Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 768

Chapter 768 Acting City Lord

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This Zuo Xin was sly and cunning, pushing all of the blame onto He Shuming, stripping himself clean.

But Ye Yuan reckoned that the matter of He Shuming getting punished presumably should be true.

He had the Meteor Trading Company supporting from behind. This kind of thing, he just had to inquire about it a little, and he would know whether it was genuine or a sham.

Looks like the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company was planning on reconciling with him.

But business was akin to a battlefield. Ye Yuan would not give the other party an opportunity that could be exploited to their advantage because the other party yielded.

Even if Ye Yuan was willing, it may be assumed that Zhao Qian definitely would not be willing too.

“Stop beating around the bush. Talk about your intentions for coming,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Zuo Xin was not embarrassed at all, fishing out a token and handed it over to Ye Yuan, saying, “Master Ye, this is my Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s gold-level identity token. People in possession of this type of token …”

“People who possess this type of token can enjoy a 40% discount at all Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company branches. Moreover, it’s equal to an 8-star elder rank …” Ye Yuan interrupted Zuo Xin’s words immediately, saying out this gold token’s functions in detail.

Zuo Xin said in surprise, “Master Ye is actually so familiar with my Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s matters! In the entire Crimson Afterglow Holy Land, there’s only one person possessing this gold-level identity token, that is the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s Lord! Didn’t expect that Master Ye actually knows so much in detail about this token.”

Truthfully speaking, the headquarters actually sending people to deliver this gold-level identity token made Zuo Xin extremely surprised.

One had to know that people possessing this gold token were basically all holy land heavyweight-class figures. The lowest, lowest, were also Dao Profound Realm powerhouses!

Now, headquarters actually gave a gold token to a Divine Traversing Realm boy. This kind of thing, it was still his first time hearing about it!

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Did you guys deconstruct the medicinal pills newly rolled out by the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion or not?”

Zuo Xin’s heart pounded when he heard that. He did not think that Ye Yuan would actually have such a query. He actually did not know how to word it for a moment.

It was still Zuo Xin’s first time meeting Ye Yuan. Even though he knew that Ye Yuan’s alchemy path strength was very formidable, he did not think that he was actually so astute!

He only took out a gold token, and Ye Yuan actually guessed the matter of deconstructing the medicinal pills. How fast a reaction did this require?!

Seeing Zuo Xin faltering and unable to speak, Ye Yuan continued, “Looks like your headquarters’ alchemists failed the deconstruction. Otherwise, you wouldn’t take this out. Uh … This gold token is indeed very sincere. But do you plan on using one gold token to dissolve my collaboration with the Meteor Trading Company?”

At this time, Zuo Xin came back to his senses too. Shaking his head, he said, “This Zuo doesn’t have this intention. This gold token doesn’t have just those functions Master Ye said. In it still has my Ancient Opulence City Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s 30% performance shares. And we only have one request, which is that we hope Master Ye also supplies these kind of medicinal pills to our Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company. Let us and the Meteor Trading Company sell these few types of pills at the same time.”

A gold token adding on 30% performance shares just to exchange for the selling rights of a few types of medicinal pills. This deal could be said to a certain profit and no losses.

To Ye Yuan, it was 100% sincere.

Ye Yuan was deeply aware of this. But after he thought about it for a bit, he returned the gold token to Zuo Xin and said, “Apologies, I can’t agree to you.”

Zuo Xin could not help losing heart as he said, “This … Could it be that our Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s sincerity is still not sufficient?”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Sincerity … is enough. But I, Ye Yuan, am not you merchants. I have my principles. Since I’ve already agreed to collaborate with the Meteor Trading Company, no matter how high your price is, it’s no use too.”

Zuo Xin left, but the gold token was left behind.

This gold token was a death-sworn mission issued by upstairs, making him be sure to give to Ye Yuan.

If Ye Yuan did not accept, he could forget about being this chairman already.

Finally, Ye Yuan still accepted the gold token.

He did not mind taking a bit of advantage. As long as it did not go against his principles, it was fine.

Ye Yuan knew that the resources he required for cultivation in the future would be too much. Moreover, the price would become increasingly expensive. Right now, this Fragrant Medicine Pavilion could not support his cultivation for too long.

Wait until his cultivation realm got higher and higher, the earth essence crystals earned by the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion would fail to meet the expenditure.

Using this gold token could have a 40% discount when buying things. Only a moron would refuse.

After Zuo Xin left, Zhao Qian asked Ye Yuan what he came here for. But Ye Yuan smiled and did not speak, leaving immediately, angering Zhao Qian until she stomped her foot at the back.

Two days later, Jun Tianyu exited seclusion. Not only did he recover to his peak condition, he even achieved a breakthrough in cultivation realm, reaching Third Level Heaven Enlightenment in one go!

Of course, this was Ye Yuan getting Zhao Qian to bring over some Tier 7 medicinal pills. That was how Jun Tianyu could recover his strength in such a short time and obtain a breakthrough.

These medicinal pills were all very valuable things. It was very hard for Jun Tianyu to get them too. But Ye Yuan just casually asked and got it.

Right now, Zhao Qian obeyed Ye Yuan’s every word. Some Tier 7 medicinal pills was also not a big deal to the Meteor Trading Company.

But through this matter, Ye Yuan suspected even more that this Zhao Qian’s identity was not simple.

Because of the medicinal pills he wanted, it was likely not that easy to get even for 6-star managers.

“Congratulations to Brother Jun for breaking through!” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Previously, Jun Tianyu had been protecting Ye Yuan’s safety along the way like a bodyguard, and he nearly even lost his life. This made Ye Yuan rather apologetic.

No matter what, this favor was owed. Therefore, seeing Jun Tianyu having a breakthrough, Ye Yuan was very happy too.

“Haha, isn’t this still all thanks to those medicinal pills you got!” Jun Tianyu was clearly very happy too, saying with a big laugh.

These few years, he neglected cultivation. His cultivation realm progression had always been very slow.

Now, encountering Ye Yuan, not only did he cure his wife, he even obtained breakthroughs in both concepts and cultivation realm. How could he not be happy?

“Tch, the medicinal pills were procured by me. What are you thanking him for?” Zhao Qian said unhappily.

Ever since that day, even though Zhao Qian would not defy Ye Yuan’s words, she took a liking to bicker with Ye Yuan. She had never given Ye Yuan any good attitude before.

Jun Tianyu was very magnanimous and said with a chuckle, “Huhu, Miss Qian-er naturally have to be thanked!”

“That’s more like it!” Zhao Qian extended her elegant hand towards Ye Yuan and said, “The medicinal pills you promised me?”

Ye Yuan smiled slightly. Reaching his hand out and flicking it, several hundred medicinal bottles appeared in front of Zhao Qian.

On every medicinal bottle indicated the name of the medicinal pill. They were shockingly all Tier 6 medicinal pills!

“You do a check,” Ye Yuan said.

A glimmer of shock flickered across Zhao Qian’s eyes, but she said verbally, “No need!”

As she said this, she put away these medicinal pills immediately.

Right at this time, a sonorous voice sounded out outside the door, coming over from far away, “Ye Yuan, where are you?! Quickly come out for me!”

Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed and he said, “Pei Wenqiang? What’s he here for?”

Zhao Qian suddenly opened her mouth and said, “Forgot to tell you guys. City Lord Ying won’t be back for the time being. The higher-ups have already appointed a new acting city lord. His name is Pei Wenqiang.”