Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 770

Chapter 770 Quota

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Listening to Jun Tianyu’s words, Ye Yuan became somewhat interested in this Crimson Afterflow Valley.

In the Divine Realm, to be able to become a Rank One Holy Land, not one was not a major force with deep foundations.

But deep foundations did not represent strength perpetually not changing. In these countless years, each and every major force took turns alternating. Some of them, their strength became even stronger, while others’ strength declined.

Such as the Medicine King Hall, they were a super holy land which had just begun flourishing in these few thousand years recently.

It was just that the Medicine King Hall’s rise up was akin to a flash-in-the-pan, becoming the past very quickly.

The present Medicine King Hall was already not the Medicine King Hall in the hearts of many Divine Realm martial artists.

“Just what on earth is inside this Crimson Afterglow Valley?” Ye Yuan could not help asking curiously.

Jun Tianyu shook his head and said, “This, apart from those Holy Sons who entered the Crimson Afterglow Valley, probably no one knows! But everyone also has some conjectures. This Crimson Afterglow should be some kind of inheritances. It’s just that nobody knows what kind of inheritance it is. Ye Yuan, I feel that you can go in and give it a shot. With your talent, I feel that you should be able to obtain the Crimson Afterglow Valley’s inheritance!”

“Oh? Brother Jun feels that I should go and give it a shot too?” Ye Yuan said in amazement.

Jun Tianyu was aware of Ye Yuan’s true talent. Ordinary inheritances, he would really not attach any importance.

But even so, Jun Tianyu still proposed for him to go give it a shot. It could be seen that this inheritance definitely had extraordinary aspects.

Jun Tianyu nodded and said, “Legends has it that back then, the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s first generation Holy Lord had a great world-shaking battle with a Divine King powerhouse at that time because of some matter. At that time, the first generation Holy Lord was still a nobody, while that Divine King powerhouse’s strength was probably almost on par with the present Ten Great Divine Kings. The two people battled for ten days and nights, ultimately ending in a draw. But not long after that, the two people passed away because their injuries were too severe. It was also precisely because of this that the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land became more abysmal with each generation too. Their strength plummeted very quickly. Reaching this generation’s Holy Lord, they were finally reduced to a Rank Nine Holy Land.”

Ye Yuan only came to a realization after he heard that.

Before ascending to the Divine Realm back then, Qi Hai once said that he had already not received news from the Divine Realm for a long time.

Looks like starting from that time, the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land was already unable to fend for themselves and completely did not have the energy to go manage the Lower Realms’ matters.

But the first generation Crimson Afterglow Holy Lord was actually able to fight to a draw with a Ten Great Divine Kings level powerhouse. His strength absolutely did not allow underestimation.

“Looks like I really have to make a trip to this Crimson Afterglow Valley,” Ye Yuan said with an emotional sigh.

To the current Ye Yuan, increasing his strength was still placed as number one.

His present strength was still too weak and still worlds apart from Ji Canglan’s. To be able to obtain an inheritance comparable to the Ten Great Divine Kings, this kind of opportunity naturally could not be missed.

“Hey, brat! I only promised you a slot. Why are you treating it like this first place is already an item in your bag?” Pei Wenqiang was very displeased with Ye Yuan’s cocky attitude.

Ye Yuan said confidently, “If there is no Heaven Enlightenment Realm powerhouse taking part, then this first place, I’ve probably nailed it!”

Pei Wenqiang curled his mouth and said disbelievingly, “Although if you get first place, as the person who recommends you a quota, I definitely won’t miss out on benefits and will also have glorious honor. Your boasting is too big! That’s right, the competition this time indeed won’t have Heaven Enlightenment Realm taking part. The age is also restricted to under 40 years old. But you, a Divine Traversing Realm boy, said it like you’re going to sweep across Boundless Realms. It’s also too shameless.”

Ye Yuan smiled and did not explain anything. Rather, it was Jun Tianyu who laughed and said, “Ye Yuan isn’t bragging. He has this capital!”

Jun Tianyu’s words made Jun Tianyu and Zhao Qian both stunned.

Could it be that this boy still had uncommon attainments along the Martial Path?

But Pei Wenqiang did not believe this, and he said, “Boy, I know that you have some means and your capabilities aren’t small either. That’s why I took the risk of offending a major aristocratic family and gave a quota to you. It’s also considered your repayment for the ancient grotto. But in the end, you’re just an alchemist. To talk about overwhelming the junior generation in martial arts, I won’t believe even if you beat me to death either!”

If Ye Yuan was Boundless Realm right now, Pei Wenqiang might really believe it. After all, Ye Yuan’s means, he had experienced before.

Disregarding other things, just his attainments in the divine soul was plenty more than ordinary martial artists could bear.

But Ye Yuan was just Divine Traversing Realm now, while quite a few major aristocratic families and major sects’ disciples were all middle-stage Boundless Realm, even late-stage experts.

Among them, there was no lack of some genius martial artists with very formidable strength. To say that Ye Yuan had the strength to crush everybody, how could he possibly believe it?

Ye Yuan gave Pei Wenqiang a glance and said with a smile, “This favor, I accept it. City Lord Pei, after this time, the old scores between us are written off. Nobody owes the other. How’s that?”

Ye Yuan discovered that even though this Pei Wenqiang had somewhat of bad habits of a silkpants, having a manner as if he was number one under the heaven, when really got to know him, he was not that detestable either.

At least his promise in the ancient grotto, he really achieved it now.

Ye Yuan knew that such quotas only had three. Each major aristocratic family would definitely snatch viciously over it. But Pei Wenqiang left one for him. This definitely had to offend people.

But in order to repay him, he did it without any qualms.

Though Pei Wenqiang had a powerful backer behind, governing such a large city, he could not really be as reckless as he wished for everything.

On the contrary, Pei Wenqiang was actually very clever and was very skillful in governing a city too. Otherwise, the moment Ying Tianya entered Clear Reed City back then, he would not possibly have known right away.

Pei Wenqiang nodded his head and said, “Alright, deal! But this quota, I helped you to get hold of it, but the things at the back, you can only do it yourself. Although you boasted to the high heavens, I still don’t really believe it. You have to do your best. Even if you lose, don’t lose too miserably too. Otherwise, my face will have no light!” 1

Pei Wenqiang was managing two cities right now, which was also to say that he actually had six quotas on his hands.

But Clear Reed City and Ancient Opulence City’ strength belonged to the lower-class standards among the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s subordinate forces.

Even if the two cities’ major aristocratic families snatched until their scalps bled to obtain the quotas, they probably could not walk very far in the end as well.

This point, Pei Wenqiang was perfectly aware.

Him saying this was only putting feathers on his own cap.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “City Lord Pei rest assured, at that time, your face will radiate brilliant light in all directions!” 2

The few people were just chatting fervently when all of a sudden, there was a disturbance outside the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s front door.

“Ye Yuan, you scram outside for this young master! Your cowardly turtle, scared is it? If you have the guts, come out and fight one-on-one! Watch this young master beat you until you piss your pants! I want to let City Lord to have a look at just who is fit to go participate in the Quasi-Holy Son selection competition!” outside the door, a young man roared furiously.

Pei Wenqiang’s brows furrowed and he said unhappy, “Punk who doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth! To actually dare refuse to accept this City Lord’s decision! As it happens, this City Lord just assumed office. I’ll make an example out of this Gu Family punk!”