Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 771

Chapter 771 A Word Once Spoken Cannot Be Overtaken Even By A Team Of Four Horses

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“Gu Family? My slot originally belonged to the Gu Family?” Ye Yuan frowned and said.

Pei Wenqiang’s expression appeared slightly awkward as he nodded his head. Clearly, he did not expect that the Gu Family punk would actually make such a scene.

Ye Yuan gave him a sidelong glance but did not say anything.

Pei Wenqiang’s mind games, how could he not perceive it?

Even though Ye Yuan took action and saved Gu Qing, his relationship with the Gu Family was not considered very good either.

Putting aside other things, this Fragrant Medicine Pavilion was really hauling in bushels of gold now, but this was originally the Gu Family’s territory. How could they possibly not be envious?

This move of Pei Wenqiang’s gave Ye Yuan a huge benefit and also sowed discord between the two forces’ relationship without extra trouble.

Him being the City Lord would sail with the wind.

This kind of inciting method was not considered despicable. It was just the methods of a sovereign. Balancing all parties’ relationship, this was something that every sovereign had to consider.

Ye Yuan had never eaten pork but had seen pigs running plenty of times. How could he not see through this bit?

Pei Wenqiang had just newly arrived. Using a bit of trick was justifiable. Ye Yuan did not think anything about Pei Wenqiang because of this.

On the contrary, if Pei Wenqiang did not play these cheap tricks, he would not be Pei Wenqiang instead.

Pei Wenqiang’s small trick was just done by taking advantage of an opportunity. After all, the value of a slot far exceeded the problems of inciting the two sides’ relationship.

If that Crimson Afterglow Valley really had a huge lucky chance, then the value of this quota to Ye Yuan would be immeasurable.

Some small tricks could be overlooked.

Ye Yuan gave Pei Wenqiang a glance and side, “This kind of housefly doesn’t have to trouble City Lord Your Excellency to personally take action. I’ll send him away. However … it’s not to be made a precedent!”

“Cough, cough, won’t be made a precedent! Won’t happen again! That … Ye Yuan, you really don’t need me to make a move? Gu Hua this brat, his strength is still very decent. Among the Ancient Opulence City’s junior generation, it’s enough to rank in the top three,” Pei Wenqiang said.

Before coming, Pei Wenqiang did not think that Ye Yuan was actually in possession of the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s gold token.

Just this one token was already on a completely different level from the Gu Family. This kind of trick seemed very redundant looking at it now.

But Pei Wenqiang’s means were not weak. Just came for a few days and he already pretty much figured out the Ancient Opulence City’s forces distribution. Even the junior generation’s strength, he already had an account in his heart.

These three quotas, each one was very precious. How could Pei Wenqiang possibly give to people willy-nilly?

At that time if they go to compete and lose, he would be the one losing face.

Furthermore, although the Pei Family was powerful, they had quite a few enemies in the holy land too.

This kind of major matter which involved the entire holy land, if it were really too perfunctory, it would give people a handle.

This Ancient Opulence City’s three quotas, apart from Ye Yuan, he selected them carefully. One of the quotas did not even go to a major aristocratic family. But that person’s strength made people wholeheartedly convinced.

This Gu Hua outside, his strength was indeed very decent. It was just that in order to return Ye Yuan a favor, he endured the pain and squeezed out his quota.

“Ye Yuan, scram outside for this Young Master! You, a pill refining guy, what are you joining in the fun with us martial artists for? Leaving Ancient Opulence City, what you lose will be our Ancient Opulence City’s face …”

Gu Hua shouted fervently outside the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s front door. The words got nastier and nastier and also drew quite a number of people to surround and watch.

Originally, everyone was all rather baffled and even thought that because the Gu Family was jealous that Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s current business was good, so they deliberately came to make a scene.

Who knew that after listening carefully, they discovered that it was completely not the case.

