Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 767

Chapter 767 Brought Trouble Onto Himself

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Qian-er did not tell anyone the result of her guesses, including the Meteor Trading Company’s people.

It was because she saw a huge business opportunity on Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan using an excuse that there was an expert assisting behind was because right now, he did not wish for others to know that he could refine Tier 6 medicinal pills.

If she divulged this information, once Ye Yuan knew about it, he would surely fall out with her.

The so-called cooperation would also come to an end here.

But Qian-er was not a short-sighted person. Ye Yuan’s alchemy talent was too heaven-defying. If they made friends with him well, wouldn’t the Meteor Trading Company soar to the heavens in the future?

Once such a character grew up, they would surely astonish the entire Divine Realm in the future!

It was easy to add flowers to embroidery but tough to deliver charcoal in the snow.

Ye Yuan was rising up from a nobody right now. It was precisely the time he needed support. Therefore, Qian-er decided to build good relations with Ye Yuan at any cost!

It was just that even so, when she heard that Ye Yuan only needed two days to finish refining all of the several hundred Tier 6 medicinal pills, it shocked her until her jaws were wide open.

These several hundred Tier 6 medicinal pills, even if given to He Shuming to refine, it would probably take half a month, even a month’s time too.

But Ye Yuan this puny little Alchemy Sovereign actually only needed two days?

Ye Yuan said coolly, “That person’s strength is not what you can imagine. These medicinal pills are not worth mentioning at all in his eyes. Later, you let them send the medicinal herbs and orders all to my residence. Two days later, you’ll naturally have an answer that satisfies you.”

Ye Yuan had said all these, but then he seemed to have thought of something again and said, “Oh, right, these Tier 6 medicinal pill orders, got to restrict them a little in the future. Otherwise, there will be no end to it. Uh … If there are martial artists whose medicinal pills are used for saving lives, they can cut the line or something.”

“This … Alright then. Oh yes, there’s still something. The Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s Chairman, Zuo Xin, has already come to the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion to find you many times. I’ve already told him that you’re in closed-seclusion. But he still comes over every day. I reckon that he should arrive around this time?” Qian-er said.

Ye Yuan was slightly surprised as he said, “Oh? Looks like they almost can’t take it anymore!”

Talking about this, Qian-er said with a smug smile, “That goes without saying! These two month, our Meteor Trading Company launched an attack all-round and already beat their Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company until they don’t have the strength to retaliate at all! Now, in the Ancient Opulence City, our Meteor Trading Company has already leaped to first place as the number one major trading firm, while the market their Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company is occupying now is only less than 30%.”

Ye Yuan came back hastily and entered a retreat very hastily. He really did not pay attention to the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s current operation situation.

Now, hearing Qian-er say so, he was very surprised.

That Zuo Xin could lead the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company to firmly occupy the position of number one major trading firm in the Ancient Opulence City, he absolutely had some skill.

Furthermore, the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company was deeply rooted in the Ancient Opulence City. Their relationships were deeply-entwined together into an intricate mess. It was very hard others to go against them.

Even though Ye Yuan was very confident in his own medicinal pills, he also did not think that the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion could utterly beat down the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company within a year.

He did not expect that Qian-er only used two month to squeeze the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company dry until they were only left with less than 30% of the market.

This result involuntarily made Ye Yuan view Qian-er in a different light.

In Ye Yuan’s impression, Qian-er did not have much capability at all, seeing that she was unable to deal with the situation after being so long in Ancient Opulence City. She should have belonged to the flower-vase type. 1

Furthermore, this lass did not have any foresight at all. The last time, she did not look at his medicinal pills at all and was going to drive people out.

If not on account of their chairman’s face, Ye Yuan would probably not even be bothered to work together with the Meteor Trading Company.

Sensing Ye Yuan’s gaze, Qian-er could not help turning angry from embarrassment and saying, “What’s the meaning of your eyes? If you don’t believe me, you can go and take a look at these two months’ accounts!”

But Ye Yuan shook his head and said with a smile, “No need. I believe what you say.”

“Then what do you mean?”

Ye Yuan withdrew his gaze and said smilingly, “Looks like I underestimated you. I didn’t expect that a young lady like you actually has such means. Makes me rather surprised.”

Qian-er smiled smugly when she heard that and said, “This young lady has plenty of means! In the past, it’s just a clever housewife who can’t cook a meal without rice! Borrowing this surge of eastern winds 2 , wouldn’t I utterly destroy Zuo Xin that old punk? If not for the headquarters not agreeing to send an Alchemy Ancestor powerhouse over here, our Meteor Trading Company would long have been the Ancient Opulence City’s number one trading company! Speaking of which, the one who rendered the greatest meritorious service this time is still you. Even if I had any more methods, it’s impossible to bring down the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company too!”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “It’s for the sake of my own cultivation too. You don’t have to overthink it. But we already know each other for so long, and I only know that you’re called Qian-er. I don’t even know your surname and have never seen your real appearance before either. Isn’t this cooperation of ours … falling short of reality?”

Qian-er was stunned and did not expect that Ye Yuan would suddenly pose such a question. Hesitating for a bit, she still unveiled her own face-veil.

“I’m called Zhao Qian. Now, does it live up to the true sense of the term?” Zhao Qian said with a slight smile.

Seeing Zhao Qian’s beauty that transcended the secular, Ye Yuan’s eyes involuntarily lit up as he praised, “Miss Qian-er has such stunning looks. Wouldn’t doing business yield twice the results with half the effort? But why do you cover your face with a veil?”

One had to acknowledge that Zhao Qian was absolutely that sort of beauty that was hard to come by. In Ye Yuan’s view, it was at least somewhat on par with Xiao Ruyan.

But Zhao Qian’s face turned cold, and she put the face-veil back on and said with a cold snort, “Knew that you stinking men are all like this! Humph! I, Zhao Qian, do things based on my own ability. How can I parade my looks!”

Finished talking, Zhao Qian turned right around and left.

Ye Yuan looked at Zhao Qian’s departing back view and could not help being slightly absent-minded as he said, “Zhao Qian huh? I wonder what relationship she has with Zhao Xingchen. This forehead looks rather similar!”

At the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion, inside a hidden chamber, Zuo Xin gave Ye Yuan a bow and said, “A genius alchemist like Master Ye, this Zuo should have come to pay respects long ago. But there are too many matters to attend to, and I keep being too busy to get away. A sin, a sin.”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Chairman Zuo is too kind. Your Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company has Alchemy Saint He holding down the fort. How could you think much of me, this junior?”

Zuo Xin hurriedly said, “Dare not, dare not. He Shuming offended Master Ye. That was all his own idea. This person is very narrow-minded and envious of those better and more able than him. It’s just that this Zuo’s status is lowly. I urged bitterly many times, but he would not stop. Sigh! Fortunately, he brought trouble onto himself and was already called back by the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s Crimson Afterglow branch. Only then did this Zuo able to find this opportunity to come and offer an apology to Master Ye on his behalf.”

When Ye Yuan heard this, he said in surprise, “He Shuming was transferred away?”

Zuo Xin nodded and said, “Yes! Our Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company regards young genius alchemists very highly. But He Shuming he beat down Master Ye by capitalizing on his status. After the branch knew this incident, they were greatly enraged. Not only did they call him back, they even fined him 10 years salary.”

Ye Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. He didn’t expect that He Shuming actually came to such an end.

Zuo Xin’s mouthful of nonsense, how could he not tell?

It was just that people already brought out the sincerity of their apology. Ye Yuan could not very well expose it.