

Xie Lingzi smiled faintly when he heard that and said, “Huhu, Grayflame alone understands me! You take a look at them, one is full of vigor and vitality, one is a new-born primordial spirit. Aren’t they specially sent before me by heaven? Grayflame, once this Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus advances to Tier 9, its strength will be much stronger than yours! Therefore, using you to help him, is it not the best option?”

Xie Lingzi looked at Ye Yuan with a broad smile, as if he was already a dish in his bowl.

Ye Yuan’s expression changed drastically when he heard that and said, “Is Senior joking? Earlier, you were clearly still helping me. Why would you carry out possession on me?”

Xie Lingzi laughed loudly and said, “Joking? This Emperor is not in the leisurely mood to make jokes with you! This Emperor commanded the Divine Realm back then with an awe-inspiring reputation extending in every direction! Being able to be possessed by this Emperor, that is your honor! Young man, you better open up your divine soul and submit obediently. Or else … the taste of the divine soul being eradicated isn’t that enjoyable!”

Ye Yuan said fearfully, “Ah! Don’t! Don’t! Junior’s body isn’t that good to use. There are so many physical bodies here. Senior just randomly pick one will do.”

Xie Lingzi said with a laugh, “Brat, don’t play any games with me! I know that your capabilities are not small, but your capabilities have nowhere to be displayed at all in front of this emperor! Also, your fleshy body contains extremely powerful true dragon might. Do you think that I can’t perceive it? This fleshy body of yours, apart from the cultivation realm being a little low, it’s simply rated as perfect! Other than you, this old man turns his nose up at everyone!”

This Xie Lingzi’s knowledge was extraordinary and had long seen through the remarkable aspects of Ye Yuan’s physical body.

Powerful physical body, consummate concepts, and even took in an essence fire which gave birth to a primordial spirit. This was seriously too perfect.

Therefore, when Grayflame attempted to attack Ye Yuan earlier, not only did he block Grayflame, he even added fuel to the fire, letting Fiery devour the Grayflame Heretic Fire’s main body.

The more powerful this fleshy body was, the more satisfied Xie Lingzi was.

In his view, this physical body was simply custom-made for him.

Originally, according to Xie Lingzi’s plan, this grotto should be able to absorb sufficient divine souls and nourish his own divine soul through the array formation and let him recover to his peak state. After that, he would awaken and hunt for a quality physical body to seize over.

But plans could not catch up to changes. The Grayflame Heretic Fire actually broke through the seal and attempted to annihilate his divine soul.

Who knew that Grayflame Heretic Fire actually even lured so many martial artists here, and in an accident arising from many causes, made him regain consciousness in advance.

Although Xie Lingzi’s current condition was not very good either, pondering about taking possession of a puny little Divine Traversing Realm like Ye Yuan, it was still more than adequate.

Of course, if he knew what kind of a divine soul was housed inside this fleshy body, he definitely would not think this way!

Ye Yuan’s expression changed drastically when he heard that and said to Fiery, “Fiery, run!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan’s figure moved and was going to escape from this rock cave!

But Xie Lingzi chortled with laughter and said, “Run? Can something that this Emperor has taken fancy on escape? Come, this Emperor will bring this fleshy body and traverse the nine heavens and ten lands once more!”

Xie Lingzi’s figure moved and instantly caught up to Ye Yuan.

With a swoosh, Xie Lingzi directly tunneled into Ye Yuan’s sea of consciousness!