Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 761

Chapter 761 Myriad Soul Extinction

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Xie Lingzi’s expression was ugly to the extreme. He did not think that Ye Yuan deliberately lured him in.

Now, Ye Yuan sealed off the sea of consciousness to fight with him to the death!

This kind of outcome was what Xie Lingzi could not have anticipated at all prior to this.

“Boy, you doing this, do you really take me to be a soft persimmon? If I explode with full power, the two of us, both will die!”

Looking at Xie Lingzi’s appearance, he was actually turning to desperate measures when driven into a corner.

Sealing off the sea of consciousness, even Ye Yuan himself could not sense the existence of his physical body too.

Now, Ye Yuan’s physical body was simply a walking corpse and would not have the least bit of sensation.

But with the Fiery who had just advanced ranks protecting, Ye Yuan was not worried about Grayflame.

Right now, Grayflame was already not much different from a dead dog. Fiery dealing with him was more than plenty.

“Heh, you got to have the capability to do that too! Speaking of which, I very much want to experience the divine soul mystic arts of an ancient powerhouse! How about … we compare notes a little?”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan did not wait for Xie Lingzi to answer either, and actually attacked straightaway!

“Ice Soul Curse!”

Ye Yuan gave a light cry and actually condensed out a large bunch of ice shards with soul force in an instant, stabbing towards Xie Lingzi.

His approach was pestering non-stop. Even if Xie Lingzi did not want to fight, it was out of the question too!

But Ye Yuan’s divine soul mystic art was very powerful. Even if Xie Lingzi had exceedingly high attainments concerning divine souls, he was still somewhat struggling with cope with things in front of Ye Yuan.

This Ice Soul Curse looked to be an extremely powerful offensive-style divine soul mystic art at one glance. Xie Lingzi’s expression darkened, and he howled, “Nether Soul Shield!”

All of a sudden, Xie Lingzi condensed a gigantic shield with soul force, blocking it in front of him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ice shards bombarded toward the shield one by one. Tremendous impact force beat the shield back repeatedly!

But this move was not Ye Yuan’s ace in the hole. After he displayed this move, he had been observing Xie Lingzi’s divine soul mystic art constantly, his gaze revealing a pondering look.

The ancient era’s divine soul mystic arts seemed to be somewhat different from the present.

But where it was different, Ye Yuan could not pinpoint it either.

Ye Yuan’s divine soul mystic arts were numerous. Succeeding in one move, he changed styles unceasingly and carried out an indiscriminate bombing against Xie Lingzi, pressuring Xie Lingzi until he could not catch his breath at all, being exhausted from dealing with it continuously.

Ye Yuan discovered that the divine soul mystic arts he executed seemed to have slightly greater consumption compared to Xie Lingzi.

Although he took the absolute upper-hand, that was the absolute overpowering of strength. The divine soul mystic arts that Xie Lingzi displayed seemed to be more accomplished with high proficiency compared to himself.

This discovery made Ye Yuan very depressed.

Could it be that after the Divine Dao withered, martial artists’ divine soul also had some unknown transformation occurring?

Or was it because present martial artists lacked a little something, so they were unable to advance to the Deity Realm?

In contrast, the more Xie Lingzi fought, the more startled he got!

Ye Yuan was seriously too powerful. All kinds of divine soul mystic arts emerged in endless streams, seemingly inexhaustible!

If it continued like this, he would be exhausted to death by Ye Yuan!


Xie Lingzi’s soul force abruptly erupted, slamming away Ye Yuan’s attack directly.

He looked at Ye Yuan like he went mad and roared, “Brat, you forced me! I’ll let you take a look at an ancient powerhouse’s true prowess!”

Xie Lingzi’s arms opened up slightly. A majestic soul force spewed forth from his divine soul akin to an erupting volcano.

While Ye Yuan actually felt a kind of very familiar feeling in this surge of soul force.

“His soul force … it seems to encompass some sort of elusive profundity! Just what is it?” Ye Yuan muttered under his breath, seemingly not paying any attention to this powerful attack at all.

Ye Yuan’s eyes suddenly lit up, and he was pleasantly surprised in his heart as he said, “Oh right, that’s it! This mysterious aura is precisely the mysterious power contained within the golden characters! It’s just that … Xie Lingzi’s mysterious aura is too weak. If not for him erupting his soul force entirely, I wouldn’t sense it at all! Looks like he’s still a very long way away from Deity Realm!”

“Boy, facing imminent death and you’re actually still in a trance here!”

Xie Lingzi was currently releasing a big move but suddenly discovered that Ye Yuan was currently in a daze. This made him feel unbelievable fury.

He was an exalted Divine Dao Era’s big shot and was actually being looked down upon by a junior brat like so. How to make him accept this?

It was only then did Ye Yuan come back to his senses. He had an apologetic smile on his face as he said, “Ah, sorry about that. Thinking about some things earlier and became absentminded. Uh … Fortunately, I can still make it in time right now. This is your strongest divine soul mystic art? Doesn’t seem like much either. You disappoint me greatly.”

Fortunately, Xie Lingzi was a divine soul body right now. If he still had a physical body now, he would definitely be infuriated until he was heavily injured and vomit blood.

Ye Yuan’s words were seriously too infuriating. He was, at any rate, a former peak Dao Profound powerhouse too. He was actually being despised by a junior!

Except, he had yet to refute in time, and his face revealed a look of astonishment.

“Heh heh, I already have not used this move for a long time. My present soul force is barely able to support this move. Divine Dao Era’s Senior, sample the taste of this move of mine well. Because … you only have one chance to experience it!”

Ye Yuan played it down as he said it, but his soul force quietly dispersed throughout the entire sea of consciousness!

“This … How is this possible? My … My divine soul mystic arts … are actually unable to be used! You … what the hell kind of skill is this?!”

Xie Lingzi had an expression like he saw a ghost. He urged his soul force with all his might. However, his soul force was like withered, unable to be deployed at all.

Xie Lingzi had lived for ten thousand years. The cultivation skills and martial technique he had experienced before were too many to enumerate, but he had yet to see before any kind of divine soul mystic art that could make the opponent unable to even retaliate!

This kind of skill was also too horrifying.

Ye Yuan said with a faint smile, “It’s true that right now is an age of declining laws. But it’s precisely because they are unable to break through to the Deity Realm that martial artists pushed all kinds of methods to the limit, wanting to break through the fetters. Therefore, current martial artists’ strength is not as weak as you imagine! In comparison, same rank martial artists are even more powerful compared to that era of yours! Therefore … don’t look down on martial artists in a waning age!”

Xie Lingzi looked at Ye Yuan with an astonished face, as if he was a god.

“No! Don’t! I, Xie Lingzi, am someone who’s going to step into Deity Realm! How can I possibly die here?!”

Xie Lingzi yelled out crazily. Yet, no matter how he shouted, he was unable to muster up soul force.

“Myriad … Soul … Extinction!”

Out of Ye Yuan’s mouth, these three words were akin to the sound of a celestial deity.

The moment the words came out, the entire sea of consciousness quietened down.

Xie Lingzi’s mouth was still opening and closing frenziedly, but he could not emit any bit of noise anymore.

His soul force was constantly being extinguished by some inexplicable power.

While Xie Lingzi’s divine soul was like being hit, it was as if he was turning into mosaic tiles, his entire person breaking down into countless fragments!

At the start, these shards could still form a complete divine soul.

But now, those fragments fragmented once more, then they were utterly obliterated!