Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 762

Chapter 762 Mystic Qi

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With a thud, Ye Yuan plopped onto the ground, panting for air heavily.

“M-Master, is that you?”

Xu Yan had been observing Ye Yuan’s activities by the side all along. But the battle which took place inside the sea of consciousness, he was unable to pry into it.

But in accordance to his judgment, with Xie Lingzi’s strength, it was impossible to lose to such a Divine Traversing Realm brat.

Except, Xu Yan could not quite figure out why Xie Lingzi actually spent such a long time to deal with a brat like this.

Moreover, looking at Ye Yuan’s appearance, it seemed like the cost was huge.

“Huff . . . Huff . . . That damn master of yours is already thoroughly dead now! Using this move right now is indeed somewhat more than I can bear. This time, even if there are medicinal pills assisting, without half a month, I’ll probably be unable to recover,” Ye Yuan panted for air as he said powerlessly.

When Grayflame who was by the side heard Ye Yuan’s words, it was as if he was struck by a thunderbolt in clear weather!

What did he say just now?

Master . . . Master was finished off!

This . . . How was this possible?

Even if Xie Lingzi’s current condition was much worse compared to his pinnacle period, to deal with a Divine Traversing Realm brat like this, it shouldn’t need the slightest effort, right?

Xie Lingzi’s might, the Grayflame who had always been by his side was all too clear. He was actually unable to seize possession of a Divine Traversing Realm boy?

Grayflame was limp and feeble on the ground like mud at this time. But he could not resist lifting his head to take a look at Ye Yuan, as if he had seen a ghost.

This young man before his eyes who was young until it could make people disregard was really a monster-like existence!

He took possession of Xu Yan, then lured Ying Tianya over through Xu Yan’s secret arts. It was originally something that was already in the bag.

Grayflame knew that the ones here this time were all Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists. They were simply nothing to be feared to him.

But he took everything into calculations and also did not calculate that such a monster actually came this time!

Ye Yuan consumed a soul force recovering medicinal pill and rested for a while, and finally recovered.

When his gaze landed on Grayflame, Grayflame could not refrain from shuddering.

Ye Yuan flashed a bright smile and said, “You don’t have to be scared. Actually, I just want to ask you a few questions. If you answer honestly, it’s not impossible to let you live.”

Grayflame was startled and hurriedly said, “Mi-Milord, go ahead and ask. This lowly one will answer everything!”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and asked, “You experienced the Divine Dao Era. Do you know how to achieve the Deity Realm or not?!”

Ye Yuan’s question made Grayflame’s expression became very ugly too.

“Milord, even in the Divine Dao Era, Deity Realm was also an inscrutable realm. Forget about me, even Xie Lingzi lingered in front of this great gate for a long time too, unable to find the correct approach!” Grayflame said with a bitter smile.

Ye Yuan looked at Grayflame with a smile that wasn’t a smile and said, “That’s to say that you don’t have any use at all? Fiery, eradicate his primordial spirit!”

“Don’t, don’t, don’t! I . . . Although I don’t know how to achieve the Deity Realm, I know that there is one thing of utmost importance to achieve Deity Realm!” Grayflame hastily said.

Hearing Grayflame’s words, Ye Yuan was slightly stirred in his heart; he was rather surprised.

Actually, Grayflame saying that he did not know the mystery of becoming a deity was within Ye Yuan’s expectation. Except, it didn’t expect that under Ye Yuan’s bluff, he actually really swindled out some things.

“What thing?” Ye Yuan forcefully suppressed the agitation in his heart and asked.

Ye Yuan’s life-long goal in his previous life was to achieve the Alchemy God Realm. But he sought after bitterly and did not attain it.

Now that he had a chance to hear the mystery of becoming a deity, how could Ye Yuan not be agitated in his heart?

Grayflame said, “Deity Realm powerhouses and ordinary martial artists are simply people of two different worlds. Even though Xie Lingzi was considered very powerful in the Dao Profound Realm, in front of Deity Realm powerhouses, he didn’t even dare to lift his head. As for how to affirm one’s Dao and become a deity, Deity Realm powerhouses all guarded the secret closely as well. But with Xie Lingzi’s status, he knew some secrets of becoming a deity. Allegedly, achieving Deity Realm is very closely related to something called mystic qi! All martial artists must go through the baptism of mystic qi before they can transform and become a deity!”

Hearing that, Ye Yuan’s brows creased together tightly. “Mystic qi? What is that?”

Mystic qi, this name, it was Ye Yuan’s first time hearing.

Ji Qingyun was a member of the Divine Realm’s pinnacle-most group in his previous life. With regards to many secrets about Deity Realm, he was aware.

These hundred over thousand years, martial artists had never given up on the research on Deity Realm.

Each major force had its own core-most layer of secrets. Of course, there were also many things regarding Deity Realm that everyone all knew.

But Ye Yuan had never heard before that Deity Realm had something to do with a thing called mystic qi.

Grayflame shook his head when he heard that and said, “I don’t know. Deity Realm powerhouses all did not breathe a word about this to a soul. Even if there was some kind of exchange, that was also something between Deity Realm powerhouses. Martial artists beneath the Deity Realm, they did not place in their sights at all.”

Regarding this, Ye Yuan did not doubt it.

The might of Deity Realm powerhouses, ordinary martial artists had no way of imagining at all.

The gap between the Deity Realm and the Dao Profound Realm had no way of compensating using numbers at all.

No number of Dao Profound Realm powerhouses was a Deity Realm powerhouse’s match!

One could say that Deity Realm powerhouses were completely another level of life-form!

If not for so, they would not be called Deity Realm powerhouses!

Therefore, in the eyes of a Deity Realm powerhouse, ordinary martial artists did not have the qualifications of communicating with them at all.

Ye Yuan could not help revealing a pondering look.

Looks like Deity Realm powerhouses all disappearing overnight brought away too many secrets, resulting in a rupture appearing between the two eras’ martial artists.

As for this mystic qi, it sounds rather like an existence similar to essence energy. It was just that this mystic qi was probably a level higher than essence energy.

But according to what Grayflame said, he did not know what mystic qi was at all. That indicated that this sort of thing was probably not that easy to perceive.

Either it was extremely rare, or it required reaching some sort of profound boundary before one could perceive it. Or perhaps, both at the same time.

All in all, becoming a deity . . . was as hard as reaching the sky!

In the Divine Dao Era, it was already extremely difficult. In this present age of declining laws, becoming a deity was even more a kind of extravagant hope.

Perhaps . . . in the Godsfall Mountain Range, some secrets of becoming deity are hidden. When the time is right, I can go there and investigate properly, Ye Yuan thought to himself secretly in his heart.

Right now, in the Divine Realm, the vast majority of things related to Deity Realm were all obtained in the Godsfall Mountain Range, including the golden characters inside Ye Yuan’s sea of consciousness!

If talking about which place in the Divine Realm was the closest to Divine Realm, there was only the Godsfall Mountain Range.

But with this mystic qi, Ye Yuan going to explore the Godsfall Mountain Range had even more focus and direction.

“Mi-Milord, this lowly one has already said all that I know. I beg you, stay your hand in mercy and let me off!” Grayflame said with a mournful face.

Ye Yuan shot him a glance and said with a smile, “I promised to let you live. I naturally won’t go back on my words. But a primordial spirit like you, I don’t dare to let you follow your inclinations. So . . .”

Ye Yuan suddenly smacked a palm out over towards the top of Xu Yan’s head.