Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 766

Chapter 766 Backlogged Orders

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Initially she thought that the longing for Ye Yuan was just because he was very similar to that person.

But after Yue Mengli returned to the Divine Realm, she discovered that Ye Yuan’s figure kept on lingering in her mind and not leave.

The present Yue Mengli had deep yearning written all over her face.

“According to Ye Yuan’s cultivation speed, he has probably already ascended to the Divine Realm now, right?” Ye Qing suddenly said.

Yue Mengli nodded her head, but she said worriedly, “What I’m worried about is also precisely this! Zhou Yan planted a Vastsun Flameheart Pupil imprint on Ye Yuan’s body. If he’s really bent on dealing with Ye Yuan, with his present strength, he’s definitely not a match!”

But Ye Qing smiled and said, “I don’t know about other people, but Ye Yuan that boy is very abnormal! A measly little imprint presumably won’t have much effect on him at all.”

Yue Mengli’s eyes lit up, and she said, “Really?”

Ye Qing nodded and said, “When have you see that boy suffer a loss before? Moreover, if Ye Yuan is really that person you suspect, how would he place a puny little Zhou Yan in his sights? Rest assured, wait until that boy shows up in front of you once more, he’ll definitely trample Zhou Yan underfoot!”

These few days, Ye Qing had been following Yue Mengli constantly and also knew quite a bit of secret concerning Ye Yuan, including Yue Mengli’s suspicions about Ye Yuan.

Yue Mengli said half-disbelievingly, “Really?”

“If you don’t believe me, you just wait and see!” Ye Qing said with a smile.

At the same time, Zhou Yan was currently in a towering rage. “This damn aboriginal! To actually wipe away this young master’s Vastsun Flameheart Pupil imprint! Damn it! Damn it! This Young Master doesn’t believe that a puny little aboriginal can really cure Li-er’s illness! Zhou Yu, according to the coordinates, that aboriginal who ascended from the Endless World should be in the south-west few regions! You send people over right now! You must find that punk for me!”

“Yes, Young Master!” A guard-looking middle-aged man acknowledged.

When Zhou Yan entered the Endless World back then, it was through the coordinates given by that black-robed man, directly shattering the plane and going down. As for where Endless World martial artists were able to ascend to, he did not know either.

There were more than hundreds of millions of small worlds in the Lower Realms. Wanting to check the corresponding region for each small world’s ascenders, that was virtually something impossible.

Zhou Yan could only roughly ascertain the region Ye Yuan ascended to through coordinates.

Back then, Zhou Yan leaving an imprint on Ye Yuan’s body was in order to find Ye Yuan easier.

But who knew that before Ye Yuan ascended, he wiped away the Vastsun Flameheart Pupil imprint.

Today, Zhou Yan deliberately went to sense the imprint he left behind but discovered that there was no response at all. Only then did he realise that the imprint was already erased by Ye Yuan unknowingly.

How could Zhou Yan know that in the previous life, Ji Qingyun had some friendship with both the Zhou and Yue families? He was even very familiar with the Vastsun Flameheart Pupil’s method.

With Ye Yuan’s means, wanting to erase the imprint without making it known to gods nor ghosts, it was too easy.

At present, over half a month’s time had already passed since Ye Yuan and the others came out from Xie Lingzi’s grotto.

In this half a month’s time, the entire Ancient Opulence City appeared very peaceful.

Not long after Ying Tianya came back, he brought Xu Yan’s remains back to the holy land.

He Shuming also chose to enter terminal seclusion straight away and no longer appeared in public either.

Ye Yuan and Jun Tianyu similarly chose to enter closed-seclusion. Jun Tianyu’s losses in the Starmist Radiantfire Formation was not small either, and he had no choice but to enter a retreat to consolidate his cultivation realm.

Ye Yuan’s divine soul likewise had considerable losses. In this half a month’s time, Ye Yuan also expended quite a few medicinal pills before fully restoring his divine soul.

Since leaving Ancient Opulence City until Ye Yuan exited seclusion, in-between this had roughly two month’s time elapsed. But during this period of time, there was a backlog of a large number of Tier 6 medicinal pill orders.

Ye Yuan had refined a batch of Tier 6 medicinal pills before leaving. The final outcome was naturally the same as what he said: the vast majority were superior-grade medicinal pills.

With this, the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s reputation had a superb start in Ancient Opulence City.

The Boundless Realm martial artists in Ancient Opulence City practically almost trampled the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s doorsill flat. Every day, there were large numbers of Tier 6 medicinal pill orders.

But Ye Yuan was not around. Qian-er and Li Huisheng looked at this large batch of orders but were at a loss on what to do.

They did not dare to make this sort of guarantee that the Tier 6 medicinal pills given to everybody would all be superior-grade.

Li Huisheng even came up with a rotten idea during this, wanting to let the Meteor Trading Company’s Alchemy Ancestor powerhouse come and refine, but this was flatly rejected by Qian-er.

This kind of thing like public praise must not be ruined!

With no other choice, Qian-er could only push all of these orders back and wait for Ye Yuan to return.

How could Qian-er have expected that Ye Yuan actually entered a retreat immediately after coming back? Moreover, this retreat was half a month’s time.

This kind of martial artists who put down an order immediately, most of them needed the medicinal pills urgently.

Backlogging two month’s of orders all at once, how could these martial artists not be anxious?

Especially these few days, those martial artists wished that they could tear down the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s signboard!

Qian-er was anxious until she was pacing around in circles at Ye Yuan’s seclusion venue. No idea how long had passed either, she finally caught sight of Ye Yuan exiting seclusion!

“My lord and master, you finally exited seclusion! If you still don’t exit seclusion, the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion will really have to wind up for good!” Qian-er carried a resentful tone as she grumbled.

Qian-er actually carried some spoiled-overtones when she said these words, making people unable to get angry.

Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that and said, “If it goes out of business, just open again will do. The sky won’t fall! Talk about it, what did you run into?”

Qian-er said anxiously, “You! Why do you not have any score in your heart at all? The fire is already burning up to the eyebrows, and you’re actually not nervous at all!”

Qian-er said the predicament the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion faced for Ye Yuan to hear. Initially, she thought that Ye Yuan would be burning with anxiety. But who knew that he just smiled faintly and said, “I was wondering how big a matter it was. Isn’t it just some Tier 6 medicinal pills? Give the orders all to me. Latest by two day’s time, I’ll hand the medicinal pills all to your hands!”

Qian-er stared with wide eyes and said, “T-Two days? You aren’t joking with me? I have hundreds of Tier 6 medicinal pill orders on hand. That expert behind you can actually refine finish in two days?”

Actually, Qian-er had surmises long ago. What expert behind? Utter nonsense!

This person who refined the Tier 6 medicinal pills was definitely Ye Yuan himself!

It was just that some words, it was not appropriate for Qian-er to say explicitly. Qian-er was a clever person. She knew that once some words were said, their collaboration with Ye Yuan would come to an end here.

Actually, when Qian-er heard Ye Yuan make that sort of promise back then, she jumped in fright too.

It was just that hearing Ye Yuan said that there was a master behind afterwards did Qian-er set her mind at ease a little.

Yet, Ye Yuan and she, they had been very close. She had never seen before whatever so-called expert.

Therefore, she boldly guessed that the one who refined the medicinal pills was Ye Yuan himself!

At that time, she gave herself a great fright too, feeling that this kind of result was too fantastical. How could an Alchemy Sovereign Realm alchemist possibly refine Tier 6 medicinal pills?

It was fine if refining Tier 6 medicinal pills. But they were even all superior-grade and above medicinal pills! This was too outrageous!