Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 772

Chapter 772 Powerful Opponents Like Clouds

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Ye Yuan took away the sword and moved back, saying nonchalantly, “I’m coming. Are you ready this time or not?”

The words dismissed casually made Gu Hua’s heart tighten. But this time, he gave his whole attention and watched Ye Yuan’s actions, fearful of missing a trace.

Yet … there was a blur before Gu Hua’s eyes. Ye Yuan’s traces were actually gone before his eyes again!

“You died again.”

Ye Yuan’s ghost-like voice sounded beside Gu Hua’s ears once more. Xuanying Sword was placed on his neck one more time.

“S-Such a swift movement technique! Is this really the movement technique executed by a Divine Traversing Realm martial artist?”

“In front of such a movement technique, all martial techniques are pointless!”

“Really didn’t expect that an alchemist actually has such a strange movement technique! Just based on this movement technique, he is unbeatable! Ye Yuan occupying a spot is fully worthy!”

Ye Yuan’s movement technique made cries of exclamations sound out all around.

Ye Yuan’s movement technique was too swift. Ordinary martial artists could not even catch his figure at all.

Myriad laws in the world, only speed is unbroken!

With such formidable movement technique, facing martial artists whose cultivation realms were higher than his, it was without fear.

Gu Hua’s expression was incomparably ugly. He never would have thought that a Divine Traversing Realm martial artist would actually be so much stronger than him, this Boundless Realm, in terms of movement techniques!

That time earlier, he already made ample preparations, but he still could not keep up with Ye Yuan’s speed.

Ye Yuan removed the sword and backed off once more, saying without joy nor sorrow, “The third sword. Ready for it?”

Gu Hua’s expression changed, his figure suddenly vanishing from where he stood.

This time, he decided to strike first to gain the initiative and moved first himself!

Right now, he was not thinking of doing anything to Ye Yuan at all. As long as he could avoid one of Ye Yuan’s swords, it was considered his win!

Even though using this kind of method to obtain a slot was somewhat scrupulous, but so what?

Yet, the next instant, Gu Hua suddenly felt a chill at his waist. Ye Yuan’s voice sounded out once more. “Dead.”

Gu Hua’s expression changed drastically, suddenly changing directions in the air, wanting to escape Ye Yuan’s sword.

But after two breaths, he died two times in a row again.

In front of Ye Yuan’s powerful movement technique, he was actually unable to avoid even one sword.

Which was also to say that if Ye Yuan really wanted to kill him, he just needed one sword and it was enough.

Gu Hua suddenly sat down on the ground and said unresignedly, “I … I lost! This slot is yours!”

With this, no one else dared to call Ye Yuan’s strength into question anymore.

Even Gu Hua was utterly defeated at Ye Yuan’s hands. Him representing Ancient Opulence City to battle was fame following merit.

Pei Wenqiang looked at Ye Yuan as if he saw a ghost and said in amazement, “I originally just wanted to return you a favor. But I didn’t expect that your movement technique is actually this strong! Looks like what you said before isn’t completely unfounded.”

Ye Yuan just smiled and was too lazy to explain.

After this incident, Ye Yuan choose to enter closed-seclusion immediately. This retreat was a month’s time.

This period of time, it filled Zhao Qian with burning anxiety.

Ye Yuan did not give her any explanation and just went into closed-seclusion, such that she had not got a clue at all just what kind of agreement Ye Yuan reached with Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company.

One had to know that what the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company gave Ye Yuan was a gold token!

Without having a holy lord class strength, it was totally impossible to obtain such a token.

Which was also to say that Ye Yuan’s status in the eyes of those people in the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s headquarters was already comparable to a holy lord’s!

In the beginning, Zhao Qian was very worried that some unforeseen changes would happen to the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion.

But a month passed, and it seemed like there was no change at all. The Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s side was also unusually quiet, seemingly already given up on the Ancient Opulence City this stall.

But Zhao Qian’s encroachment into the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s territory finally also stopped at 20%, this threshold. She could no longer cross over.

A short roughly three month’s time, the Ancient Opulence City’s two major trading companies switched positions.

The Meteor Trading Company became the number one major trading firm in one leap, while the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company became a second-rate trading company.

In truth, the one who reaped the most profits in-between this was actually still the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion. Because their profit share was the highest.

This one month’s time, Ye Yuan exhausted medicinal herbs valuing close to 10 million earth essence crystals, breaking through the threshold of late-stage Divine Traversing, and was on the verge of breaking through to Eighth Level Divine Traversing!

With peak Seventh Level Divine Traversing strength, Ye Yuan finally had some confidence in the upcoming competition too.

All the geniuses in the holy land gathered together. There was bound to be a batch of opponents with formidable strength.

Ye Yuan’s disadvantage was on cultivation realm. Therefore, even if he rose one minor boundary, it could have a decisive impact on the final result.

Through a month of settling down, after Ye Yuan left seclusion, Zhao Qian actually resisted and did not ask about the gold token matter.

This made Ye Yuan unusually surprised and could not help regarding Zhao Qian a little higher.

This lass was indeed not that simple, to actually even endure such a matter.

After Ye Yuan exited seclusion, it was also time to leave Ancient Opulence City.

Due to the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s territory being too vast, the Quasi-Holy Son selection competition this time was divided into 10 major tournament zones.

At each major tournament zone, all of the contestants would fight in chaotic battles, all the way until the final six was selected to take part in the ultimate selection competition.

This tournament zone that Ye Yuan was at, there were close to 200 big and small forces.

Which was also to say that just this tournament zone had several hundred contestants.

These several hundred contestants, the vast majority were all Boundless Realm martial artists. Of course, there was also a small minority of very self-confident Divine Traversing Realm martial artists like Ye Yuan.

As for how far these Divine Traversing Realm martial artists could walk … no one would care about this at all. Because these Divine Traversing Realm martial artists were destined to be finished eliminating in the first round.

This kind of major competition was very cruel. Without absolute strength, there was absolutely no way to stand out from the masses.

Several hundred Boundless Realm martial artists, their cultivation realms did not have big differences. Wanting to enter the final six, one’s concepts comprehension and cultivation realm both had to be extremely outstanding.

Yet, this was still only a start. The real showdown was still at the final tournament at the end!

Therefore, wanting to ultimately obtain this chance to enter the Crimson Afterglow Valley was too difficult, too difficult.

Even though Ye Yuan was very confident in himself, but against those ultimate opponents, he did not dare to lower his guard too.

To be able to charge to that sort of level, who would be mediocre?

Ye Yuan had just left seclusion, and Pei Wenqiang received the news right away and rushed over. Behind him even tagged along two young men.

“Ye Yuan, if you still don’t leave seclusion, we’d be leaving by ourselves! Oh?Not seeing you for a month, you’re actually almost reaching Eighth Level Divine Traversing already?” Pei Wenqiang was rather amazed at Ye Yuan’s cultivation speed.

One had to know that the first time he met Ye Yuan, Ye Yuan had only just broken through to Fourth Level Divine Traversing.

Just how long has it been? Ye Yuan actually broke through three minor cultivation realms already, reaching peak Seventh Level Divine Traversing.

“Want to obtain the chance to enter the Crimson Afterglow Valley, how can it do if I don’t cultivate diligently?” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

“What high-sounding sentiments! Punk, don’t think that you’re invincible under the heaven after defeating Gu Hua that trash! Among the people taking part in the competition this time, there are quite a number of people who are Ninth Level Boundless! Just based on your bit of strength and you even wish to enter the Crimson Afterglow Valley?” behind Pei Wenqiang, a young man with an unruly expression said disdainfully.