Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 763

Chapter 763 Favor

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Ye Yuan opened up his five fingers and directly grabbed the top of Xu Yan’s head.

A powerful suction tapped into Xu Yan’s sea of consciousness and actually dragged Grayflame’s primordial spirit out straight away.

If Grayflame was at his prime, Ye Yuan naturally could not accomplish this. But his main body was completely gobbled up by Fiery. Grayflame’s primordial spirit was extremely weak and could only be at Ye Yuan’s mercy too.

Ye Yuan retrieved a small bottle and sealed Grayflame inside immediately.

Inside the small bottle had no essence energy to replenish. Grayflame would also forever not be able to recover his main body’s strength.

To an essence fire which gave birth to a primordial spirit, the primordial spirit was the most crucial.

As long as the primordial spirit was not annihilated, they could draw on the fire origin power in heaven and earth ceaselessly and could recover to their peak state.

“Fiery, you enter Vast Heaven Pagoda to cultivate first. Your existence is too conspicuous. It’s easy to attract the covetous eyes of an observant and conscientious person. Later, I’ll impart you a few cultivation methods. When you master them, it can let your combat power rise substantially,” Ye Yuan said to Fiery.

Fiery was overjoyed as he nodded his head and said, “Many thanks, Big Brother! Then I’ll dispatch a clone to follow you. If there’s any need, Big Brother you just call me out straight away will do.”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan’s mind stirred and put Fiery away inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

Giving birth to a primordial spirit, Fiery was an independent individual already; he was not much different from ordinary martial artists.

It was just that giving birth to a primordial spirit at this cultivation realm, Fiery was indeed rather heaven-defying and not too suitable to appear in front of people.

But even so, Fiery would also be a major trump card of Ye Yuan’s in the future.

Even if Fiery did not do anything, just using the might of essence fire was plenty more than ordinary Boundless Realm martial artists could bear. Let alone that Ye Yuan still had many fire controlling arts on hand. After imparting some methods to Fiery, it could let his strength have a very large increase within a short period.

Finished doing these, Ye Yuan fed the Pinnate Star Grass juice refined previously one by one for everyone to consume, then started meditating to recover his strength inside this rock cave.

Executing the Myriad Soul Extinction previously had a tremendous burden on his divine soul.

This Myriad Soul Extinction skill was created several tens of thousands of years ago by a powerful Alchemy Emperor. Its might was exceedingly terrifying.

Divine soul mystic arts were alchemists’ primary attack methods. Powerful alchemists were able to forcefully withstand Divine King Realm powerhouses’ martial technique with divine soul mystic art, even kill Divine Kings!

In reality, Ji Zhengyang father and son had this level of strength back then too. If not for being plotted against by Ji Zhengyang, their father and son pair also would not have ended up perishing.

Ye Yuan’s current soul force, just displaying this move face-front, he could not even unleash one-thousandth of this move’s might.

But even so, Myriad Soul Extinction was also not what Xie Lingzi, this remnant soul, could withstand.

Actually, Ye Yuan thought of asking some things from Xie Lingzi. But later, he gave up on this idea.

This Xie Lingzi was too dangerous. Better annihilate straight away was safer.

Before long, Jun Tianyu was the first one to gradually wake up.

Jun Tianyu’s alertness was very high. The first thing he did when he woke up was to circulate his essence energy to guard against any accidents.

But very soon, he saw Ye Yuan currently smiling at him. Only then did he set his mind at ease.

“Brother Jun is indeed formidable! Your cultivation realm is inferior to Ying Tianya and Pei Wenqiang, but you woke up first before them,” Ye Yuan praised.

Jun Tianyu was indeed an exceptional talent. In terms of potential, he flung these two City Lords several streets behind.

Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists that came out to be the lord of a city all basically did not have much hope in the Martial Path, that was why they would seek for another way out.

As long as they still had hope in Martial Arts, most would remain in the holy land to continue cultivating bitterly.

But Jun Tianyu was an outlier in Ancient Opulence City.

Jun Tianyu blushed with shame, but then he pointed at the Xu Yan who was already dead and said in surprise, “This person …”

Ye Yuan let out a slight sigh and briefly recounted the entire process of the incident, but he concealed being seized possession of by Xie Lingzi this part.

Based on Ye Yuan’s story, Xie Lingzi and his primordial spirit fell out and became enemies. Only then did he have an opportunity to exploit, rounding them up in one fell swoop.

Except, even so, Jun Tianyu was incomparably astonished too.

Ye Yuan said it simply, but to find the lease of life in this, it really could not be done by the average person.

Not long after, Ying Tianya and Pei Wenqiang pretty much woke up at the same time. The others also gradually woke up one after another.

Of course, they who had just regained consciousness also had a look of being struck senseless regarding the present situation. Jun Tianyu briefly recounted the situation. Only then did they know that they squeaked by with their lives again.

Not only did Ye Yuan eradicate Xie Lingzi and Grayflame Heretic Fire, he even resolved the Strange Nether Flower poison in their bodies.

No matter whether they were willing or not, each one of these people owed Ye Yuan a tremendous favor.

Especially Pei Wenqiang and He Shuming. These two people incredibly embarrassed by the side.

But Ying Tianya had a bitter look. His relationship with Xu Yan was excellent. Hence, he put his life on the line and also had to come to this ancient grotto to save Xu Yan.

It was just that he never would have thought that turns out before he entered this grotto, Xu Yan was already possessed by Grayflame Heretic Fire!

Ying Tianya hugged Xu Yan’s corpse and wept his eyes out, making everyone by the side unable to refrain from feeling sorrowful in their hearts too.

This trip, if not for Ye Yuan, their outcome would probably all be incomparably tragic.

Before this, they would already be completely wiped out.

Even though they all woke up, each and every one had the greater half of their essence energy extracted. Even if they returned to form, their cultivation realms likely faced the risk of falling too.

Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists were still fine, but Boundless Realm martial artists’ losses this time were a little too much. According to Ye Yuan’s estimation, it should be very hard to recover to peak strength.

Of course, Ye Yuan had the ability to help them eliminate the hidden dangers. But he was not a goody-two-shoes to this sort of extent.

Except, at this sort of time, there was already no one who paid attention to this. Being able to survive by a fluke was already very not easy.

After a long while, Ying Tianya finally pulled it together. He put away Xu Yan’s corpse, planning to send it back to the holy land to bury.

What made Ye Yuan surprised was that right at this time, Pei Wenqiang actually came in front of him and said with clasped hands, “Boy, this trip … many thanks!”

This Pei Wenqiang relied on that his elder brother was one of the Seven Holy Sons and had never shown anyone respect.

But this time, Ye Yuan took action to save him over and over again. This also finally made him feel rather embarrassed.

Ye Yuan knew that with Pei Wenqiang’s personality, being able to say out these two words were already very not easy.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “No need to be courteous. You also said it, it was in order for myself to be able to exit. Therefore, we’re square!”

Pei Wenqiang was a person who valued face tremendously. If Ye Yuan climbed up along the pole, he would feel a little better instead.

But Ye Yuan saying that they were square very magnanimously made him feel very disgraced instead.

It was only to see him said with a livid face, “Boy, don’t give me that! This Pei never owes other people! This favor, this Pei has noted it down! If you need any help in the future, as long as it’s within the holy land, this Pei has the ability to help you achieve it!”

Ye Yuan shot him a glance and said with a faint smile, “Fine. When the time comes, I’ll go and look for you.”