Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 77

Chapter 77


“Why did you have to do that? According to the academy’s rules, killing fellow students is the death penalty!”

Feng Ruoqing gave a faint sigh as she revealed herself and blocked Ye Yuan’s path.

Ye Yuan stopped, and then he retorted, “If Feng Zhirou ended up like this because of someone, what would you do?”

“. . .”

Feng Ruoqing was speechless. The answer was obvious.

“Those people were sentenced to death because they weren’t talented enough. If they had sufficient potential and had adequate strength, I think the academy would not kill them, but instead, heavily nurture them, right?” Ye Yuan said indifferently.

Ye Yuan’s words were sufficiently arrogant. But what he said was logical and natural!

Regardless of whether it was his past life or this life, Ye Yuan could look down proudly on all the pinnacle geniuses under the heavens!

Just imagine how great of a genius he was to have been hailed as the one most likely to breakthrough to the Alchemy God realm in the Divine Realm, where geniuses were as many as oxen hair.

Now that he transmigrated and lived once more, why would he give a shit about this tiny State of Qin?

Feng Ruoqing remained silent for a while, but she still nodded and said, “It’s like you said. In reality, there are still people who weren’t killed, but instead, became heavily groomed by the academy. Five years ago, a shockingly dazzling figure appeared in the academy. But because his brother was bullied by someone, he killed a student in a fit of rage. The outcome was that not only did the academy not dole out punishment, but he was also groomed heavily.”

“Haha.Sure enough! Then what are you worried about? Don’t tell me I’m inferior to him?”

Feng Ruoqing shook her head and said slowly, “Because you aren’t killing only one person!”

“Just a bunch of trash. If they’re killed, then they’re killed.” Ye Yuan could not care less.

Anyone who dared to touch the people he treasured dearly, would have to be prepared to be killed. A tiny little Lin Tiancheng, if he was killed, then he was killed. What else could they do?

“But I’ve heard of this Lin Tiancheng before. He’s a half-step Spirit Condensation Realm. Even though you advanced amazingly fast, are you his match? If you won, then that’s fine. But if you lost, some people would not let you off so easily.”

Ye Yuan shook his head and did not explain anything. He just passed Lu-er over to Feng Ruoqing.

“If you treat me as a friend, then just help me take good care of Lu-er.”

Feng Zhirou did not know why, but when she heard these words, she felt delighted in her heart.

Ye Yuan was clearly her student. Was it not strange to be friends? But why was it so natural?

“I’m your teacher!” Feng Zhirou put on a solemn face and said.

Ye Yuan waved his hands like he was not willing to get tangled up on this question.

“Support Lu-er up. I’m going to help her suppress the frost poison in her body. Otherwise, she might not survive the night.”

Feng Ruoqing obeyed and lifted Lu-er up properly. Ye Yuan then rapidly struck over a dozen points on Lu-er’s body. After that, he lifted up her palm and transferred his own essence energy over.

In terms of extreme yang and strength, the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art that Ye Yuan cultivated was a cultivation law which pushed them to the extremity.

When compared to his cultivation law, the cultivation law Feng Zhirou trained in was like a small witch meeting a great sorcerer.

Ye Yuan’s essence energy was incomparably thick, making it perfect for suppressing the Nine Yin Frost Poison. But this could only treat the symptoms and not the root of the problem.

A Nine Yin Divine Link Meridian was an innate Nine Yin Absolute Meridian. Once the frost poison erupted, it would be like an ice blackhole, automatically sucking all the surrounding cold qi into the body, extremely terrifying.

No matter how powerful Ye Yuan’s essence energy was, it could not contend with the heaven and earth cold yin power. It could only temporarily suppress the frost poison in Lu-er’s body.

After Ye Yuan withdrew his hand, Lu-er’s face became rosier. But she was still unconscious.

“I’ll leave Lu-er to you. I’m going to kill some people!” After saying this, Ye Yuan turned around and left.

