Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 760

Chapter 760 Sealing Off The Sea Of Consciousness

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“Ouch! Punk, you schemed against me.”

Xie Lingzi had just entered Ye Yuan’s sea of consciousness and had yet to figure out what was happening, and he was struck by a soul sword, giving off a tragic cry.

“Heh, so what if I schemed against you? Eat another blow from me!”

Ye Yuan gave a cold laugh and released a soul sword once more.


Xie Lingzi cried out miserably once more. How could he have thought that Ye Yuan, a puny little Divine Traversing Realm, would actually have such fierce divine soul attack means?

Taken by surprise, Xie Lingzi was actually successfully schemed against by Ye Yuan.

Divine soul showdowns were incomparably dangerous. Xie Lingzi receiving two soul swords attack, his divine soul immediately withered considerably.

Although Xie Lingzi was a peak Alchemy Emperor divine soul, having slumbered for such a long time, even with the sealing of an array formation, his soul force was also running on empty.

Without the assistance of a physical body, for his soul force to want to recover, it was also basically impossible. Therefore, that was why he wanted to take possession of Ye Yuan’s physical body.

“En? No, wait! Your … Your divine soul!” Xie Lingzi suddenly discovered something and actually cried out weirdly.

The current Xie Lingzi was like a bunny whose tail was stepped on, suffering a considerable shock.

“Hehe, now you realised it?” Ye Yuan said with a ridiculing laugh.

Xie Lingzi cried out weirdly again and said, “Impossible! If you seized possession and revived, how can you possibly be so compatible with the fleshy body? Could it be … Could it be … Impossible! Didn’t Grayflame say that there are already no Deity Realm old monsters anymore now? Could it be that he was lying to me?”

Xie Lingzi’s cultivation realm and horizons were far from what ordinary martial artists could compare to. When he attempted to take possession and saw Ye Yuan’s divine soul, he immediately discovered something amiss.

How was this some Divine Traversing Realm brat? This was simply a peak Alchemy Emperor old freak!

It was just that Xie Lingzi could not figure out no matter what; Ye Yuan was clearly possessed, but why could he be so compatible with the fleshy body?

Seizing possession and reviving, under normal circumstances, there was no way to be fully compatible with the new fleshy body.

Xie Lingzi prepared a series of contingency plans for the sake of taking possession and reviving. But these contingency plans could only let him reduce this kind of incompatibility to the lowest too!

The only ones able to reach this kind of degree were only Deity Realm powerhouses!

But Ye Yuan’s fleshy body was actually just like his own. This was simply something unimaginably queer.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “He didn’t lie to you. Divine Dao has already vanished for over 100 thousand years. Now, under this stretch of sky, there are indeed no Deity Realm powerhouses.”

Xie Lingzi’s eyes became round-circles as he said with a disbelieving face, “This … How is this possible? Then how did you do it?”

Ye Yuan flashed a brilliant smile and said, “You really want to know?”

Xie Lingzi nodded his head stiffly. Clearly, he was completely bewildered by this.

Ye Yuan suddenly spread his two hands out and said, “Actually, I don’t know either …”

Xie Lingzi’s expression could not help choking up as he said furiously, “You’re playing games with me!”

Ye Yuan said helplessly, “Just telling the truth. It’s you who don’t believe it!”

“I believe! I believe your freaking head! Boy, even if you’re a peak Tier 9, you’re also just birds of a feather with me right now. Who lives and who dies is still unknown!” Xie Lingzi roared furiously.

Ye Yuan said with a cold smile, “Then you can very well come and give it a shot!”

The two divine souls were both tigers who landed in the plains, lost their power and authority. Their strengths were less than one-ten-thousandth of their pinnacle period.

But there was one point: Ye Yuan was at the rising phase, while Xie Lingzi was at the declining phase.

Furthermore, in terms of divine soul methods, Ye Yuan judged himself that he would not lose to anyone!

Even if this opponent in front of him was a powerhouse in the Divine Dao Era!

