Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 773

Chapter 773 Yang Wenmiao

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The young man had a stubborn and unruly appearance, with somewhat of a hint of overbearing attitude.

Pei Wenqiang introduced with a smile, “Here, Ye Yuan, I’ll introduce them to you. This is our Ancient Opulence City’s Xiang Family’s number one genius, Xiang Hao. This is Mu Yun. They are likewise our Ancient Opulence City’s up-and-coming stars! This is Ye Yuan, Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s owner. Don’t need me to give you guys an introduction, right?”

Ye Yuan gave a smile, but completely ignored Xiang Hao, and greeted Mu Yun, “Brother Mu, I’ve heard much about you.”

Mu Yun said humbly, “Dare not, dare not! Speaking of this, this Mu recently obtained a breakthrough and still have to thank Brother Ye. If not for Brother Ye refining the Great Sun Heavenly Yang Pill for this Mu, this Mu would also be unable to break through the bottleneck.”

Ye Yuan was rather surprised as he said, “Turns out that the one I refined the Great Sun Heavenly Yang Pill for was actually Brother Mu!”

Mu Yun said with a smile, “This Great Sun Heavenly Yang Pill is exceedingly hard to refine. This Mu paid a visit to many masters too, but no one could refine it. Later, I heard that Brother Ye’s alchemy strength is head and shoulders above others, so I came to the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion and gave it a try. Didn’t expect that in the end, you actually handed me a superior-grade Great Sun Heavenly Yang Pill! With this superior-grade Great Sun Heavenly Yang Pill, this Mu’s strength advanced tremendously. The competition this time, I have a bit more confidence too.”

Ye Yuan and Mu Yun chatted engrossedly, directly hanging Xiang Hao out to dry by the side.

And Ye Yuan completely disregarded his mockery. This made him very pent-up with anger.

But in front of Pei Wenqiang, he could not very well lose his temper too, and he could only sulk by the side.

“Heh, the three of you get to know each other more. This time, my face is all up to you guys to gain! Alright, it’s getting late. We should set off,” Pei Wenqiang said with a laugh.

Ye City was the largest city in the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s southern part, ruling up to 200 major and minor forces in the vicinity.

The Crimson Afterglow Holy Land organizing the Quasi-Holy Son selection competition this time, this place naturally became the arena for the division tournament zones.

These few days, many people flooded into Ye City all at once. They were all here to observe this competition.

Although these people did not have the opportunity to take part, how could they miss this sort of grand event?

And those geniuses possessing the contestant slots were naturally received by the City Lord Manor.

But just a mere several hundred people was not considered much to the massive Ye City.

“Pei Wenqiang, I heard that you picked up a huge bargain this time and actually brought six cannon fodders over!”

The moment Pei Wenqiang and the others entered the door, they just happened to run into another group of people. That person in the lead opened his mouth immediately to mock.

“Wu Jianqing, several years of not seeing, why is your mouth still so smelly? If what I brought are cannon fodders, could it be that what you brought aren’t cannon fodders?” Pei Wenqiang said angrily.

“Hehe, this time, I’m afraid I’m going to have to disappoint you! Our Yangyuan City really produced an extraordinary prodigy this time! Obtaining one slot is absolutely a shoo-in! Peng Yan, why haven’t you quickly come over to greet City Lord Pei?”

A very withdrawn young man behind Wu Jianqing walked out and gave Pei Wenqiang a bow as he said, “Junior Peng Yan, pays respect to City Lord Pei.”

Pei Wenqiang’s expression changed as he said, “Seventh Level Boundless!”

It was also no wonder that Pei Wenqiang was shocked. To be able to reach Seventh Level Boundless at this age, not one of them was not a figure with astonishing talent. One had to know that these six people Pei Wenqiang brought here, the highest was merely Sixth Level Boundless.

Wu Jianqing said smugly when he saw the situation, “Peng Yan’s strength is even more formidable than you imagine! With him around this time, locking in one slot is absolutely no issue! How is it, got a feeling of being rolled over or not? Hahaha …”

Pei Wenqiang said with a black face, “Don’t get cocky! What the competition is competing in this time is not just cultivation realm! Concepts comprehension is similarly very important!”

