Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 764

Chapter 764 Reminisce

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“Ye Yuan, how do we exit now?”

Jun Tianyu asked what everyone was wondering. Everyone perked their ears up. This damn place, they did not wish to stay for a moment longer!

Even Ying Tianya and Pei Wenqiang also involuntarily perked their ears up.

From the moment they woke up, Ye Yuan already became the absolute backbone of their group of people.

Forget about He Shuming, even the Pei Wenqiang who always liked to jump around bowed his head in submission already. Who else dared to jump out?

Ye Yuan said, “The exit is right at the sacrificial altar there. Let’s go!”

During the period that everyone was unconscious, Ye Yuan did not stay idle. He used secret arts to torture the Grayflame primordial spirit for a bout, forcing him to say out many of this grotto’s secrets.

Xie Lingzi prepared many contingency plans for the sake of reviving anew.

These back-up plans, he did not get to use them all. All of these benefited Ye Yuan.

And that sacrificial altar was not just the core of the Luo Tian Soul Sealing Grand Array, it was also the grotto’s passageway leading to the outside world.

One had to admit that this Xie Lingzi’s attainments in formations were still praiseworthy. The ingenuity of his ideas, Ye Yuan rather admired it too.

On the sacrificial altar, Ye Yuan opened up the transmission array according to the method Grayflame had told him. Everyone pushed open the coffin, but the things inside were already moved out by Ye Yuan long ago, completely empty.

Inside this coffin was the transmission array’s passageway.

Everyone entered the coffin. A radiant light flashed, and they finally vanished from inside this ancient grotto.

At this very moment, in the far-away Rang Shi Region, Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s headquarters, an Alchemy Emperor was currently researching medicinal pills.

An old man whose hair and beard were all white was sitting not far away from him, currently enjoying tea.

Alchemy Emperors researching medicinal pills were something that was most common.

It was just that what was placed on his table were actually all Tier 5 medicinal pills!

An Alchemy Emperor powerhouse researching Tier 5 medicinal pills, now this, was not a usual thing.

Many jade containers were placed on the table. Inside the containers had all sorts of liquid.

As he researched, his brows were tightly knitted.

In the end, he drew a breath and sighed deeply, putting down the work in his hands.

When that old man whose hair and beard were all white saw the situation, he put down the teacup in his hand, came to the alchemy emperor’s side, and said rather surprisedly, “Younger Brother Xun Ze, even you can’t deconstruct these measly little Tier 5 medicinal pills too?”

“First Elder, it’s not that I, Xun Ze, am boosting other people’s morale while diminishing our prestige. Even if these medicinal pills are brought to the Alchemist Association, those few old monsters might not be able to deconstruct them either!” Xun Ze said with an emotional sigh.

First Elder’s eyebrows raised up as he said in amazement, “Really that freaky?”

Xun Ze nodded and said, “These Tier 5 medicinal pills look simple, but they were refined and formed with unique methods. And the compositions we deconstructed, logically speaking, are not able to be refined into pills at all when put together. This alchemist is simply a genius. I truly have no idea what kind of method he used to combine these medicinal herbs together, and even let the medicinal pills’ medicinal effects increase so much. In my view, this is simply inconceivable!”

This Xun Ze was the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s head alchemist, and also the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s one and only high-rank Alchemy Emperor!

And the medicinal pills he was researching were precisely the medicinal pills sent over from the far-away White Valiant Region, Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s branch, and also the few types of medicinal pills Ye Yuan newly rolled out.

Actually, after these medicinal pills were sent to the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s headquarters, there was already a batch of Alchemy Emperor powerhouses who attempted to deconstruct them before. It was just that the final outcome was apparent.

The Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company saw a business opportunity from these medicinal pills and were naturally unresigned to fail just like this. Hence, they let the White Valiant Region sent some medicinal pills over again and let the head alchemist, Master Xun Ze, attempt decomposition.

Except, the final result was still a failure!

These medicinal pills were actually all improved by Ye Yuan in his early days in order to research medicinal theory. It was just that Ye Yuan did not let them surface in the world.

In his previous life, Ji Qingyun was incredibly haughty and held these sort of improved-versions of Tier 5 medicinal pills in contempt.

What could truly move Ji Qingyun was probably also just some seldom-seen Tier 9 medicinal pills.

It was also fortunate that Ye Yuan did not make these medicinal pills known to the public in his previous life. Or else, he would really not dare to anyhow take them out to sell.

He, First Elder, clearly knew the business too. Hearing this, he said rather surprisedly, “The medicinal theory … actually doesn’t make sense?”

Xun Ze nodded and said, “Not just doesn’t make sense, it’s simply full of shit! These few kinds of medicinal herbs grouped together, logically speaking, even if given to an Alchemy God to refine, it should also be invalid pills! Really don’t know what this alchemist did, to actually be able to turn the rotten into something magical! First Elder, these medicinal pills … just who refined them?”

“Ssss … Then that’s really freaky! I’ve already asked the White Valiant Region branch before. These medicinal pills were only refined by a Divine Traversing Realm boy who just ascended!” When First Elder said this, even he himself did not quite dare to believe it.

Xun Ze grabbed hold of First Elder’s clothes when he heard that and cried out in shock, “What did you say? Divine Traversing Realm? Alchemy Sovereign? This … You aren’t joking with me, right?”

Xun Ze’s startled cry, even his voice changed pitch. The shock in his heart could be imagined.

A peak alchemist like Xun Ze would never concern himself with the affairs of the world.

When First Elder brought the medicinal pills for him to deconstruct, even though he was rather disapproving in his heart, he still did it.

Let alone that there were already many Alchemy Emperors who could not deconstruct them before this. Therefore, he did not ask about these medicinal pills’ origins at all.

Now, when he heard that it was refined by an Alchemy Sovereign, his first reaction was that … it was impossible!

First Elder smiled bitterly and said, “Younger Brother Xun Ze, do you feel that I have much spare time to crack this kind of joke with you? Actually, the first time I heard this news, I totally did not believe it too. But only after inquiring repeatedly did I confirm that this was indeed true! But I heard that there is still a master behind this boy. It’s just that this expert has never shown face before. That side is guessing whether or not this so-called expert doesn’t exist at all!”

Xun Ze sucked in a cold breath, his gaze becoming astonished. “First Elder, actually, after I failed earlier, I associated it with someone! If there is really anyone who’s able to reach this level in this world … then there can only be him! But the problem is, that person is long dead already! Could it be that … this junior obtained the legacy of an Alchemy God in the Lower Realms?”

The moment the words came out, even Xun Ze himself shook his head and denied it, saying, “How is that possible? It’s too preposterous!”

First Elder’s heart was stirred, and he asked, “Could whom you’re talking about earlier be …”

Xun Ze nodded his head, with a close to idolizing expression, as he said one by one, “That’s right, it’s Ji Qingyun!”

Pausing for a moment, Xun Ze added on, “Ji Qingyun is absolutely the number one alchemy genius in these tens of thousands of years! His understanding towards alchemy is poles apart from us, these so-called Alchemy Emperors! It’s precisely because so that he would frequently refine out some unimaginably queer medicinal pills! If not for this shackle being unbreakable, him becoming an Alchemy God was something sooner or later! Sigh … alas, a genius of his generation actually perished just like this.”