“I’ll give it a try then! I don’t believe that you, a junior boy in an age of declining laws, can still overturn the skies! Divine Soul Storm!”

Xie Lingzi was indeed well-deserving of being a powerhouse in the Divine Dao Era. His opening move was an extremely violent divine soul mystic art.

As soon as this Divine Soul Storm was executed, Xie Lingzi’s divine soul immediately transformed into a tempest, and actually wanted to tear Ye Yuan’s sea of consciousness into shreds!

Ye Yuan gave a cold laugh and cried out, “Divine soul mystic art, Wind Cleaving Blade!”

A powerful soul force coalesced to form a gigantic blade, crushing over towards Xie Lingzi’s Divine Soul Storm, carrying an imposing momentum which pressed forth with an indomitable will.


The Divine Soul Storm was extremely powerful and actually directly cracked open a large gap on Ye Yuan’s blade.

But Xie Lingzi was even more tragic. His Divine Soul Storm was cleaved into two halves by Ye Yuan immediately.

When Xie Lingzi revealed his figure, his divine soul weakened considerably once more.

Ye Yuan’s divine soul likewise suffered considerable injuries, resulting in his divine soul to become a fair bit dimmer.

It was just that in comparison, it was still Ye Yuan who won slightly.

Divine soul battles and martial artists’ competition in strength were completely different. No matter how powerful your divine soul was, under such battles, it would definitely cause damage to the divine soul.

Except, if one person’s boundary was much higher compared to the other, this kind of damage could be overlooked.

But this Xie Lingzi was not an ordinary divine soul, but a Divine Dao Era’s Tier 9 powerhouse!

If the two people were both at their pinnacle period, the might of their divine souls should be more or less the same.

Therefore, even though Ye Yuan won, it was also hard for him to avoid having some damage.

But this bit of injury, Ye Yuan did not care at all!

He had a physical body as a carrier. Later, he just had to consume some medicinal pills, and he would naturally be able to recover his strength. But Xie Lingzi could not. He was just a divine soul now. He could not endure this kind of losses at all.

Let alone that Ye Yuan’s divine soul mystic art even completely trounced him.

“I didn’t expect that a junior boy in an age of declining laws actually had such strength! Truly remarkable!” Xie Lingzi said with an ugly look.

“Huhu, a Divine Dao Era’s Tier 9 powerhouse is also merely just so!” Ye Yuan said indifferently.

“Boy, don’t be so rampant by relying on that you have a physical body!” Xie Lingzi said furiously.

“I’m just bullying you by relying on that I have a physical body! So what? Come and bite me! Bite me!” Ye Yuan said with a cold smile.

Xie Lingzi was angered by Ye Yuan until he was huffing and puffing, but he could do nothing about it!

Although this move earlier was just a probe, Xie Lingzi discovered to his dismay that he was not Ye Yuan’s match at all.

When Xie Lingzi heard that there were no Deity Realm powerhouses now, he could not help harboring a sense of looking down on the present martial artists.

But through the exchange with Ye Yuan. He discovered that even if this sort of strength was placed in the Divine Dao Era, it was extremely daunting too.

If Ye Yuan was born in the Divine Dao era, he was bound to be able to achieve Deity Realm!

“Brat, this fleshy body, I don’t want it anymore! Humph, we’ll meet again another day!” Xie Lingzi missed this hit and actually backed out.

It was only to see his figure moved and actually wanted to back out from Ye Yuan’s sea of consciousness.

Ye Yuan said with a cold laugh, “Want to leave? How can it be that easy!”

All of a sudden, the surroundings became pitch-black, unable to see one’s hand in front of them.

Xie Lingzi was just about to escape but discovered to his surprise that there was no path to take. His expression could not help changing drastically as he said, “Boy, you actually sealed off your sea of consciousness! You don’t want to live anymore?”

Ye Yuan said with a cold smile, “I let you into the sea of consciousness in order to exterminate you in one stroke! Now that you want to escape from here, don’t even think about it!”