Wu Jianqing laughed out loud and said, “Don’t need you to worry about this! Peng Yan’s concepts comprehension is absolutely much stronger than the group of trash you brought!”

Concepts comprehension was indeed very important. It was even more important than cultivation realm. But to be able to break through to late-stage Boundless Realm at this age, how could his concepts comprehension be weak?

This Wu Jianqing came from the holy land’s Wu Family. The Wu Family’s influence was about the same as the Pei Family. Moreover, they were on very bad terms. Therefore, he did not have the least bit of psychological burden when he ridiculed Pei Wenqiang.

Being able to find a Seventh Level Boundless genius this time, Wu Jianqing could be said to be in high and vigorous spirits.

“Yii? Among these six people you brought, there is actually still one who hasn’t even reached the Eighth Level Divine Traversing Realm? Pei Wenqiang, you’re managing two cities right now, and you actually can’t even gather six Boundless Realms? You even needed to find a Divine Traversing Realm trash to make up the numbers? Hahaha! You’re killing me!”

Wu Jianqing suddenly discovered the Ye Yuan in the crowd and started jeering even more unbridledly.

Peng Yan’s gaze swept onto Ye Yuan too, his eyes filled with ridicule and disdain.

The martial artists coming to participate in the competition this time were basically all Boundless Realms as the main force. Those extremely small minority of Divine Traversing Realm martial artists were all some small forces’ contestants, completely too inferior to show in public.

“Ah … Yang Wenmiao! It’s Yang Wenmiao!”

All of a sudden, there was a commotion outside the courier station. It was all the nympho-like screams of women.

In the wake of these screams, a group of people walked into the courier station.

“Lord Yang Sen!”

The city lords leading their respective teams this time all gave him a bow one after another when they saw a middle-aged man in the lead.

A handsome youth who was even more beautiful than women followed behind him. His aura was very powerful.

Those women’s screams were very clearly directed towards him.

“Huhu, how’s everyone! The Quasi-Holy Son selection this period of time, I’ll have to inconvenient everyone to stay in this courier station. If there are any areas where we didn’t look after you well, I hope that everybody is magnanimous enough to tolerate,” Yang Sen said.

“Lord Yang Sen is too courteous!” everyone hurriedly responded.

This Yang Sen was clearly very familiar with the various major city lords. After greeting, he found people to engage in small talk one by one.

Ye Yuan asked Pei Wenqiang curiously, “Who is this person? Seems very impressive.”

“Lord Yang Sen is Ye City’s City Lord, ruling close to 200 major and minor forces in the southern part. Do you think he’s impressive or not?” Pei Wenqiang said.

Only then did Ye Yuan came to a realization. No wonder these city lords were all very respectful towards him.

“Like this huh. That youth behind him seems to be very well-received here!”

“That is Lord Yang Sen’s son, Yang Wenmiao. He already reached Eighth Level Boundless two years ago. Within the entire boundary that Ye City has jurisdiction over, he’s the young generation’s number one genius! Plus, his looks are extremely handsome. Being well-received is naturally something within expectations. The competition this time, the number one in Ye City’s division competition zone, only he alone is qualified!”

Ye Yuan nodded his head to express understanding. Looks like this Yang Wenmiao was a formidable opponent.

One should not look at Yang Wenmiao’s refined and elegant appearance. Ye Yuan could tell that he did not treat these people in front as opponents at all.

That arrogance of his was hidden in the bones.

“Sigh, looks like the competition this time, we don’t have any hopes at all!” said a Clear Reed City’s young genius.

“Yeah. Just the Seventh Level Boundless this time, there are quite a few. Apart from Yang Wenmiao, the remaining five slots should be born among these Seventh Level Boundless Realms. Those few big cities ranked near the front, their strength is too strong. We have no chance at all!” said the stubborn and unruly Xiang Hao dejectedly.