Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 765

Chapter 765 Long Time No See Have You Been Well?

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First Elder and Xun Ze discussed about Ji Qingyun, both lamenting greatly, especially Xun Ze.

Xun Ze, as a high-rank Alchemy Emperor, was already standing at the apex of the alchemist food chain.

But even he actually had exceedingly idolizing mentality toward Ji Qingyun.

“Speaking of which, ever since after the Ji Family father and son perished, not only did this Medicine King Hall not decline, it became even more powerful instead! It’s just that this Medicine King Hall is becoming increasingly mysterious. Originally, our Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company still had some collaborations with them. But now, it’s all suspended,” First Elder said.

When the Medicine King Hall was at its pinnacle period, it was the target various Divine Realm peak trading companies fell over each other to cooperate with. At one point, it even overshadowed the Alchemist Association.

Except, the past was already gone with the wind.

The present Medicine King Hall was also no longer that Medicine King Hall in the past.

Xun Ze heaved a sigh and said, “Ji Qingyun’s death was a sort of retrogression to the alchemy path! If he didn’t die, the entire alchemy world would have had a revolutionary transformation take place before long! If it was like that, it might also be another beginning for the Divine Realm! A shame, such a shame!”

“But to say that the boy who refined these few kinds of medicinal pills have any relation with Ji Qingyun, that’s also too far-fetched. The way I see it, he should have gotten some ancient alchemist’s inheritance, that’s how he knew how to refine these few medicinal pills,” First Elder said.

Xun Ze nodded and said, “Should be this case! But I suggest for the trading firm to pay more attention to this boy. If there’s a possibility, letting him join the trading company is for the best. His future accomplishments will surely be above mine!”

First Elder said, “I naturally know that! These medicinal pills …”

“Leave them. Later, I’ll invite some fellow alchemists to research these medicinal pills together.” Xun Ze said.

In the Great Xiang Region, there were two Rank One Holy Lands: Bright Moon City and Vastsun City.

Bright Moon City was renowned throughout the Divine Realm because of the Moonlight Heavenly Eye, while Vastsun City became a household name with the Vastsun Flameheart Pupil.

Two mighty Rank One Holy Lands were respectively controlled by the two great Yue and Zhou families. No one was able to shake them.

But at this time, Bright Moon City’s Yue Family welcomed an esteemed guest. This person was the Alchemist Association’s vice-chairman, Lord Quan Xingzi!

Even Yue Mengli did not expect it either, that the Zhou Family actually able to invite Quan Xingzi over.

Except, after giving Yue Mengli a round of diagnosis, Quan Xingzi’s brows knitted together and repeatedly lamented, “How strange! How strange!”

Zhou Yan carefully asked at the side, “Lord Chairman, what strange aspects … does Li-er’s illness have?”

Quan Xingzi was invited by the Zhou Family. Hence, Zhou Yan naturally had to accompany her by the side. Curing Yue Mengli would be his, Zhou Yan’s, meritorious deed. Yue Mengli would not be able to find any more reason to object to this marriage.

Quan Xingzi said, “I did a round of examination just now and discovered that apart from possessing the Moonlight Heavenly Eye Physique, Li-er actually still has another extremely rare spirit physique!”

The moment these words came out, Zhou Yan’s expression became stiff, and his heart palpitated.

“Lord Chairman, logically speaking, having two kinds of spirit physiques should be a good thing, why …”

Zhou Yan cried out in his heart: must not be that whatever Innate Battle Soul Physique!

Yet, reality was this cruel. Quan Xingzi said, “If it were an ordinary spirit physique, it would naturally be a good thing. But this Innate Battle Soul Physique is different! In the Divine Realm’s records, the Innate Battle Soul Physique merely appeared a few scanty times. This kind of spirit physique requires the spirit and flesh to merge into one but clashes with the Moonlight Heavenly Eye Physique. Two kinds of spirit physiques preying on the divine soul, resulting in Li-er’s present ailment.”

With every word Quan Xingzi said, Zhou Yan’s face became a shade darker.

His diagnosis was actually exactly the same as that punk’s! Really seeing ghosts!

When Li-er heard these words, she could not resist smiling at Ye Qing.