“I say, Ye Yuan an alchemist, what is he joining in the fun blindly for? Although that Crimson Afterglow Valley reward is tempting, he also has to have the ability to get it!”

“Yeah! Alchemists should study alchemy intensively properly. But now, he wants to go and compete in martial arts with people. Isn’t this ignoring one’s proper occupation?”

“Gu Hua’s strength is already Fifth Level Level Boundless. Furthermore, his comprehension of concepts is very high. His strength is also sufficient to rank in the top three among the entire Ancient Opulence City’s junior generation. Ye Yuan snatching people’s slot like this is indeed rather virtuous. No wonder Gu Hua is so enraged.”

Gu Hua stirring things up like this, everyone felt that Ye Yuan doing this was somewhat bullying others too far.

This way of doing things was clearly occupying the latrine and not taking a dump.

Right at this time, a large group of people walked out of the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion. The person in the lead was precisely Ye Yuan.

When Gu Hua saw that Ye Yuan finally came out, he could not help looking pleased with himself.

“Ye Yuan, you’re finally willing to come out. I even thought that you’re going to be a cowardly turtle for the rest of your life! Come, come, come, since you already came out, then let’s have a match. Let everyone take a look just who has the qualifications to represent Ancient Opulence City to battle!” Gu Hua said with a cold smile.

Ye Yuan said with a faint smile, “You really want to compete?”

“Of course! Could it be that I’d joke with you in front of so many people? Enough crap, fighting or not? If you don’t dare to fight, hand over the slot obediently! City Lord Your Excellency, I know that you have a friendly relation with Ye Yuan. But this sort of thing concerns the entire Ancient Opulence City’s reputation. I, Gu Hua, cannot back down!”

Gu Hua had an appearance of awe-inspiring righteousness for the cause of justice, placing himself on the moral high ground. Even Pei Wenqiang could not say much either.

Ye Yuan heaved a sigh slightly and said, “Alright then. Then I’m coming, you have to be ready!”

Gu Hua did not think that Ye Yuan would actually fight at the drop of a hat and immediately raised all the essence energy in his body to his peak state!

But right at this time, his neck went cold. A sharp longsword was already pressing against his neck.

“You’ve already died.” Ye Yuan’s ghost-like voice sounded beside Gu Hua’s ears.

Only all the way to this moment did the crowd react to it. Ye Yuan actually arrived behind Gu Hua since God knows when already.

Just now, Ye Yuan just had to lightly swipe the Xuanying Sword, and he could claim Gu Hua’s small life.

Him saying that Gu Hua was already dead was not overboard at all.

Pei Wenqiang’s expression turned sharp, looking at Ye Yuan disbelievingly. With his boundary, of course, he could easily capture Ye Yuan’s speed.

But that sort of speed earlier, was that what a Divine Traversing Realm martial artist should have?

Could it be that this fellow’s strength was actually really so formidable?

“Ye Yuan, you’re sneak attacking here! Too despicable!” Gu Hua gritted his teeth and said.

Gu Hua himself did not feel that Ye Yuan was formidable. Earlier, it was definitely Ye Yuan exploiting the time lag, that was how it caught him off guard!

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Is that so? Fine, I’ll give you five chances. As long as you’re able to avoid one of my swords, I’ll yield my spot with both hands. How’s that?”

Gu Hua was overjoyed when he heard that and said, “You said it! At the time when you lose, you can’t go back on your word!”

Although unwilling to admit it, Ye Yuan’s prowess, he still acknowledged it. Wanting to win Ye Yuan was probably not something that easy.

But no matter how formidable Ye Yuan was, it was also not possible to make him unable to avoid even one sword, right?

Since he was taking the path to ruin himself, Gu Hua was not courteous too.

For the sake of this slot to fight in the Quasi-Holy Son selection competition, even if people said that he won unscrupulously, he would accept it too!

Ye Yuan said with a faint smile, “A word once spoken, cannot be overtaken even by a team of four horses!”