. . . . . .

The entrance of the General Affairs Department was a rather busy place with streams of people coming and going.

Ye Yuan stepped past the doorway but was stopped by two students.

“What rank are you? What’s your purpose of coming to the General Affairs Department?” one of the students questioned him.

They did not stop everyone they saw. A single look and they could tell Ye Yuan did not appear friendly, and that something was wrong. That was why he was stopped.

“To kill people!”

Those three words casually popped out from Ye Yuan’s mouth, sending a chill down the backs of the two students who heard it.

“A-are you joking?! The Dan Wu Academy forbids students from privately committing murder. Are you trying to violate the academy’s rules?”

This student was also at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm, but under Ye Yuan’s pressure, his essence energy showed signs of becoming unstable.

“I don’t have time to joke with you. Where’s Lin Tiancheng? Ask him to come out and die!”

“Senior Apprentice Brother Lin? Were you hit on the head? Quickly leave! If you still don’t go, then we won’t be courteous!” The other person was slightly better, and he just wanted to chase Ye Yuan away.

A Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm talking nonsense about wanting to kill a half-step Spirit Condensation Realm expert. If his brain were not damaged, then what was it?

Ye Yuan simply ignored these two people and directly forced his way through between the two of them.

These two people were in charge of guarding the entrance, so they naturally could not let Ye Yuan in like this. Hence, they used all of their power to try to stop Ye Yuan.


Their hands did not even touch Ye Yuan before they were sent flying a long way out by the essence energy Ye Yuan released, which automatically opened up a pathway.

Even though they were similarly at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm, the difference was too huge!

The thickness of Ye Yuan’s essence energy was multiple times that of the same realm. How could these two people possibly be Ye Yuan’s match?

“S-someone’s causing trouble. Stop him! Quick! Notify Senior Apprentice Brother Lin!”

One of the students was very dedicated to his job. After landing on the ground, he ignored the pain on his body and shouted loudly.

The activity outside alarmed the people inside. Now that he shouted like that, the students who just came out immediately knew what happened.

An Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm student came up to stop Ye Yuan. He rebuked angrily, “Who are you? How audacious. Do you know what place this is to actually dare to cause trouble here?!”

Ye Yuan did not bother with him and continued walking forward.

“Courting death!”

Seeing Ye Yuan’s supercilious attitude, that student immediately raged. He forced his way forward, wanting to teach Ye Yuan a lesson.

Ye Yuan casually unleashed a palm, and that student flew out, landing heavily against the wall before he stopped.

“Siiii. . .”

Everyone sucked in a cold breath!

Ye Yuan clearly only had the strength of a Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm, but a casual palm had such power, to send an Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm flying.

It was very obvious that Ye Yuan already showed mercy. Otherwise, that Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm student would be a dead man right now.

“Stacking Waves Layered Palm! H-he’s Ye Yuan!”

Right then, someone in the crowd recognized Ye Yuan’s palm technique, and he immediately deduced Ye Yuan’s identity.

There was only one person who could casually unleash the Stacking Waves Layered Palm within the Dan Wu Academy, and that was Ye Yuan.

Other than him, even Head Senior Apprentice Brother Long Tang could not do it!

“Quick! Quickly inform Senior Apprentice Brother Lin! Say that Ye Yuan came to the General Affairs Department to make trouble! Let’s stop him together. I don’t believe that so many of us can’t even handle a Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm!” a student who seemed to be a student manager shouted out.

As expected, the others also perked up after his speech.

That’s right. No matter how powerful Ye Yuan was, he was still only one person. Many among them were Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm, and quite a few were at the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm. How could he defeat so many people?

Ye Yuan swept his gaze across everyone, making everybody shuddered.

“Have you all thought things through? Every wrong has its perpetrator, and every debt has its debtor. I’m only looking for Lin Tiancheng alone. Are you all sure you want to be accomplices?” Ye Yuan asked calmly.