Ye Yuan was indeed formidable. In terms of alchemy standards, he was absolutely not beneath this Lord Quan Xingzi!

However, Ye Yuan said that he was able to treat the conflicting agony of her spirit physiques. This Quan Xingzi … probably could not do it, right?

“Lord Chairman, then Li-er’s illness …” Zhou Yan’s eyes carried some hope. He prayed inwardly for Quan Xingzi to be able to cure it.

That way, he could kill that brat without any qualms!

These few days, Zhou Yan had been pestering Yue Mengli every day. But how could he not feel that Yue Mengli’s heart was all tied up in that detestable brat’s hands!

With the passing of time, the jealousy in his heart grew increasingly thicker.

Quan Xingzi heaved a sigh and said, “Divine soul ailments are the most dangerous. Furthermore, spirit physiques are born from heaven and earth, and there’s completely no way of using medicinal strength to change it. Unless the heaven can take back one of her spirit physiques, otherwise, it’s incurable!”

Zhou Yan’s expression changed, and he said unresignedly, “Lord Chairman’s alchemy cultivation is exceedingly high. Could it be that even you are helpless too?”

Quan Xingzi said helplessly, “No matter how strong one’s Alchemy Path cultivation is, it’s also not omnipotent. There are always terminal illnesses that can’t be treated. Sigh, these two types of spirit physiques, any one of them would be exceptionally formidable. But gathering onto one body, it’s true fate making a mockery out of people! Li-er must not utilize soul force in the future. Or else, the consequences would be too ghastly to imagine.”

As he said, he looked at the Ye Qing by the side, his expression easing up slightly as he said, “Azure Spirit Trees are exceedingly rare. I believe that your father expended a considerable price in order to obtain him, right? It’s just that even with the Azure Spirit Heart Fusing Fluid, it can only treat the symptoms and not the root.”

Zhou Yan’s expression suddenly changed, and he asked Quan Xingzi, “Lord Chairman, if even you can’t cure this illness of Li-er’s too, is there still anyone who can treat it in this world? Chairman Jing he …”

The Chairman Jing from Zhou Yan’s mouth was precisely the Divine Realm’s Alchemy Path’s pinnacle existence, the Alchemist Association’s chairman, Jing Fengtian!

Quan Xingzi shook his head and said, “As far as I know, Chairman Jing probably won’t cut it either! Moreover, even if he’s able to, it’s likely very hard for Li-er to be able to wait for him to take action as well.”

Zhou Yan suddenly said with Yue Mengli with a cold smile, “Li-er, did you hear that?! Even Chairman Jing can’t. Could it be that you think a lower realm’s aboriginal can cure your terminal illness?”

Yue Mengli cracked a smile and said, “Since even Chairman Jing can do nothing to help, then why not let him give it a try?”

“You! I think that you’re thinking about that aboriginal in your heart, right?!” Zhou Yan said furiously.

“So what if yes?” Yue Mengli said neither obsequiously nor haughtily.

“You!” Zhou Yan’s entire person was about stomp off in a rage.

“Li-er! Honorable Nephew did not stint to invite Lord Quan Xingzi here to diagnose your pulse with the best of intentions. What’s with your attitude?!” said a dignified middle-aged man by the side.

This middle-aged man was precisely the lord of Bright Moon City, Yue Nantian!

Previously, he did not speak the whole time. At this time, he finally could not refrain from opening his mouth.

“Aboriginal? Huhu, pardon this old man for speaking bluntly, but how can a lower realm’s aboriginal possibly treat such a terminal illness?” Quan Xingzi suddenly said with a laugh.

When Zhou Yan heard these words, his spirit was immediately greatly excited. Like putting on a display of power, he said to Yue Mengli, “Li-er, did you hear that or not?”

Yue Mengli gave him a disdainful glance and said with a cold smile, “Looks like Zhou Yan very much hopes for me to let go of this world!”

Zhou Yan’s expression turned stiff, and he hurriedly said, “I … I didn’t mean that!”

In the end, it ended on a sour note. After everyone left, Yue Mengli’s face appeared slightly haggard as she muttered under her breath, “In a blink, it’s already over a year. It’s been a long time. I wonder if have you been well?”